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1 Samuel The Return of the Ark of the Covenant, with guilt offering of Five Gold Tumors & Five Gold Rats

The name Shiloh found in Genesis 49:9-10 informs us that Judah the Lion is tempted by the Lioness,
and the Scepter will not leave Judah along with the staff between his feet until "He Whom's Right of Shiloh comes"

The name Shiloh is considered to mean "Messiah" which leads us to Jesus,  also Shiloh means  "The Peaceful One"  that links the name Solomon,  as his name means "Peace"
Ironically War is also famed with the name Shiloh, with in the American Civil War the Battle of Shiloh was fought 6-7th April  1862 between the United States Union & the Confederates, with heavy casualties & wounded on both sides that amounted to around 10000 each....... the Union claimed a stained victory at a price, in the name of Freedom & the Weakness of the flesh under the Aroma of spikenard...........

"Glory Glory Hallelujah"

"He's gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord,
His soul is marching on"  ............

the 7th of April 30 AD is regarded by many as the date of  JESUS crucifixion.

Picture wikipedia,   Reconstruction of the Church at Shiloh, the focal point of the Civil 1862 War

 Union General William Hervey Lamme Wallace was one of the top ranking officers whom was carried from the Battlefield & died a few days later in the arms of his wife,  his final words  where "We meet in Heaven"     William Wallace  died from the wounds suffered following a six hour stand off with the Confederates near the fittingly named "Hornet's Nest."

Picture wikipedia General William H.L. Wallace

Coexistence of fate takes a turn at Shiloh as a second Union General whom was involved in the Battle of Shiloh was Lew Wallace, (no relation) whom did survive the Shiloh Battle under extreme circumstances of human endeavor, following the Battle of Shiloh & the clear light of day highlighted the human carnage.

Picture wikipedia, Man on a Mission, the energetic & industrious General Lew Wallace at the tender age of 34 was made a General just before the Battle of Shiloh he was promoted when his skills in combat leadership on the battlefield where acknowledged, note the distinctive goatee, was it designed for a particular purpose?

Both Wallace Union Generals had commanded of their respective states  Remembrance  number 11th regiments, which added to the Shiloh misnomer mind mix stir names, that has many aspects similar
to Marys and Johns disorientation befuddlement  found in scripture.

The grim sight of the return of the crippled Men in their prime disfigured & partially blown up, by the devastating horror of Shrapnel,created a public furore of anger that questioned the stratagem of the Shiloh Gehenna.

Picture wikipedia  So that sacrifices are never forgotten,  a visit today at Shiloh  shows a Arsenal of Ordnance  preserved by the Civil War Trust.

Lew Wallace was caught up
in a blame & shame outburst with a mix up of orders and unexpected  turns on the Battle field, primarily down to poor communication,  Lew Wallace was asked to Clarify his accountability of his decisions, this meeting did not go down well, in a few days of being a Hero, and now Zero General was stripped of his authority, and in a frantic bid to clear his name Wallace found himself in a another  Battle, this time with his own side....... over the interpretation of Orders & disdain scorn, the belittled General lamented........

"Shiloh and its Slanders! Will the World ever acquit me of them?
If I were guilty I would not feel them as Keenly!"

With in a few weeks with new confrontation fronts of the Bloody Civil War arising, the young yet experienced General services where once again  in demand, in order to sidetrack some of the condemnation  Lew Wallace's  overseen  a string of minor commands, in March 1864 Lew was selected
to take command of the 5800 strong VIII Corps whom had their base at Baltimore,
on July 9th 1864 at the Battle of Monocacy near Frederick Maryland Wallace's Army where attacked by the 14000 Confederate Army under the command of General Jubal A Early, it was at this crossroads Lew Wallace zero rating dial returned to HERO  as the defeated 8th Corp managed to buy
precious time to save the Union Capitol at Washington by holding up Early's force, so that Union reinforcements at the last minutes managed to defeat Early's Army at the Battle of Washington's Fort Stevens on the 11-12th of July,  a indication how close the Union was towards wipe out, this War was overseen by President Abraham Lincoln himself........Phew!

Picture wikipedia  8 point Star of David/Seal of Solomon was the design badge for the  VIII Corps
whom date of inauguration was the 12 of July 1862

,.........often as not in Civil Wars, frequently pitted Fathers against Sons, Brothers against Brothers, Sisters against Sisters

Oh! Brothers will you meet me
Oh! Sisters will you meet me
Oh! Mourners will you meet me
Oh! Sinners will you meet me
Oh! Christians will you meet me,
On Canaan's Happy Shore

John Brown Truth still marches on ......

picture wikipedia

1 Samuel 4  tells us that the Ark of the Covenant was stationed at Shiloh, the Lord continued  to make himself known at Shiloh and thru the power of the Word communicated with Samuel,

Picture wikipedia

 Uncle Sam with his own Goatee Hair message  whom in turn passed his Capricornus star related point on to the (new) Israelites 

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