Friday, 9 January 2015

Saint Bride's church and window Brodick Isle of Arran, leads us to Psalm 80 and God's gathering of "Asaph"

The Almond eye watches over us with in the light of the burning Bush.

On the 8th of January 2015 the world's air waves roused the Ears of the masses, with Songs of Songs respect to the birth date, of the King of Rock and Roll. 

As we yielded harmonic praise to the chords of Elvis Aaron Presley celebrating his would be 80th birthday,  a Scottish island church located in Brodick on the Isle of Arran,
devoted to Saint Bride, a stained glass window  dedicated to the Saint of the Altar marriage pinnacle and Shepherds, may hold a Bible tie to the number 80 found in Psalms, which brings news of the King's companion, known in Old English times as the thane, this word source gives raise to thanks, 
a term that applies  to ancient Egyptian  hieroglyphic symbol of life the Ankh, which is associated
with reincarnation of the soul via the tank/womb, in the French language, they use their word for
thanks as Merci, with in Revelations ch 19 a number of scholars, consider the mer/wet thanks seat,
as a shady place with concealed implications to Babylon home to Heaven and Exultation.

A Throne where our creator sits and is yoked with Amour & Armour, the protected family tree, where knowledge when ate, would result in certain death, a timely spell was cast over  Eden's Garden ripe fruit.

  Modern history's alternate meaning of tank gives way to the great battle field armoured enclosed vehicles,  with large bore gun sticking in or out depending the way one views it, either way tanks and bores consociate
 "Arm-agedon" the assembled place that if we are not
alert relates to Euphemistic nakedness close to the dried up Eau/waters,
timeless War of Wars tanks directs us to.....

Revelations ch 16:12-16

The sixth bowl prepares the way......

3 Kings of the East, implicate Kings and new Birth. a strange star in the skies, seen near the foot of Orion, the mighty Hunter, recognized with the three belt stars, will seed the minds of the recollected......

  1 Kings ch 3 "The Lord appears to Solomon" & 2 Kings ch 3 Israel King Joram, son of Ahab,
in Hebrew the hood of the brothers are cloaked with  Love-Ahab,
The name Ahab with in the Bible was a distinguished King, whom was named after the Hebrew name for Love, Ahab was also a Great military Leader,

fiery passions that served both sides of the "fields" Great Battle,

Ahab's euphemism water journey, arc's the brothers dark *ic% time past and present
with the soul  ........

Below is the Bro-dick church of Scotland, window of the Bride, seen with fiery hood of flames. 

Saint Bride wearing dress and hood color of Cyan, while her mantle/cape
is mer-blue that affiliates with the "heavens"color.

In her right hand The Bride carries the staff-wand, on the apex of the staff green foliage sprouts
from the rod, Songs of Solomon 1:16 make the sweet heart Lovers comparison.......
"Our Bed is lush with foliage"

The Bride's right hand points to a second cluster of bloomed buds with on the Rod, symbolic
of Numbers ch 17  the Lord instructed Moses to write the names of the ancestral houses off the 12 tribes upon 12 rods and place them in the Tent (euphemism for the womb) in front of the
testimony where I meet you.

"The staff of the Man i choose will sprout."

The Next day when Moses entered the tent of the testimony, he saw Aaron's staff, representing
the house of Levi, had sprouted, formed buds, blossomed and produced almonds!

When we consider the humble Almond takes the form of a eye, that reacts with light rendering man's rod with the act of levitation, we are warned that the tent has a levy price tax to pay.....

Moses then brought out all the staffs/rods from the Lord's presence to All the Israelites.
They saw them, and each man took his own staff.
The Lord informed Moses,
"Put Aaron's rod back in front of the Testimony to be kept as a sign for the rebels,
so that you may put an end to their complaints before Me,
or else they will die.
So Moses did as the Lord commanded Him.
Then the Israelites declared to Moses,
"Look, (eye of almond) we're perishing! We're lost;
We are All Lost!
Anyone who comes near the LORD's Tab-ernacle Will Die.
Will be All Perish?

 The essence of Aaron's role

Araised  signs from the heavens calibrate the timely named comet Love-Joy nearest point
to planet Earth as the 7th of January 2015, the day after the Birth of the Lady messenger of the
fleur-de-ley lily, born on the 12th night, while the Joy of Love, grazing us, the day before the "King's birthday"

Picture wikipedia (Paul Stewart) C/2014 Q2  is One of a number of Comets found by Terry Lovejoy.

Love-Joy's simultaneous Cyan color appearance combines the comet with Arran's Bride dress.

Mother Goose and Wolf at the Door are flanked by the two lower pair fleur-de-ley symbols etched upon
the two Solomon Temple columns, a second pair of lilies  brace the line  of the neck of the bride, in keeping with hidden Bible secret meanings, the upper neck noose, is the respected upper shelf  "Adult only" decoy for the lower neck union orifice of the Bride,

Psalm 79:11

"Let the groans of the Prisoners reach You,
according to Your great Power,
preserve those condemned to Die"

The War-den threw a party in the county Jail.
The prison band (ring) was there and they began to Wail." (cry)

Lyrics from Elvis  "Jail house Rock around the Clock" song.

Psalm 80

A prayer for Restoration 

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