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12-12-12 Saint Catherine & Ben Arthur Home to Titian's Master. MAP3

Titian's Rabbi white Rabbit leads us to Ben Arthur.

The sleepy Argyll village of Saint Catherine lies on the shore of  Loch fyne, which translates in English as Loch of the Vine, the vine expression is often used as a  substitute to denote bloodlines.
 Inveraray village and Castle is seat and home  of the Dukes of Argyll Campbell clan which  lie  on the opposite shore from Saint Catherine  village on  Loch Fyne.

 Saint Catherine Christian martyr of the wheel of time fame is seen handing over the baby, above
 her head is the Argyll mountain named Ben Arthur also known as the heel of the Cobbler, due to its distinctive shape which reminds people of a cobbler's trestle support. 

Catherine is seen standing on top of a drawer, Titian reminds us of the destiny wheel circle, a bottom drawer is a phrase  used  for things for the House that a woman collects before she gets married, this Mary is well forward with her work, looks if she has put the marriage carriage on hold as her prioritys lie with the Baby.

Titian has identified this Highland location as being a power point which is connected to bloodlines and reproduction circles.
We do not have to look to far to gather evidence that he was on to something of major importance.

This area Between the Village of Saint Catherine and Ben Arthur holds a trig point, the secound point on the triangle  makes up the placid Penis of Mull of Kintyre's south knob end,  and the potent erect  man hood, when  geometrically  simulated is the third point which   Lands on the Holy Island of Iona, appropriatly  named as the "Cradle of Christanity."  The Great Architent of our Universe has planted some transparent geographic features that resemble human reproductive body parts, there is no escape from our repeated cycle orgins, whats more,  the Eight mile Bridge between Campbeltown and Saddell Abbey is the assigned land bridge that is ordained as the Circumcision "new" Covenant of man.    Genesis 17 and Matthew 26:28 

Because this is my blood of the new covenant that is being poured out for many people for the forgiveness of sins.
 Temporary Red Coat Manteel holder with House of Beloved-David Golden Badge.

John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll, 1st Duke of Greenwich was the Field  commander of the British Army.

The main entrance from the East to get to Inveraray was to use the pass at Tarbet on the upper west side of Loch Lomond, today the A83 road takes us through this valley pass, which has Giant mountains mannered in imposing spectacular status, this is a Valley befitting for Kings.

Following the A83 road from Loch Lomond around 5miles we pass the village with the Bible Name of Succoth,  famous for the tents-booths, suggesting it was a make shift transit village which could be located any where, after Succoth a few miles further on is the Mountain pass of Glen Croe(w) remember in Noah's Ark the Crow was the messenger bird that did not come back, this Glen has been constantly been on National radio broadcast in the last few years due to a high number of land slides that have forced to close the road, awarness of this area towards the "rest and be thankful"  car park and view area  has been brought to our senses in a most peculiar set of circumstances. 

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