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Saint Stephen's feast gives us something to Eat in Hungary year 1000

Above located in Straiton Church South Ayrshire  is Saint Mark seen holding the Lorraine Cross,

Below the feet of Mark is the Lion the King of the Jungle/Woods

With in Roman number values the letter  M equals 1000,

 Revelations ch XX  informs us of the meaning of the
1000 year seal

Sat-Tan (the tannery/womb ) bound
Then I saw a Angel coming down from Heaven with the key to the Abyss/bottomless pit/womb
and a great chain in his hand,
He seized the Dragon that ancient serpent who is the Devil and Satan/male member,
and bound him for M years.
He threw him into the abyss, closed it, and put a seal on it so that he would no longer
deceive the nations until the 1000 years where completed,
After that, he Must be released for a short time.

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Above Saint Stephen's statue Budapest

The Lion/Loin  King sits at the entrance to the woods/jungle,
inside the pillars door entrance one can see the Lamb of God carrying the banner,
known in Latin as Agnus Dei,  a part of (m)ass/gathering  beginning with
these words, also music that accompanies the figure of the emblematic of  Lamb of God/Christ, relates to the
1000 year seal of the other King of the Lord's Temple Solomon, foilage circled around the
Agnus seal banner directs us to the Lovers melody of Songs of Solomon and the Army/Amorous
banner Lady whom was Guardian to  the Vine,

Solomon owned a vineyard in Baal-hamon (Ball-heaven)
He leased the vineyard to the Tenants,
Each was to bring him fruit,
1000 pieces of Silver,

(Sheba) I have my own vineyard,
the 1000 are for you, Solomon
but 200 for those who guard its fruits.

1 Samuel 18 informs us that the toatal price of David's marriage to Michal
comes at the full cost of 200  Philistines foreskins,
the voice of the one calling in the wilderness is challenged,
You who d-well in the gardens,
companions are listening for your voice,
Hurry my Love
and be like a gazelle
or a young stag
on the mountain (Aaron) of spices.

M years wait before giving  us something to Eat leads us to the country of Hungary, 

the name Stephen means Crown, King Stephen of Hungary was crowned in the year M, with in art King Stephen is often pictured  holding the Cross of Lorraine, 

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The baal and double cross,

Young women of Jerusalem, I charge you;
do not stir up or awaken Love
until the appropriate time.

 The feast of Stephen is associated with the 26th of December, the successor to the power Mantle of Elijah was Elisha whom 
on giving the robe, first slaughtered the 12 ploughing Ox and consumed them before he entered his vocation,  with in Bible writings of
Judges, Samson relates the act of ploughing 
with sexual intercourse, Jesus acknowledged Elijah with John the Baptist which may indicate Elisha was Jesus himself, the date
set aside for the Lord 25th of December ties with his partner and their feast, with in Vatican symbology the B/Bee is the X cross
key to the crown bearer Bee hive, the feast of the Golden
Head Crown is thus consumed with the act of consummation with the Moon honey Goddess on the feast of Steven-B-ox-ing Day. 

Returning to the message of the Cross of Lorraine it itself is modeled on the Sin cross of Jesus crucifix, above the main cross, the head plate inscription of the crown of prickly thorns,  in Greek reads  IN B  I 

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Coat of arms of Joan of Arc, the messenger of Arms and Love

I awakened you under the apricot tree,
There your mother conceived you;
there she conceived and give birth. 
Set me a seal on your Heart,
as a seal on your Arm.

For Love is as strong as Death
ardent Love is as unrelenting as Sheol.

Loves flames are fiery flames 
the fiercest of them All.
Mighty waters cannot extinguish Love;
rivers cannot sweep it away,
If a man were to give all his wealth for Love,
it would be utterly scorned.

"I am my Love's and my Love is mine;

He feeds/Eats among the Lilies."

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