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22 of November opens the Golden Gate of "Ugly Head" Kennedy.

 The 22nd of November 2013  marks the 50th anniversary of the killing of U.S. President,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy,    whom was shot in the head at Dallas  in 1963.

The 22nd of November marks the 3rd day cusp eclipse overlap that moves from
Scorpio the Po-ison killer into the house of Sagittarius, the half horse/man messenger  carries the Bow and Arrow, these two cupid symbols are used as a sign for Lovers that fall over head and heels in the overpowering charms of each others affections, the Horse as found in Bible Revelations, and  is viewed as a harbinger that brings news of related sin acts of man.

The U.S. city of Dallas is named after a Scottish place name Dallas which lies in the Scotland's North East, not far from the town of Forres, which in English lends the name forrest, a wood,  Find-horn bay takes the shape of a water womb loch, Forres lies to the South of the bay while Find-horn lies at the entrance of the water vat, at this location is a spiritual community that laid its foundations at the height of the Hi-Pi  Hippy movement,  today many seekers are drawn to the lucky charm Angel of Find-horn,  this Angel of God has many beloved followers & guards over the Holy forrest and horn,  the land topography at findhorn somewhat  mirrors human Genitus, water birth re-heelers.

In the Holy Temple of Solomon, the Holly of Hollies is represented by the Ark, the colour of God's covenant with man is Gold,  in the sacred act of Altar bon-ding, after  50 years of  marriage the sweethearts celebrate their Love tie with  a "Golden wedding anniversary" Gold is the final colour mentioned in Revelations in the Bible this  harmonises  with the "Pure Golden Gate-Door opener" Samson's riddle, gives us insight help, with the Golden Honeymoon mead that is linked to the pearly Gates of Heaven.......

Revelations 21:21

The Twelve gates were made of pearls--each gate from a single pearl! And the main street was pure Gold, and was  clear as Glass.  (made from sand the element found  in the hour glass)

Harking back the arc of the Mirror,  the Golden Temple Gate is pronounced as the vessel that condemns the sin acts of Man.

Revelations 17:4
The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.

The controversial  yet strikingly handsome president JFK in his time in office was driven towards
reformist activities, this tough pathway  earned him many enemies as well as admirers. 

Extramarital relationships

"Ello" "Ello"  Picture of JFK  meeting with Marilyn Munroe 1962, the President's eyes  admireing the view of the tempestuous upper valley,  one can not ignore the hair style of the President, it gives the onlooker the illusion that the crown is marked with a cross?
Wikipedia states.............Later in life, Kennedy reportedly had affairs with a number of women, including Gunilla von Post, Judith Campbell, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mimi Alford, Marilyn Munroe and Jackie's  press secretary Pamela Turnure.

 Both Ireland and Scotland Kennedys clan share the same name, in Irish,  Kennedy name derives from Cinnéide  which is Irish Gaelic for helmeted head, while in Scotland Kennedy name means, Ugly Head, both names are well used puns that relate to the rood of man the penis. 

The Scottish Clan Kennedy use of name can be traced  back to the years following the Noman conquest of Britain, their home grounds include Scotland main land most South Western point, Mary port at  the tip of the Mull of Galloway, this area takes on the coastal  shape of toes, which in turn is part of a larger area known as the Rhinns of Galloway, itself resembles a large foot, the Kennedy clan haveing a impressive history of supporting Scotland's King where the soul-sole keepers to the nation of Scotland.


Above is the map of the Scottish S-W foot, at the opposite end of the toes is the Heel, at the back of the heel is the Loch named Ryan, a variant of this Noble name is Aryan, considered to be decendents of Bible Aaron, the Nazi's termed the race as the  "white pure ones"  yet even pure ones in human flesh have weakness.

The yellow circle  highlights  the Ankle,  this area of the human body relates to rebirth, many ancient cultures around the world including Egypt and Easter Island stone statue people  used the ankh   as symbol for birth, right at the center of the yellow circle, here is the home of the Scottish Clan Kennedys, known locally as Castle Kennedy.

New Castle Kennedy sits on the Scottish Ank of man  circle, next to White Loch and Black Loch. The Castle is still in use today.

Above is old Castle Kennedy which is within walking distance of New Castle Kennedy.

Above is the tree portal to Castle Kennedy local church, named after the measuremeant Inch, which in turn is named after the Egyptian measure of 3 corn heads. Inch church lies in the ancient parish of Soulseat, hope one may be forgiven to suggest, when visiting, that for me, I felt a  North-East American church area, feel and outlook.

 Not far from the seat of Kennedys is the ruins settlemeant of Soul seat Abbey at the side of soul seat loch.

Tree with name plate guards the entrance to Soul-Seat loch.

View looking on to Soul-Seat loch, yesterdays this was  part of clan Kennedys sacred lands,  many geese can be  seen swimming on the loch, the Goose was/is one of the major symbols of Ea the Babylonian water/semen God.

French Cistern monks came to Scotland shortly after William the Conqueror became King of England, in the French history the Fr-anks where of German origins whom conquered Gaul in the 5th centuary, the Franks where  named after Fr the short form of Father and ank. After the circle of death and rebirth, in Jewish tradition the new baby had to be purified, and free from guilt of past sins, in the Bible we catch up with the 40 day/year  wilderness Red see passover/rebirth which the Mother of Jesus herself had to forego childbirth purification,  taken from  Lev 12:1-4  the "Pure Ones" feast is observed by the Roman Catholic church, and is on the 2nd of Febuary, 40 days after Xmas  and is named "Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary". 

The Rod of Achilles points to the heel, the rod also covers the calf, in Bible allegory the Golden Calf of Aaron reflects our lustful related downfall,  mentioned in Exodus 32:4 "The Sin of the Calf" leads man astray, just at a timely reminder when the first rules of Man where issued, via the mountain of Sin-ia,  itself lies with in the lands of the  phallic shaped peninsula, the ring of Catherine is further sin implied by the remote monestry on the slopes of Mt Sinai.

In  Greek mythology the name  Achilles  (achos) means  "pain."   Achilles’ heel is a frequent  used metaphor for a deadly sickness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to someone's downfall, JFK was a very easily led President.

 Achilles  was eventually killed by an arrow to his heel, the only vulnerable part of his body, the heavenly poision  arrow left a timely Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp message for us to be aware, by exploding the "Ugly Head" One's brain, we like Jackie have been exposed to a great weakness with in Man's design.

The name Dallas is also used as a euphemism,  as someone whom dwells in the golden water-fall valley. 

(May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

JFK was Born on the Eve of Messengeress  calender Death date  May the 30th, the Arc lady was famous for the lofted Arrow that allmost killed her,
the name President is made up of the two joined up words Pres, which is to exert steady weight or force against; bear down upon on,   and Dent, the secound word described in the dictionary as..............

an indentation or incision on an edge or surface.
"there was a notch in the end of the arrow for the bowstring"
  • a nick made on something in order to keep a score or record.

    "a notch or mark  in the end of the arrow"
  • a point or degree in a scale.

a deep, narrow mountain pass

A few months before JFK death  Eileen Caddy one of the founding members of the Find-Horn spiritual retreat, came to live at the Caravan Park, in her booklet when "God Spoke to Me",  she give account of her inner independent voice that resides in her own body, this knowing that God is ever present, and shared her every thought and action.   This divine influence made Eileen walk a path, where she with the help of others,  could help lost souls caught in the prison, and seek guidance in such sensitive matters as copeing with stress and strains of everyday life,  by worshiping God, and follow the path of righteousness,   this would give strength and hope to the servants to carry on their journey, the knowing of not being alone, lifts the darkness in the prison cell.

Keep in mind Jesus Son of God  himself was also a heeler-healer, he too suffered because of Love.

Above the  Coat of arms of Sicily, the triple heels reminds us of Jesus 3 time heeler return, the rope around the neck is a visual for the "wee" hanged man the true betrayer of Christ, the Golden seed bunches enforce the wicked sin act, dove type Golden wings on each side of the head, give us a clue, to whom the Messiah returned in guise, the rope knots on the forehead signals, with the help of the third eye, this may be possible to unravel the full measure, the colours yellow/gold represent the golden dawn day of light while the red, is the colour of the red see, C crossover time, the full 100% circle.  The island of Sicily lies on the map of the calf and foot shape Italy at the toe edge,

Pre 1992 flag of Albania with double head Eagle that lead us to John and her husband, the golden mullet five pointed pent star  is the cadency mark of a son, the sister word of mullet is mullein, a alternate name for Aaron's rod, the name Albania is a variant name of Alban, the white people. The country of   Albania lies at the heel of the leg shape Italy, they too are heelers, on the back of soul reincarnation, via the rod and mouth of Aaron's flower rod. 

Revelations ch 13:3-5
The b-east from the C
One of his heads seemed to be fatally wounded, but the fatal wound was healed.
The whole Earth was amazed and followed the b-east.
A mouth (burning bush) was given to him to speak,  and boast  blasphemies. 

B (ee) is the embodymeant of the Temple honey, as seen on the Pa Pa Bull's crown and gives new life to the followers to the re born King.

The great revolution  in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution of those determined to be free.    John F. Kennedy 

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