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Saint George on the White Horse Solstice gives us the most Light to C

The  St George head of Dove the messenger feeds the Lord's sheep.
The 21st of June is the longest day, it is the day which brings us the greatest amount of light for us to see, with in the compass season  time clock it equates in the Northern hemisphere as mid summer point while the Southern hemisphere the same time line is true for the opposite mid winter point.

In Revelations ch 6  (six number is derived from latin sex, friday the sixth  number day, was  the cursed  date that Jesus died on the cross for his and our sins ) the first seal  opened by the Lamb with a voice of thunder, (Thor is the Scandinavian  thunder God, the fifth/pent day of the week Thursday is named after Thor, the KT's adopted the goat head and penticle five star from Thor worship.  Thor is the god of fertility rights and kids, the Red cross wearing  KT's remixed  Thor to their own style with wings  and named him  Baphomet,

Male/Female union produces kid/goat, Baphomet stands on the Egg of Easter,  Egg overies when seeded return the Destiny Angels of peace,  as witnessed by the 12 symbolic circle  of time
brothers,  father Jacob, whom was  the crooked  birthright holder.  Many countries celebrate the P-ass-over rebirth of the other Slain Lamb the Baptist by eating Lamb also known as Pasch, the sister word pash means head, moveing swiftly on blushingly, pash is also  the abbreviation of red hot passion, the trinity Light, of the Father, Mother (holy ghost C Mark 6:45-52) and Son shines on the Altar between the Horns/Legs  of plenty. 

  the watery meeting place that conceives followers to the s-eat of John, he/she brought peace to the other John, the "greatly" troubled John the Baptist, the peace did not last long after the rebirth of John-Martin the arms race that regretfully partisan and dedicated soldiers have been at war with our privates was the tortured lessons our souls had to remember since the start of sin, in a double name confused bluff to keep our minds thinking tints of gray, St. Martin of theTours is the patron Saint of Horses "Come!" I looked and there was a White Horse.

The White Horse cardinal opposite is the Black Horse which equates to the Third seal, the rider we are informed carries the scales of measuremeant, outside court houses the balance symbol is often seen with the Lady of Justice.

Insight to what exactly they are measuring is hinted to us with the 2nd and 4th seal. The number two seal is a fiery Red one,  in the Bible fire relates to the burning bush, the red is the colour of the Red-sea-C equals 100%, when the passionate red sea was parted, it became dry, in the circle of life to have rebirth light we need to have darkness and die, many of the Egyptian Army on their chariots where victims to the menses red sea, that had dried up due to the internal fires, even Jesus thirst for the "Cup his Father provided" was parched,

Ar(s)son provider  John the "beloved"  finger points  to a line of three XXX's

Two Amber gems encompassed with 15 perils lie on either side of John's shoulders, the Girl's name for Amber means Jura while the family name of Jura is derived from the Greek Georgios, which translated in English means George, perils of water are related to End times sin as foretold by 2 Timothy 3:1-7 two 15's = 30


 Leviticus 27:4 ... "If the person is a female, the valuation shall be thirty silver shekels" The ultimate price supported by the pouch of Judas Iscariot's hand placed on the south of Da Vinci's Last Supper Table, the 12 clock representative disciples where alined up from East to West with Jesus the centre pole.  West is comparative of Death and the setting Sun, to have birth we need Death as foretold by Jesus in John ch 3,  the 30 silver pieces was the compass rose South/North decoy money sack price fare,   the dark golden ford honey trap that Jesus the ferry man helped to cross over the soul of his  friend, the other John, John the Baptist,  the two Johns where combined into One by the the Great Architect Son, the "Carpenter." Joniers in the husbandry of Wood & family trees, come Easter  the Green man was reborn.

which meant the new creation was around 40 weeks in the dark cave of the  "wilderness," if we consider that the first White Horse at solstice was the first seal the time of conception, then the time for rebirth coincided, with the 9 months duration which brought us out at the Vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, around the 20th of March, the date of Easter follows the moon cycle, which reflects the time period of the human female reproduction cycle........

Curse and Blessings......

Blessed is the Man who trusts in the Lord
whose confidence in-deed  is the Lord.
He will be like a (family) Tree planted by water/ea
It sends its roots out from the watery Gorge,
it does not fear when heat comes,
and its foliage remains Green.
It will not worry in a year of drought,
or cease producing fruit.      Jeremiah 17:7-8

The name George has a number of meanings that include farmer, and husband-man, the first syllable Geo itself means Earth while a secound meaning is gully or creek that gives us the word gorge,
the backdrop of the painting (below) shows a mass of brown fields that lie on the side of a mountain, the fields are  in various stages before seeding, this farmer has worked with indefatigable energy to prepare his soil ready for the generative power of nature, George the Husbandry man was regarded as the archetype gorgeous farmer, whom showing sincere and intense dedicated conviction to prepare the way for a crop,  this foreplan earned Geordie boy  the right to cultivate the "Ge-orgy Girl" virgin's gore land patch.

Daniel ch 7:5   Daniel's vision connects the 4 beasts,  to the "Writing on the Wall" Babylon  King  Bel-shazzar's first year of reign, insight to our day of measure of the mark of man is supported when we find the Hebrew meaning of Bel-shazzar is defined as protector of the King's BAAL (s)

Suddenly, another beast appeared, a second one, that looked like a bear.  (The hairy bear is  lover of honey and lives in caves, bear nakedness word alchemy transmutes together the animal with humans)  It was raised up on one side, (bear/male arousemeant) with three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. (the 3 double sided lamp of the Menorah, with 7th head in the middle mouth, lights up the Lord's True "Ark of the Covenant")  It was told, 'Get up! Gorge yourself on the flesh.'"

Bel was  the Father God of the Phoenicians and Sumerians, the Fire festival cult of Bel was brought to Britain before the Romans and was celebrated on the Summer Solstice,  Jupiter and John the Baptist and Saint George are inversed and interweaved with Bel, whom was also known as Baal.

Scottish born Lieutenant Colonel and Professor  Laurence Austine Waddell, (1854–1938) in his book the Phoenician  origins of Britons and Scots, states........

"In the Christian period, the pagan Bel-Fire festival of the Summer Solstice was early adjusted to Christianity by the Roman Church, for proselytizing purposes, making Saint John the Baptist, who, we shall see, (C) is represented in art as carrying the (red) Fire Cross, his own priestly father Zechariah, whom was kin of Aaron, offered Fire-incense offerings in the Temple, and who "came to Bear witness of the Light"
the patron Saint of the Old pagan Bel-Fire festival and transferred the festivities to the eve of St John's Day, the 24th of June, to this day around many parts of Britain as well as Brittany and Spain the former colonies of the Phoenicians celebrate Bel/Baal"

Paolo Ucccello's White Knight.  Picture Wikipedia.  The Rider on the White Horse, sitting on Red (c) Saddle, strikes the fire mouth Dragon, that guards over the Cave and Maiden, the White Horse fore right hoof stands on the reversed letter C we are invited to See the reverse side of the lush green grass field of the hunter of time's quarry,  three white rings on the Dragons wing, indicate three circles of different time periods, the right arm rod of time next to the 3 belt stars of Orion leads us to high summer solstice time date star  Betelgeuse, known in the middle East as the "Hand star" that ties us to Jesus own Last Supper Sin admission  (Luke 22 :20-21) the three circles are also the symbol of peace that links us to King Solomon, whom's name means Peace,  the man of Great wisdom and Great sin, many Golden M-ines where opened to satisfy his Temple pleasuremeant.

The Soul of Solomon  resurfaced with a man with paradoxical contradictions, his moral conscious so dark and tarnished by the human - fertile Delta (D =5000) gratification patch period,  that a lifeline was offered to redeem  himself,  the demon related  M = 1000 year seal was opened for a short window,  John the Baptist, abstained from "eating bread nor drinking wine" is Bible language that puts a probation order over  Earthly pleasures,  the once Perpetual Champion of cup drinking, indeed "HE HAS A DEMON"

The spear and cave with fire mouth Dragon serve as overimaginative phantasms to our bottom line zealous Love emotions.


Above is Florence's painter Paolo Uccello famous Saint George slaying the Dragon painting.

So what is the Saint George story All about?
And why is it related to Dragons,  Horses  Red and White Crosses & Maidens ?

What is blatantly obvious in this picture is the Green fire monster has only two legs, with this important omission immediately the physical resemblance of the Dragon can be compared to human features, abstract speculation of the burning fire mouth  serves to indirectly identify the truth, reinforcement of the reproduction parts theory with the inclusion behind the dragon head is a dark cave/tent with  arch entrance, these props are frequently employed Bible  metaphors that side step the full on flame tree story.

In Faith and Truth the honest of men do not come more respectable than Saint George, his peers thru the ages seen George's heroism in the defence of persecuted Christians as the pinnicle of outstanding courage,  the George Medal  and George Cross are awards that merit heroism often given to members of the Armed forces. The Fire Dragon's mouth  is pierced by the Rod of Saint George,  a Maiden  dressed in red the colour of menses monthly discharge is shown  with hands in praying gesture this lady has been awaiting a very long time for her husband to make her a honest woman. 

X number was to play a important part in the life of Painter Paolo Uccello  whom died on the 10 of december 1475.  Today the month of december  is now our 12 month it was formerly the tenth month named after the latin word for X  decem, the numbers 10 and 12 go further back in time in Roman history to the member body of X men whom called themselfs the decemvir, they drew up the Laws of the 12 Tables at Rome in 451-450 B.C.  the Decemvirs borrowed their X commandmeant wisdom from the start of the OT in the book of Numbers  ch X hinges on the Two Silver Trumpets that the entire community gathered at the entrance to the tent meeting,  returning back  to St George's Paolo painting awas undoubtedly a door keeper in the Saint George painting above the arch two faint X s are etched above the entrance to the Tent.  

At the age of Ten, Paolo became  apprenticed to the famous sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti, designer of the doors of the famous Florence (flower) Baptistery doors.  Ghiberti went on to design a secound set of Baptistery doors which where deflowered by the christned name "The Gates of Paradise"  the peace and war theme of our personnal chained battle with our privates was highlighted with the extreme arc of peace which featured the profound horrors of a Battlefield,  a number of historians consider the War door theme sowed the thought seed for Paolo Uccello's trident of classic long continued Horse and Rider arms struggle, named "The Battle of San Romano"

Picture wikipedia. The first of three paintings done by Paolo Uccello on the Battle of Romano. Paolo has many parallelisms that constitute the make up of Revelations ch 6  four horse men do battle over a pink field, many long rods spar each other to the death, dressed in suites of armour the extreme arc mirror of Love/Amour has its price to pay, a Lady horserider dressed in passion red carries the banner, in the distance two messenger horse and riders are seen leaving the battlefield, giving us hope that one day the War may come to a End. 

Picture Wikipedia  the secound of Paolo's paintings more Red and White Poles held by young fighting men, it is hard to see which side they belong, in the middle  a rampant white Horse knight with pike rod striking the Brown/Redish  horserider, a direct hit confirms the race to seed over Autum has been won by the summer solstice White Knight, seated on the saddle of  Heavenly blue, role reversal answers to the love mercy seat, four golden archer bows are held in victory like manor, the half horse half man of Sagittarius is the sign of the Zodiac where the Golden Arrow date seals the destiny of Love, female followers of Bacchus  whom is the God of  farming and wine  worshipped Bacchus, in ancient Rome behind closed doors on his Golden Arrow dec date. 

  In the foreground lie array of casualties, that include two black horses, either side of the main body of the White Horse, the Black horses represent deepest South, where they have their winter, a time to die, so that come spring a new crop may be reborn, behind the white horse its erect tail,  suggestive art that is mighty pleased to see the welcome home sight of raised legs.

 In the background is the brown unploughed field, that men fight over to the right to seed, a number of hares skimp tantalisingly across the playing field, in Samson's riddles  the  hair is where the power lies.   At the top of the picture dressed in Red the Devil like character, looks to be holding a pierce rod , a secound  rod  seems to be comeing from his midriff the two rods together make the sign of X  a anchor is placed under neath the devil's lunging throw, the  horizontal beam on the anchor is borrowed form the Egyptian Ankh symbol which represents the Union of the Male and Female.

Picture wikipedia, the third of Uccello's Romano Battle paintings, the black and white checker flag indicates the lap riders full circle, centre stage is the Horse and rider on the Black Horse, the Black and White make up the colours of the Groom and Bride, in the background the colour is black, the height of the war is supported by the vertical angle of most of the rods of man, including the black horse rider, significantly 30 - XXX  poles are the equivalent number for the price of a Lady, out with the centre horseperson there appears to be an anomaly that no faces are shown,  many of the gray armour riders have ghosts on their backs, the holy ghost in the Bible is considered by some to be the allusive female partner of the Father, post crossover produces the Son, the mark of man bears testament witness to the exploits of the "beast" again inventive symbolism shows water/ea creative powers with the crown of the pale (sometimes called green in bible) rider, a large black and white jug looks totally out of context in this picture, being on the extreme right of picture the time arc leads us to the setting  West Sun in the  Bible.

 Revelations along with John, write about a wedding, John even names Canna/Cana  as being the location of the wedding. Canna or C-Anna is name given to the grandmother of Jesus, her name is arrives from the Latin annus a year which is tied to the ring circle annular, in Luke 2:36-40  Anna we are informed had single-minded loyalty to serve God and the Temple, a sum total of 84 years was attached to her dedication, the number 84 leads us to the End verse of Genesis ch 41:57 

 "The whole World came to Joseph in Egypt to buy grain, for the famine was severe All over the Earth"  

following on Genesis ch 42, Joseph was in charge of the money and grain sacs,  Bible used metaphors that relate to the seed of man and paymeant for the ferry crossover passage following death, time of Zero hour, if our soul is successful to return, the Man with the Coat of many colours will put his hand out for the annuity tax & aid our destination to the right rebirth Temple anywhere with in the World. Joseph whom name means  "he who  increases" even when not in his line of sight knows every last detail of our lifes events, nothing can be overlooked our escape to new counties, or countries to hide any harbouring guilt is futile, the bottom line sting  is, we are Earth prisoners of Big Brother Temple complex 

The Amber coloured whisky of Jura's only distiller, which started production in 1772  latching on to Jura's past pagan worshipers, are the marketing people at the distillery whom have adopted ancient Egyptian related symbols,  the Ankh, which is considered to be the Union of the Male and Female, that results in conception in the amber water coloured tank, which in turn (after the darkness of death) brings us the light cycle of rebirth from the cave, while the All seeing eye of Ra returns us to the Jew-Ra Egyptian brother of the twelve, Joseph, whom God sent ahead of us to preserve life, by the name of the "Shepherd" he is the Rock of Isreal.

From certain angles the Island of Jura is distinguished as the Goddess Island, the two main hills are called the Paps of Jura, paps is a Norse related word that means breasts,  below the paps  near the centre of the island on the West side is the loch  of Tarbert it acts like a sea wedge, that allmost divides the island in two, thru the ages some attentive viewers with over imaginative Goddess related minds seemingly this place reminds them of a butt, while on the East facing side is the  Goddess  Cove port head at  Tarbert, in this location lies the remains of a small ruin chapel, named after Saint Columba, whom's own name means dove,

"up the dove"

 The Dove is one of the main symbols of the rite of baptism, both Columba and his uncle named St Ernan, some historians consider the two Saints sanctified the holy grounds at Tarbert head, the name Tarbert is attibuted to the well and pregnancy, it is derived from Old Irish Tar which means "across" and ber to "Carry"

"to bear the cross again from the cave"

Jacob reminds us of his Son Joseph  reproduction blessed  cross over role 

Genesis 49:25-26

25 by the God of your father who will help you,
    by the Almighty who will bless you
    with blessings of heaven above,
blessings of the deep that crouches beneath,
    blessings of the breasts and of the womb.
26 The blessings of your father
    are mighty beyond the blessings of my parents,
    up to the bounties of the everlasting hills.
May they be on the head of Joseph,
    and on the brow of him who was set apart from his brothers.

In 1948 Eric Blair was given time to try and recuperate from his bi-polar depression, exacerbated by the recent death of his wife with the help of friend and family David Astor,  then owner of the Observer, claimed to be the world's oldest sunday newspaper, whom Blair worked for, during the secound world war.  

  Astor renown for his  generous charitable deeds, offered  the Barnhill cottage, located at the End of the only Road  on Jura to help fight Eric's  demons.  Astor's family where keen Deer hunters, the 20000 acre Jura estate was bought in the 1920's  by his family. With no neighbours for miles and no electrics and few personnal belongings that included his typewriter, the isolation appealed to Blair, he set to work in battle with his hadicaped mind, in the shadow of recent  Nazi gloom, and a frenzy haste to finish  the writings brought on by a unidentified inner desire,  Blair could not make up his mind  between the aptly named  title   "The Last Man in Europe" or  1984   the publishers considered 1984  was the more appropriate option. 

 In a desperate journalism cut-off  deadline date, Blair sent the final manuscript to the publisher Secker and Warburg  on the feast day of Bacchus, whom was the Greek God  of agriculture and wine on the 4 December 1948,   subsequently 1984  was published on 8 June 1949,  as news of reviews spread, people awoke to a new chapter in the world, visionary  insight to the future  was  now related to daily happenings in lifes of the working masses.

 Blair's  timing was coinciding with predictions and events,   that  eerie came into effect, as people digested the Big Brother book, more questions arised, who was this  modern day seer?  Desperate for answers, in a uncanny twist of fate,   sometime  while writing Big Brother, Blair health deteriorated, he caught T.B. the high body temperature may have put Blair's mind into alternate dimensions, in these realms a myriad of doors can be open, where time travel past and present is seemingly possible,  Blair never recovered fully from his T.B. infection & died just two years after 1984 was written, the number 84  significant to Anna's Temple is the mirror of 48 doubletake!

Wikipedia Photo of author Eric Blair/ George Orwell was able to view Anna's Temple?

The question arises if  Blair could see into the future and view people around the globe immersed in his 1984 prophecy why did he change his pen name, writing under the pseudonym George Orwell, leads directly to the Rider on the White Horse, faithful and true champion Saint George,  while Or is the gaelic word for Gold the great Golden water well/river of Revelations ch 22 & 21 is the 12 hour Beginning and End time time cycle of man.........

 " I will give to the thirsty, from the spring of living water/ea  a Gift" the source of Life and New creation, flows from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the world wide broad street of the City. On both sides of the Golden river is the (family) tree of life bear-ing 12 kinds of fruit, producing fruit every Month. (menses fruit brings us new born again kids)

The "Shepherd" head of the Lambs is allready ahead of us with his offspring?

The time will arrive when there is no longer any curse.
The Throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the City,  (womb/cave/tent) & his servants will serve him. 

Mark 14:28

But after I am raised from the dead, (Tarber) I will go ahead of you to Galilee (Hebrew for circle) and meet you there." 

Not one but Two Lambs over see our fight with our privates, the war against ourselfs was handed over with the Red mantle  in the time seal service to the Army, our redemption path for our sins is clear, the way out is to pray,  repent and  follow the saviour, he like us went "ahead" so that the tree of life beared its royal blood fruit. 

Jura helps us to see more clearly,  above is the Map of C-Anna Marriage line. Eye-mouth town  is the first town in the East along the Union Jack horizontal zero line highway .   ABBA the supreme Creator, whom out of nothing  brings light to the Temple.  Mastor builder Solomon  with help of Grandmother Anna presides over Sheba's cobweb  derrière doorway, music note vibration along with "thee" voice,  are the sparks needed to rekindle fire and memorys from very distant old flames. 

In Norse Jura name means Deer/Dear, the first traditional name given to start our gracious message....

Songs of Solomon (SOS)

The Once Happy but now Sad,  Long Lost  Bridge that arc's past to present?


Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to

I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind
Whatever happened to our Love?
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice, it used to be so good

So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me
S. O. S.
The love you gave me, nothing else can save  me
S. O. S.

1 Kings 10:8

How happy your people must be! How happy your officials, who continually stand before you and hear your wisdom!

Today in 2014 the Tarbert Jura estate is still owned by the  Astor family, whom through marriage and divorce  are now related to Britain's current P.M. David Cameron,  the P.M. and his wife Samantha are regular vistors to their Tarbert Deer Farm, Samantha's step father is William Waldorf Astor III, 4th Viscount Astor, fittingly the name Astor means praying Hawk, the Obsever  All seeing Eye is the Temple witness to the Global Holy Human BodyTemples. House of Observants returns us to the Jura moon Goddess  Island, the timely content and their double meanings of Orwell's 1984 written classic may be worth revisiting, with the aid of Grandmother Anna's all knowing wisdom.

Above Samantha Cameron wife of P.M. David Cameron, picture wikipedia. 

 On Earth  there is a old saying that all roads lead to Rome which lies on the 42nd degree of latitude North Line, we are informed As Above as Below which relates to the double 42/84 number ring circle, we may have found one of the ribs of the Earth, but the axis measuremeant of Earth and Heavens as refound by  Sir Isaac Newton amongst others, belongs to the Grande Pyramid and the two lion gates of the sphinx and the constellation of Leo.

   the, XX or XXX gallon  jug reference means that after tieing the Gord-ian knot at the Altar, a license is granted to turn the vacant  to-let Water carrier space, into the body of Wine  which Jesus recognized as blood.


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