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20/20 does it really mean 2013?

20/20 vision the day John/Magdalene lets us See the Risen Lord.

 English writer & occultist Murray Hope whom died on October 25,  2012  was born on September 17, 1929.   In the book Cosmic Connections  Hope, writes about a series of dialogues she has with planet Earth, this in turn leads us to the other planets & there influence they have over our daily lifes. Alarmingly Hope give us a fore warning of  approaching danger, where the near future a pending pole shift is informed by Gaia-Mother Earth herself, this fate is nature's furious powerful way to heal & rebirth.

 Hope was the medium that had the ability to translate messages from the planets in our solar system, there is a long history of people whom had the ability to tune into Earth's neigbours, this art gives rise to many timely myths which link planets with our Earthly mood swings, for example Venus is the planet of Love & Mercury is the planet associated with messengers. Hope claims there are  10  major planets, with our Sun and Moon makeing up the full house of 12, our soul journey is bound by the straps of the astro circles, with classic repeated Greek Arg-o zero adventures used to guide our destiny, for us to See the future look at the distant past.

The invisible Gas argon which constitutes about 1 % by volume of the atmosphere was rediscovered by scientists  Rayleigh and Ramsay in 1894.  The revived Argon Gas is  used to light  fluorescent tubes, it takes  its root name from Argonaut ship that sailed around the Astro circle. Places in and around the Greek islands mirror Jason's above and below waltzing hazardous voyage. The name Jason renders to the Hebrew Joshua or Jesus and is Greek for healer.  Glasgow born Ramsay later found Neon gas that today is used around the globe for eye catching advertising signs, the Neon-renew gas has the atomic number X.


"20/20" (or "6/6") vision

In the most familiar eye test, is used in conjuction with a Snellen chart is placed at a standard distance: 20 ft in the US, or 6 metres in the rest of the world. At this distance, the symbols on the line representing "normal" acuity subtend an angle of five minutes of arc, and the thickness of the lines and of the spaces between the lines subtends one minute of arc. This line, designated 20/20 (US) or 6/6 (rest of world), is the smallest line that a person with normal acuity can read at a distance of 20 ft.

Standard Snellon chart with 20/20 line 8 (ate) for us to See on the minute line arc.

Cosmic Connector Hope informs us..............

 "X-Christmas should be celebrated three months earlier if it is to mark the actual birth of Christ, research haveing confirmed that Jesus was born on the 15th of September (a date that Hope would have studied at great length as it is two days out from her own birth) in the year 7 BC. Correcting the error would mean withdrawing the Roman calender and 1993 would now become the year 2000 overnight"

Murray goes on to confirm her 7 year out theory by nameing Sheffield University  astronomer David Hughes, whom examined contemporary astronomical records and pinpointed the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem to a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in 7BC.

"This would appear to fit in with Historical records, when Joseph & Mary left Nazareth for Bethlehem, to pay tax which was levied by the Romans in 8 BC".

In a attempt to answer Hope's time line theory, and the bogus year 2013,  could it really be the case, that this "seeing" moment in the arc of time is the real 20/20  date?

Holding the keys to risen Lord is John, he/she is the doorway keeper  to XX 20/20 XX   100%  in the circle of time.

John 20

The Empty Tomb.
On the first day of the week, 3 days after the "crossover" Mary Magdalene/John  came to the sealed Tomb, it was still dark,  (year 2000 or 1993)

After 3 days of darkness it may be time to get our eyes tested for spectacles? Cross/dresser and transvestite, the XX loved disciple of Christ is  "John"   The muddled waters of time, help us see the full  pi-ct ure.

She/He saw the stone had been removed from the Tomb. (broken seal third day)

So She/He ran to Si-mon (measure of man on the 3rd day)Peter and to the other disciple, the one Jesus Loved, (John/Magdalene) and said to them,
"They have taken the Lord out of the Tomb, and we do not know where they have put Him!"

At that, Peter and the other disciple went out, heading (pi 12'oclock time) for the Tomb.

John 20 : 19-20

After the Empty Tomb, Mary Magdelene Sees (100% = C)  the Risen Lord, signalling the time for the Disciples to be Commissioned.

In the evening of the first day of the week, the disciples were gathered together with the doors locked because of their fear of the Jews.

The above stained glass window is found in the Argyll town of Dunoon that overlooks the entrance to the Holy-circle Loch.

Dressed in Royal Purple Mantle is this the Mother of Saint Martin?  The fusion arc theo love gift is Seen holding the Scottish flag of Andrew, the black and white squares around the key hole shape give us something to remember, the reddish colour of the soldier's uniform indicate the 3 day time seal, where the red mantle was handed over to the Army, whom where silenced with hush-hush money. 

The sold-iers had divine authority to keep the sealed tomb shut, through the ages the Red army  started with the Romans, as the clock of time swung around makeing its way around the circle, which was now getting late, the Birth of the British Red Coats, now wore the just mantle as a rule sign from  above, could this be the message of the 12 whom where in fear of the Jews, the 12 time witnesses  where seemingly in, on Pi-late's Zen post fixed place deception?  Martin is wearing a belt with 3 star studs, which leads us to Orion and the slain hun/c messenger.

 Martin was also known as John-Martin that links his birth place to the Argyll Holy Island of Iona, the Argyll islands have many handed down folk tales and songs that recreate a cognition mirror time journey of Jason.  Could it be Jesus himself was  the Argo ship captian guiser. 

 On the alabaster scent was the poet James Macpherson whom professed to translate Ossian's tales,  information out of seal time, Macpherson was ostracised for his sinfulness prose verses, they say the truth to the people takes the form of three stages, Macpherson had hit upon a rusty nail tribulation, and was to endure a few sleepless nights.

The shy dark tale of Western Scotland island hopping location of Ossian has many aspects that camouflange a exploding  bomb with time clock fuse.

 The name Argyll is made up of Ar the abbreviate letters for Argon and gyll is a old name for vat-womb. When crossing over the Bible states the temple tax has to be paid, here we find enlightenment to Mary Magdalene's role, she is  often pictured with the two props of the skull and cross bones, she is the Lord's cup holder of the Pi-rate, the number 3.14 and 22/7 they are both empolyed to indicate MM 2000 year seal role, the latter date  22/7 is in fact the official feast date of Mary Magdelene. 

The cross over bone sign of the pi-rate gathers more strength, to the MM transducer when we find that in French & Latin language they both use Os for there meaning of bone, while Ian is Scot's gaelic for John.  


Then Jesus came, stood among them, and said "Peace to you"

(Peace equates to the post place,  of Pi, Ea and Ce the seal)

Haveing said this, he showed them his hands (measuremeant) and His side. (A line) So the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.

A Sawney or Sawny is a auld nickname for a Scotsman.

Earlier in the letter Z - zeta was transliterated as s at the beginning and ss in the middle of words.

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