Friday, 22 June 2012

Saint George 606

Saint George Stained Glass Window in Roslin Chapel

Stained Glass window in Roslin Chapel of Saint George the Dragon-Serpent slayer. George was assumed to carry the reincarnated Soul of John the Baptist and Elijah. Many people consider the sword to be the emblem of Justice and Judgement time. The serpent-snake circle  symbol heralds the circle of time, the True messenger, God's favoured prophet holds the Ring of the Lord, he signals the return of Jesus, in John's revelations the ring takes on a new significance, as it is the symbol of the Wedding.  Thus Jesus best man John the Baptist is the keeper of the wedding ring,  when the circle of time comes full the Bible predicts John the Baptist will return to  fulfil the fairytale romance that brings about  the wedding Union of the "Lamb of God".

The Ouroboros or Uroborus is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, the Ouroboros is the symbol of  Ea considered by our ancestors to be the creator of mankind, he is the God of Water,  Ea-t-on  last feast  brings about the full circle, as we  enter cross over time, the final chapter of bible revelations  22 tells us about The river of living water, it Concords and merges with the start of Genesis and Noah's great flood found in Genesis 606,  from here we can trace the pie circle of the bible story to around 3600 years one hundred degrees =  360 which corresponds to the Babylonian cycle named Saros, if this word looks familiar it should ring a few alarm bells, as it is the secondary name found in Dinosaur, Din being the shorten word for dinner. Our own last supper now comes into focus as we contemplate the fate of the giant prehistoric reptiles, the Ea-t-on dragon and snake Ouroboros ring hold the secrets to our own future. 

The Body's of Leda and Zeus make up the letters Pi, the circle of Time.

Aurora is the Goddess of Dawn, she rolls back the Stone, so that the Golden light of the morning Dawn reveals the arisen Sun-Son.

The first weeks in January 2012 people in Northern regions of Britain and Europe where thrilled as the normally rare Aurora Borealis lights made a  succession of  appearances.

A selection of photos of the Northern Lights,  Jesus said, At the "End of Times, Signs will be Given".

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