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King of Wands Tarot

The King of Wands Tarot card shows a King sitting on his black and gold throne patiently waiting
to hear news, his mantle covering the seat is left slightly open, this lean King is not 100% sure
if his sacrifice faith to play the waiting game will bring him his goal, this King's loss has taken him to the Edge, he has been tested in many departments.

Behind the King is a Golden ruler with marks, two black lions in Gold are a symbol of the other Loin temple doorway, with green boots on the souls of his feet, it suggests this King has lived a number of lifetimes, his soul has form, somewhere in the back of subconscious that also fuel dreams the guilt feelings remember of past mistakes, this King wears a chain around his neck with mini green cape that covers his shoulders, green is the colour of the Heart Chakra while  the chain has a series of links or rings passing through one another, the older soul in wisdom  may hold on to a superior belief that spirit has a destiny path mapped out, as long as one does not stumble from the connected course, what looks like a lemon resting on top of the base of the chain, may some what help remind the King, of the sour endeavourment to his exertions.    

The King's right hand holds the wand with buds, the wand is often seen as a metaphor for the male
reproduction organ, in the Bible Aaron was the wand keeper, seen as a symbol of reverence,
the shepherds tool as found in Psalm 23 it is here in the darkest valley next to quiet waters, the good shepherd is guided to the green pastures, where renewal of life is preformed, at the "Prepared Table before Me" the Master's last supper painting is suggestive of Psalm 23 heart resonance dol-men.

The main back drop shows a deserted type of skyline, this wand has been sterile for a great length of time, the wand lies on barren soil, this colour reflects the brown monk like dress garment with matching hair colour, in the Bible power and strength/weakness  is held with in the hair,  the golden crown has a trinity of three fire desire hair stems, this King has saint like, "Do not lead me into temptation qualities" which takes him to the very Edge of his exsitence, the fact that the wand lies to his left side, in line with the vacant throne, as opposed to the middle confirms this King hopes of planting a heir are still alive.

As the King contemplates his march to maturity with out a blood successor, a unannounced visitor
appears in court, a black salamander/lizard goes unnoticed as it heads towards the wand, questions arise what is the meaning of this encounter?

The Salamander return is the sign this King has been awaiting........... his faith has been awarded,,,,,,,,,,
known as the Jesus Lizard for its ability to walk on water, many consider Bible conjecture at work, the real meaning of the water walking is the feelings of  Being in Love, when this drug presents itself, seemingly, allmost  anything is possible..........

the message on the window is "Follow Me".......

Jesus seen, with Red cape standing on Water, the stained glass window located at Bro-dick church  Isle of Arran, the fiery head, has aspects of  the Roman Alchemy fire God, Vulcan, meaning flash-light, the antidote to fire is water-ea, which in turn harbour's the name Mary-Mar-Mare-Mari, root word name meaning s-ea or the bitter water,   below the water is a group of fisher people in a boat pulling in a Net, the boat in ancient Egyptian theology is the mode of transport for the cross-over soul, for us to be recycled, we need to be reborn, which in Bible reference new birth relates to direction East, this ties with John 21:11 and the number 153 fish caught in the Net, the East new birth King's arrival is confirmed when we mirror 153  = 3:15 the time signal that affirms East!!!

The test of faith and respect towards the divine  are reaffirmed in this King's chosen  animals in his banner directly behind, his beloved salamander with tail in mouth that forms the full circle Ouroboros, the name comes  from Greece and means tail devourer, together with the door keeping lions, which are frequently intertwined with the loins used as euphemism for human genitals, the Lions are styled in far East to give emphasize, while the Gold reflects Revelations circle river of life with the 12 gates that subdivide into 4 directions of the compass, the Golden river is where All life stems from that "Great City holy Jerusalem". Being a God fearing man, and ardent reader of the Holy scriptures that believes in the rewards in such a vocation of sacrifice toll against the temptations of Evil,   the Salamander  signal awakes the intelligent heart powers of a distant  Bride to be...........
the wisdom of this King's intuition is fostered in the name Newt or New-it which is a alternate word for the salamander,  in turn itself is joined with Eft, which again is used as another name for Newt, which also means, Afterwards & Again.............reconciliation of a old friend is the News of the entrance of the Eft messenger...........

Song of Solomon 8:4

Young women of Jerusalem, I charge you: do not stir up or awaken love until the appropriate time.

Finding a Bride to be can be a daunting challenge for a Bachelor that does not play the field. Help may be at hand when one follows the trail of the Salamander-Jesus lizard. In Scottish History one prominent Clan the Douglases adopted the Green Fire lizard as their main symbol,
the motto used "Jamais Arriere" meaning Never behind as opposed to all ways in front,  the slogan has a saucy French naughtiness to its unheeding innocence, as Arriere in French also means Backside or Bum,  "Follow Me" is the direction in which we are instructed to do,it is also the road in which we will find Jesus....  as foretold to the twelve disciples-gates...........

Mark 16:7

"Now go and tell his disciples, including Peter, that Jesus is going ahead of you to Galilee. You will see him there"........

Key words,  Galilee, Ahead and See are worth probing as to what exactly Jesus was implying,

the name Galilee,

located in the North of Israel,  the area of Galilee was made famous in the Bible as being the location King Solomon gifted 20 cities to King Hiram of Tyre, the reward for help & service towards building the Temple, the two Kings worked on a number of projects including cross-over trade over the Red Sea, which linked E-zion Geber port at the  northern tip of Aqaba and the land of Gold, Ophir, this area on the map resembles the right hand side tip of the human fallopian tube which in turn looks like the head and horns of a Ram or Bull,

Picture wikipedia

  the 20 cities  present went  sour and was then given the name Cabul, meaning  Nothing, which may in English be viewed as C-a Bul(l)  as we know Tyre we also relate to circle while Hi-Ram being the mature sin Lamb is closely allied  to the Bull fertility cults that include Mithras, Apis and the Minotaur, in Greek mythology, it was the creature that Pasiphae fell in love with, and became impregnated, eventually giving birth to the Minotaur, the circle of fertility, birth, life and death, in our historical pass the  Bull and Ram are often the ones sacrificed, in a back to front prime Christian illustration, the manger to eat-(east) feast follows the red-deemer. Afghanistan spell their great urban dweller City  KABUL, located on the road of the great "arrière" pass, understanding of this place is somewhat ratified with a alternate meaning of Galilee, a porch or kirk-(circle) located at the West end of the church.  Some scholars think that the verse found in Matthew 6:15 relates to Galilee........."But if you don't forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive our own".......... based on the circle Ouroboros direction West where Death and  Sin are inevitably linked to people whom believe in ever lasting life, the Temple in turn, could be a misnomer veil for the adult sins of the fallen ones & the sacred on this specialized field is at hand with the Fertility Authority........ 

"If the egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm, the resulting embryo would travel down the fall-o-pi-an tube and implant in the uterus. This happens around the 20th day of the menstrual (red see-sea) cycle" 

For this process to happen "a-head" into the  golden water, Gal(l) bladder  tunnel-cul-de-sac of fire is required.

Picture wikipedia  Gustave Moreau 1876 in the TEMPLE circle to bring forth the light, a period of darkness  is essential.  Seen directly behind temptress Salome is the Left hand pillar of Solomon's Temple, associated with the Bible's Boaz name meaning strength  as opposed to the Love and weakness of his life Ruth, in the Bible  Ruth chapter 3;12  the truth of the matter is Boaz is a family red-deemer, a "word" and blood coat color that is directly associated with Christ, and Revelations Babylon whore and the Beast,  the common theme here undoubtedly is related to  the vexed  issue of reproduction, Boaz whom holds up the Great  Bible Temple structure, could it be the case encoded with in the DNA of humans the Red-deemer's imprint is held with in our cells,  being a Red-deemer and believing in ever after life, the question arises does Boaz and Ruth story, part of a broader understanding that includes Christ and his Bride?  As a species, Should we study the virtue qualities of Ruth and her strength in character to get closer to the Noble  Boaz?

Are any of us worthy to tie the sandal strap of the uncorrupted Boaz?  

Seen on the Boaz pillar are the colors Gold and Blue, in the color spectrum  Gold our highest award color is counterbalanced with Blue, the color of depression and the feelings of negativity, the flesh sin downfall of Jesus and John is expressed in the baptism ritual, Jesus and John where lovers of their partners which led to their demise.

See, I am sending an Angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared

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  1. Self-doubt it is, the little darkness. Insecurity, confusion, messages missed&things unsaid, misunderstood, unclarified. Paranoia. Depression. Separation. Divide&conquer. Faith slips away to false&self-fulfilling prophecy. Useless self-defeating fears. Opium tar. Clouds come. Storms. The king does not produce an heir. The visitor he's waiting for does not arrive. The king is crucified. Damn that lizard. He doesnt even see it. He never does. No one ever does. Every time. The lizard is not bad itself. The things that hurt just want to be held- but aye what a difficult art to master&survive. How it eats us alive, and we cannot catch it. How it darts&scutters.