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A Small Green Dragon looks over the top of Guardian keeper of the Grail William Wallace, whom after a bout of culpability, and a NDE the Angels  visited William and selected him to defend his Nation, in a ironic No win situation the remorseful William had to pick up his Sword in a effort to Redeem himself, later his fellow Scots recognised his aims that where insighted from the celestrial realm and Awarded him with title The Guardian of Scotland.

A Guard is to protect from danger; to secure against surprise, attack, or injury; to keep in safety; to defend; to shelter;  and to shield from surprise or attack.
In the Bible story the Guard plays the role of The Closely Guarded Tomb.
Matthew 27:62-66
The next day, which followed the preparation day, the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered before Pilate and said,  "Sir, we remember that while this deceiver (Jesus) was still alive, He said after three Days Xp I will rise again."
Therefore give orders that the tomb be made secure until the third day. Otherwise, His disciples may come and steal Him, and tell the people,
"He has been raised from the Dead."
"Then the last deception will be worse than the first." ( Alluding to Jesus was not there in the first instance. Also Jesus came back two more times as the Columbia-Columbus Dove messenger, some of the disciples if not them all where in on his return.)
"Then the last deception will be worse than the first."
"You have a Guard of Sold-iers," Pi-late told them.
"Go and make it as secure as you know How."
Then they went and made the tomb secure by sealing the Stone and Setting the Guard.

 In the above picture, Wallace carry's a Horn, a symbol of Divine communication, the belt is associated with messengers in the Bible.  Scrutiny of the Green cloak motive is used often by Master artists to display the Bible  theory of the Green Man rebirth, as told in John 3:3

With this man the call of Arms was not heard on deaf ears, fully clothed in defensive armour, the humble Wallace forced to acquit  himself of past deeds, as conveyed by the heavenly realm, led the defence of Justice, amour in latin means Love.

 The above Stained Glass window of William Wallace found at the Wallace National monument Stirling. The Over sized Sword hints of William's guise, which relates to Genesis 3:24  Wallace's intrepid Sword displays the seekers  sacred ground of the Guardian's path, it is the, "Way to the Tree of Life".

The place Name Swordly is found at the Northen Tip of Midway Mainland of Scotland, it marks the End point of the West Gateway Ley. Directly South of Swordly is Enoch's Holy City of Glasgow, which incorporates the Genesis Tree of Life which is found in the Glasgow  Coat of Arms.

  Returning back  to  relevance of  the Dragon, bear in mind the Dragon is the predominant Symbol related to Saint George,  whom pierces the Dragon with his spike, both the sword and spike are used in heraldry as symbols of time.

 Peering over Wallace's  helmet is the Green Dragon, which intimates to us the Time sealed  West Gate Ley line, which transits from Swordly the North mid point of the British Isles, and when followed directly south  through Glasgow  dissecting Bruce's  Stone near Gate house of fleet in Galloway Scotland.

 King Robert the Bruce after initially fighting the Scots himself, had a spiritual awakening which give him insight towards Wallace's cause, after the Death of Wallace, the mantle of Truth fell upon Bruce, his fighting loyalties  had done a extraordinary  U turn.   Determined to now do the right thing this Scottish King was now in devotion to the Services of God, after many notable failures he overcame  adversely and as a  direct result, he two was awarded with the supreme joint honour of Fellow Guardian of Scotland.

William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce  statues stand at the  Main Gatehouse Entrance of Edinburgh Castle. Symbology is the Key.

Back to the Ley Again, Directly South  of  Gate House of fleet the West Gate line, hits  the Dragon land  of Wales at  Holy head in North Wales, the last strong hold of the Druids. Holy head was considered to be a temporary rest home of Mary Magdalene. A place where she fell in Love with nature, and was reluctant to leave. Her guides  informed her yet again of her peril and persuaded the Earth Lady prisoner she must travel yet again.

The Druids beaten back to Holy head Island had one Last stance to protect the Holy family name, the might of the Roman Army annihilated the Druids,  this battle was seen  as a another major turning point in the Magdalene life story, silence was needed so that Rome could control the written material that held unwanted  bias truths, the Magdalene story went underground, a language of Symbols and name places that held secrets of a Miscarriage Travesty of Justice, that the righteousness of Heart just could  not accept,   the Truth of  the story of God's Son  was planned right from the start, we the journey people where tested in many different ways and many different lifes, to see if we where worthy of the Saviour's promise.

 God's original own Rib in Genesis, was a parody for one the main  Ley Bands  that circulate around the  Earth.   "God sealed the Rib".  "And had taken from us the Man That was a Woman"  masked around the world's  Languages is a myriad indefinite  Christian Name of the the Beloved whom was Jesus Favourite Disciple.

The Saints and Journey People of Truth carried the Torch of Light,  the Time has now Come full Circle for them to be Awarded.

The meaning of the name Enoch is "Devoted and Dedicated"

Ian in Gaelic is the name given for John. The Lamp of Truth illuminates Scotland's Bravehearts  Guard-Ian's of the Holy Stance.

Edinburgh Castle on the Rock. In English gematria Edinburgh Castle equates to 888 one of  main  numbers that is Linked to Jesus.

There Chariots of Fire await in the Wings of Heaven

Esau the hairy one, was one of three unseen Holy-circle-Ghost trident Guardians, the hairy Go'rilla  in latin translates as the "Bodyguard-Guardian" whom had the legal responsibility for a child, he was the undeniable keeper of our  privilege of  the religious ceremony  of the  baptism Birthright, the "Hairy One Gift" is God's precept quality bestowed by nature, that answers to  the sexual innuendo of the mouth of the Womb, as Samson knew  too well it is the power of hair that is the secret to a Man's strength and will power, the curse of opening the two pillars of the "Temple" has goolie-lash consequences that may result into a period of nervous stewed state of mental agitation.   Esau himself  redeemed from the Lord's hatred was slected by the Lord's Son to wash away his own sins, as his time "playing the field and hunting Game" had run it's coarse, before he settled  down to lead a life of morals with his beloved Wife and Kids.

 The start of Christian Holy Blood family tree,
Mark 8:21  "Don't you understand yet?"

Healing a Blind Man, (could also mean 3rd eye awakens)
Then they came to Bethsaida.   (The Pool of Bethesda as told by John is a  near the Sheep Gate-portal)  They brought a blind man to Him and begged Him to touch him.  He took the blind man by the Hand and brought him out of the village.  Spitting on his eyes and laying his hands on him, He asked him "Do you see anything?"
He looked up and said, "I see people-they look to me like trees walking."

Everybody Born in the world come from walking family Trees.


Da Vinci's Bacchus fomerly John the Baptist.

Worshipper of jovial  Bachelorism was Bacchus the God of Wine, Revel and  earthly philo pleasures, seen holding journeyman stick. Bacchus no longer a rakeing youth has his bottom legs "Cross Overed" implying time to tie the knot, or may be the gate for the soul porter cross over location, layed bare for us to nourish our minds and consider the possibility that both  interpretations may be correct,  allmost near naked  the throne holder sits on his seat. Noticeable above Bacchus head is conspicuous phallic type trees, the ever resourceful Master of creativity has them bunched that attract further curiosity,  Da Vinci resourcefulness has effectfully embodied us a Bush.

In the distance the bright  light centers on a hill the light shimmers through the Tree of life  Bacchus is seen pointing at his stick, which doubles as a successful  surveyors rod, Bacchus could be the the bible's man with a measuring rod.

Da Vinci implicates  Bacchus-John the Baptist  with a ringlet type  hair style,  the curly hair is allied to God's law bar and his juridical administers. Esau  role of overseeing the boiling  Cass-e-role, lid  is lifted when we discover  in Latin the name Cass means, "ingenious  curly headed treasurer" prehaps there is substance behind the time honoured Rainbow's arc covenant......

 In Irish folklore the Leprechaun prounounced Leper-corn is the guardian of the Rainbow and it's Golden coin-circle treasures, held in a tarnished old stew pot, the leprechaun is usually seen taking the form of a bearded  old man, clad in a red or green coat, from here one can find affinity with the Santa Claus  contrived body of beliefs. The Leper  is one affected with Lep-rosy, like Esau in the Bible he was a outcast tainted person who had affinity with the corrupted scaly skin loss, the greek word for scale is lepis.     

 The suggestive leotard is the garment seen worn by Bacchus-John the Baptist, he was the keeper of the Lep-leap of the time Arc.   From start to finish   head or tails the careless flip of a coin holds  the message of the Cass official in charge of funds, the severed head stamp signals the golden circle of time. The Leo-tard  gives us notice of the trail of the Lion, Judah's King,  the money cost of  the road to pent-Pentacost relates to passover and the number 5, kissing the kitten test on our long journey of lifes,  for most of us this contract with God has a unwitting  Judges penalty summons attached. The English word Cost derives from the Latin cost-ola, the rib, Genesis relates the rib to the unconventional creation of woman, whom in turn is the reproductive source of the birthing of Mankind, the ritual is  covered over in Esau's hot fine stew sauce topping,
  "ooh la la

 The constellation  Leo is named after the Lion it is the 5th sign of the Zodiac, when approaching the cusp at the finish of Cancer, and eclipsing into Leo, 21-22nd of July this date was considered to be the the Pi radius of the arc Pinnicle it is here the rays of radiation shine the Golden light of the Ark-arc.   Arthur's seat park sits with in the pent 55:5 line of Latitude, the hill view approach from the West takes on the ensign outline of a  crouching Lion,  around the globe we automatically ascribe this conventional symbol with the Entrance-doorway of the Temple.

Isaiah 28:14-18

A Deal with Death.
We have cut a deal with Death, because we have made falsehood our refuge and we have hidden behind treachery.
Therefore the Lord God said:
"Look, I have laid a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation;
the One who believes will be unshakable.
And  I will make Justice a measuring Line and righteousness the mason's level."
Hail will sweep away the false refuge, and water will flood your hiding place.
Your Deal with Death will be dissolved.

Before the moon landing that coin-cided with  the pi Arch cusp of Cancer-Leo in 1969 Mary Magdalene was shamefully remembered as a Lady of lesser morals, a spin of sin of such nature was laundered by the powers of authority with in Saint Peter's High Church.  


 The name fornication directly comes from "brothel" the arch is the home of the vaulted vat chamber that men battle hard to resist the temptations of the honey pot.  When Roman prostitutes solicited  there treasures of flesh,  from under the alluring arches of certain attractive buildings they implanted the fornus for sale sign in the minds of male prospectors, the latin words fornello means ring or bowl  and forno means hot oven,  the bread roll was the master baker's choice of food at the feast of the Last Supper. 

 John 6:51-58 "I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world."

In the Temptation of Jesus, Matthew 4:1-5 We can pick up the humorous side of Jesus, a major aspect that attracted the neutrals, if we learn nothing else at least we will get a good laugh,  when lecturing on the Birds and Bees theme,
Jesus answered, "It is written,
Man must not live on bread alone........
but on every word that comes from mouth (evil Delta) of God."
Then the Devil took Him to the Holy (circle) City.

  The year after the Xp window of 2001 the painful memory of Magdalene's  tearful enslaved legacy was shown to old and renewed generations, the gross abomination  that  courted the stain of Magdalene's Loveing character was piously brought home with the heart-rending film. The Magdalene Sisters, based on real accounts of distressed inmates,

"The young Irish women struggle to maintain their  spirits while they endure dehumanizing abuse.........In a place that defied belief their only Hope was each other."

  The film  was written and directed by Peter Mullan,  in the story he captures the underline emphasise of  humiliation of the mature naked female bodys, the on looking audience are made to share the remorseful  shamed guilt.     Wikopedia writes............. Magdalene Sisters is about 4 teenage girls who were sent to  Magdalene Asylums  (also known as 'Magdalene Laundries'), homes for women who were labelled as "fallen" by their families or society. The homes were maintained by individual religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.
Peter Mullan has remarked that the film was initially made because victims of Magdalene Asylums had received no closure in the form of recognition, compensation, or apology, and many remained lifelong devout Catholics.   Former Magdalene inmate Mary-Jo McDonagh told Mullan that the reality of the Magdalene Asylums was much worse than depicted in the film.
Though set in Ireland  it was shot entirely on location in the Dumfries and Galloway area, South-West Scotland;

Mullan found ideal background sets to match early 1950s time frame with in the towns of Thornhill and Dumfries, it is interesting to note Film makers came to the same South West Scottish area in 1952  a film shot in contrast Black and White in order to show the arc of difference,   had screen ledgend Dick Bogarde playing a man who goes on the run after committing a crime of passion, with shadows of Esau, Moses and Magdalene's fugitive  Bible plots, the film name HUNTED dramatised the life of a exile that had complex emotional Love fraud repercussions. 

One year later in 2003  after the Magdalene Sisters film was nationally released, a turn of events shocked locals when two men posing as touists, entered Drumlanrig, the Duke of Buccleuch's  stately home near Thornhill in  Dumfries and Galloway and stole his priceless Masterpiece Leonardo Da Vinci's   Madonna of the Yarnwinder,  devastating  the Duke and his family feelings  it was regarded as a much loved family member that silently overviewed the ebb and flow of generations at Drumlanrig, the Yarnwinder Madonna's wheel thread exemplified the proud history of the blessed rights of the Buccleuch's. 

Around five years later from the Magdalene film absorption a  manifested secret was being circulated,   reports in around the Hills  near the towns of Sanquhar, Kirkconnel and Thornhill on a belt of lands that predominately belong to the Buccleuch family, a Rare white Stag was seen by a number of people, in the remote Hills,  the Stag was roaming the same  pleasing to the eye  views that made up a number of background locations for the Magdalene Sisters film. The White Stag sightings included the farm of Glen-Manna of few miles from the Duke of Buccleuch's house at Drumlandrig. The impressional Manna is delicious food for body and mind, linked to Moses and the 40 year wilderness trek, that many researchers suggest has sexual connotations, that connect reincarnation rebirth into a New promised Land. Life beguins at 40 we are informed it is the number where our minds spiritual consciousness awakes, around the age of 40 we start to clawback memorys of  whom we where before on the wheel, this in turn is one of the main reasons why partners walk out around this age line, in many cases their inner knowing  aspect of the hidden soul recollect blind memorys that recognises old flames.

 National press exposure of the White Stag resulted in a illicit bounty hunt.

With the visual clues on view can we locate the Hill behind Bacchus, our guide Da Vinci has went to great lengths to make sure Bacchus is seen sitting, for me, this instantly leads us to the Seat of Arthur,in the heart of Edinburgh. Arthur's Seat lies in Holy Rood Park, Holey or Holy means circle the essential design of Arthur's council.  Rood is Old Scot's for Rod, a  slender straight bar, line or stick which also alludes to male reproduction.

Da Vinci has us looking towards the South side of Arthur's seat,  in real life  here it just happens to be the location of a rare columnar basalt outcrop going by the name of  Samson’s Ribs.
In the Bible  the Ribs of Earth hold the seal of Genesis, heeding the tale of Bible hero found significatly in Judges, Samson  had his eyes horrfyingly gouged,  which as a result he was also Blind at the Temple Doorway of the Phil-istines,  the Judges scriptures inform us of the Cycles of oppression and deliverance  and how God's people with no signs of divine guaidance can easily stray into a easy lifestyle of human self satisfaction debauchery that ignores consequential measure.

Judges 21:25

"In those days there was no King in Israel; Everyone did whatever they wanted." 

Samson's influential  father was called Manoah which in hebrew means place of rest, the derivation of the word Manoah is Manor.   From here we find that the word used by William the Conqueror leader of the Normans when evaluating the contents of England and Wales for the 1086 Domesday Book was measured in a system called Manors,  the Hall of yards time conclusion that brings rest to our Deal with Death, resolves around the Axis pin-rod of the global wheel.


The Tau cross is number 12 in the Tarot pack which represents Noon-Pi-12' o clock.  The Golden Halo is a aspect of Jesus, the cross legs,  which in turn is the sign of the cross over time, it also doubles as the number 4  in English gematria 444 = Jesus,  we have been the hanger on's for his return, his eyes are transfixed in our direction he Knows us too well and is fully aware of what we have been up too along our blind journey. His tights and shirt  along the fringes have Inch type ruler marks, this Man is our Ruler  sovereign, haveing lived in God's Temple we all have a  tax price to pay it is the code of law at the Bar. Two words are seen  either side of his shirt at the bottom they are seperated with a suggestive hanging rope, the first word says Dale, the valley between the Hills, takeing account the strategic location of Dale
 it can be used as a powerfull sexual innuend on the other side of the suspended crotch cord is the word Tlliln,  the holy spirit works in ways our mind does not fully comprehend a quick google search top answer of the word Tlliln gives reference to a Lady's name that some Wag implys if met, the lucky guy will not be disappointed, he goes on to suggest Tilliln means Eagle, the bird that constitutes the Wife of the Lamb. From here the Green top is the colour that represents the Green man, whom in druid belief is the returning reincarnated soul, the colour red  seen on tights, is the turn coat colour of Jesus, whom at the last minute before the cross ordeal changed his mind, by giving his Red coat to the Roman legion meaning demons, it signalled to follow in the steps of Jesus was going to be a tough call,  something the apostles had grasped with many leading the way only to be fodder supply to dispel the Christian love message.

A black pine martin can be seen sniffing the left armpit of Jesus, the hairy smelly armpit informs us of Undesirable, unwanted,feelings of shame, furthermore the sexual element arises here again, pit meaning in Gaelic is vulva, coupled together with Martin whom was Jesus and his Wife's first child, a formidable story swells in front of our eyes, the inferior size and colour of the Martin which in nature is rarely seen reinforces the notion of lewed behaviour hidden away, the Pine Martins, like the Pole-cats  have a slight smelly odour, the artist captures the sweaty pit disposition that feeds our  imagination.

The Tree of Life is the Ash Tree,  that gives life  and takes our Loved ones away, in funerals the dust remains of our body are swept away with spirit to be picked up by the Great World Tree called the   Yggdrasil,  considered to be a Ash Tree,  men and women of the cloth past and present act of sending blessing to the other side at funerals is foregone with handful of  Earth scattered over the grave, and accompanied with the Lord's words of wisdom "Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes", his ever present Constant Gardener attendant, over sees the Health of the Tree.


  In  Viking mythology the Tree of Life grew on an island surrounded by the ocean

Hebrew: . o'ren, Meaning: “tremulous”) The ash tree is mentioned only Isa. 44:14 (Revised Version, “fir tree”). It is rendered “pine tree” both in the LXX. and Vulgate versions. There is a tree called by the Arabs aran, found still in the valleys of Arabia Petraea, whose leaf resembles that of the mountain ash. This may be the tree meant

Jesus Golden slipper is tied to the bottom of the T bar, Jesus Soul is connected to each and every one of us, with Green foilage this is a living tree that unites the world with Death, reBirth and the Soul attachmeant.

His smart clothes, body posture with arms behind back and jumping in mid air is classical  of Irish-Highland Lord of the Dance impersonation. The circle reel lively dance has 4 people  of either Sex  whirling in circles with alternate partners of other sets of 4 dancers, the word reel also means uninterrupted course or succession, Jesus choose  the sinner Peter the fisherman of men to reel us all in and toe the line. If the line is breached the Hangman of Judea will torment or soul of guilt, we will wish for a way out, to free our guilt.

The impelled sin of Fire Hair Tune of Jesus v Devil  that everybody loves to tap into but battles hard to resist is embodied in the Hang Man's living deliverance.

Indeed the Lord's Son has led us All a Merry Dance.

I danced in the morning when the world was young
I danced in the moon, and the stars, and the sun
I came down from Heaven and I danced on the Earth
At Bethlahem I had my birth

Dance Dance wherever you may be
I am the lord of the dance said he
And I lead you all wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the dance said he

I danced for the scirbes and the pharasies
They wouldn't dance, they wouldn't follow me
I danced for the fisherman James and John
They came with me so the dance went on

Dance Dance wherever you may be
I am the lord of the dance said he
And I lead you all wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the dance said he

I danced on the sabath and I cured the lame
The holy people said it was a shame
They ripped they stripped they hung me high
Left me there on the cross to die

Dance Dance wherever you may be
I am the lord of the dance said he
And I lead you all wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the dance said he

I danced on a friday when the world turned black
It's hard to dance with the devil on your back
They buried my body they thought I was gone
But I am the dance, and the dance goes on

Dance Dance wherever you may be
I am the lord of the dance said he
And I lead you all wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the dance said he.
He who can understand that the story of his higher nature is imbedded in this symbolism will receive intimations concerning a great awakening that is possible, and will know that after the sacred Mystery of Death there is a glorious Mystery of Resurrection.  A.E. Waite.  

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