Thursday, 7 August 2014

"We now See the Light" The Peacock Bird of King of Solomon's Temple on frequency 606 Thz is the Covenant wave length of Love.

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In the Bird and Bees Kingdom the Peacock is the KING of All the Birds, in the artistry of courtly attraction in view to  mate the Peacock's allure with use of aestheticism colour daze combined  with enlarged  erect arc tail, ensures the Cock's genetic future.

Aside from the Love and seduction a little bit of colour knowledge is kept back from most of us, with  the help of the Sun and Rain we often stop to see a Rainbow with its beautiful 7 colours, the pleasing light arc produces a mild stimulus sensory with in our Brains that we often take for granted and think little more of the feelings.  

The sept  light arc of the covenant bridge confirms that  our Temple with in our eye when exposed to white light is in fact a combination of 7 colours, furthermore the middle colours are
Green with frequency range 526-606 THz   while Blue is 606-670 THz   in Blue/Green-Green/Blue crossover value answers to the number wave of 606 THz  with in our Brains is the senses pleasing frequency  number of light that is linked to Love and the Peacock, King Solomon's chosen Temple Bird.

Once every three years the ships of Tarshish would return with the Peacocks,
May the Kings of Tarshish,  coasts and Islands bring Tri-bute,
to the King's of Sheba and Seba the offered gifts.

If the Love unite occult colour number theory is true, surely as we walk alone searching for our lost Soul twin, others may be on the same path......................with the Help of the  Wachowski brothers first Matrix film in 1999, the film starts when we are allowed to view the inside of the door of  roam 303.

The light starts to get greater, with the aid of the third Matrix film, (2003)  the inclusion of Sati seeds our minds to the Great Romantic epic Global  tales handed down by our relations, between the darkness of wars, when Death, Hell and torture is experienced by the many, we turn towards  the Help of God, our Hope and Faith is rewarded. 

With Thanks to our Creator, the covenant feelings are Gifted

Standing under Temple and  Lamp of the O-live oil  and M arch of the thousand year seal for us to see, the door is allowed to be open, for a short time only as foretold by John.

Behind the Head of the Lady a tree is seen in a pool of water, Ea nourishment needed for family trees.

The Blue/Green dress is on view, the healer is in the process of being struck with the heel, the two stones
under the mat/tiles  hold the silver sack witness Mark of  Man, while at the Top the two Angels of Lot
Guard over the Temple time arc of sin.

In Thanks to John the  Peecock stands Triumphant in the name of 606   


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