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Map of Enoch's Westgate Northern Scotland.

1. Stained Glass window of William Wallace found at the Wallace National monument Stirling. Wallace was awarded the joint Guardianship of Scotland, which relates to Genesis 3:24  Wallace's intrepid Sword displays the seekers  sacred ground of the Guardian's path, it is the, "Way to the Tree of Life".  The place Name Swordly is found at the Northern Tip of Scotland on the West Gateway Ley. Above Wallace's Head is the Dragon peering over his helmet, which intimates to the  West Gate Ley line, which transits to Holyhead in North Wales, the last strong hold of the Druids. Holy head was considered to be a temporary rest home of Mary Magdalene.

2.   Ben Armine is the best known summit of the range of extremely remote hills to the southeast of Ben Klibreck. It rises to height of 705 meters.

3.   In 1263 an ancestor of the Clan Mackenzie, became  owners of Dalmore distillery for many years, local folklore  talks about the Mackenzie Hero whom saved King Alexander III  life,  after  being gored by a rampant stag. The stag’s head duly became the Clan Mackenzie motto, and adorns all expressions of the Dalmore range. 

The Reindeer is Santa Claus mode of transport, as he comes up and down the chimmy portal. Delivering  New presents is a Raspberry dummy that hides the miracle of conception, as households are blessed with "Crossover" returning Souls in the form of New Born Babys, arriving via the Christmas ever green, new generation Tree of Life.  Nowadays the Xmas tree is decorated with metallic strips of Tinsel, to represent the energy lines, the  fairy at the mast of the tree is emblematic of the Angel of North and Time, Uriel.  Hanging balls and stockings, bring home to roost, the masked facade of mankinds reproduction rituals, that are timeless, the Old Testament Songs of Solomon  Erotic Poetry expounds in detail the true meaning of Solomon's Temple. Him and Her are passionately engaged in the Hieros gamos”, “the sacred marriage act”  which is often depicted as the Sun and Moon eclipse, the word Solomon is a shrewd combination of both words.   

Santa Claus legend is based on Saint Nicholas, the patron Saint of Children, his bones where considered to come to Peebles-Pi-bless via the Conquering Normans, the Clear Ones,  whom buried  the Saint's bones at the Cross Kirk, which sits overlooking the Entrance to the Eddleston Valley waters, before it enters the River Tweed. During the rein of King Alexander III the Saint's bones where rediscovered when builders,  working on the Cross Kirk renovations.

 King Alexander was informed of the findings and realised the grave consequential importance, off what the tradesmen exposure had unearthed. The King stepped forward and became the Director General of the consecrated site, and overseen the Trinitarian Cross Kirk Friary, lovingly restored  useing local stone by Monks.  The Tri-nitarian name is derived from the 3 fork Tri-dent messenger, which is the symbol which Heralds Jesus Triumphant Return.  

The Stags Head or Stag itself is used by a number of Scottish Clans that include the Scott clan,   to relay the Guardianship of the Scots Tri-dent rights, protectors of God's  Soul Chimmey, the Scott Clan chief is the Duke of Buccleuch the owner of Da Vinci's twin yarnwinder, like the Clan Mackenzie hero, a ancestor of the Scott family saved the life of of a unknown King that was Gorged by a stag, a successive generation conjectured Loninus shadow tale is kept alive and thriving.    

5.  Which links the light of truths to the  Black Isle, the peninsula between the Beauly and the Moray Firths and the Firth of Cromarty, comprising parts of Ross, Cromarty, and Nairn shires, the colour Black is a colour symbol denoting membership of a team.  On the Mungo line map north of the Black isle, Mount Eagle over looks the area, the Eagle is one of the main presentation symbols of the "beloved" the Gaelic word for Temple or Church, is Eaglais a deviant of Eagle.  Ea-glais is made up of two words, Ea is a early period name for God, and Glais or Glas, means lock, padlock, or secure embrace, the emblem of the Eagle leads us to Glasgow the node of Mungo, which held official authority over the lands of Ea's crossover Temple.

  The Black Watch was the senior Highland Regiment, the Black Watch name was erased on the year 2006, the same year the light of the  Da Vinci Code film was screened around the Globe.

Blue Green and Black tartan of the Black Watch, is based on the traditional Campbell of Argyll tartan,  with in the clans of Scotland the Blue Green mix through the ages is the most favoured colour. Transparency of Glas(s) is held with in the Blue, Green and Gray colours  the later of the three is made up of tints of  Black and White, in  a number of Celtic languages including Welsh Glas is the word used to the fill the  description of all 3 of these colours, curiously a strange fact comes to surface in the name Glas, in many of the ancient Celtic Languages there appears to be no name for the colour Blue, which alludes to the Blue-Green Cyan colour of the 606 light spectrum.

      Back to  the map, Inverness sits below the Black isle,  here we find  Craig Phadrig hill fortress which looks over Inverness, at the time of St Columba (reincarnated Jesus)  Pictish   King Bredei's  held  seat  at Craig Phadrig.  God's humble messenger held  the aura of wholehearted business owner sincerity  when  visiting Bredei in a attempt to convert  him to the values of Christananity.   Adomnan in his Life of St Columba written around AD 700, writes  the King, puffed up with royal pride, acted aloofly and would not have the gates of his fortress opened at the first arrival of the blessed man.

A feeling of affinity on the rocky winding path,  that every sales person can sympathize with, is envisioned.  

6.   Newton of Leys village is named after its position on the St Mungo's line.

7.  Just a couple of miles North of Newton of Leys,  once stood the Knocknageal Boar Stone, it marked  the south  Entrance to Inverness.  The symbol of the Boar relates to the Great Heavenly Hunt of the Pi Gemini twins of Castor and Pollux, on Earth the Calydonian Boar Hunt, relates to Jesus and his family, remember Jesus was a twin as shown in Da Vinci's last supper, Thomas whom own name means twin, himself unquestionably has the open arm Cross fit gesture, willing to take the ultimate sacrifice in a attempt to gain his freedom on behalf of his twin brother Jesus.  We are informed of Brotherly redemption in.......

Philemon 16.

"No longer as a slave, but more than a slave-as a dearly loved Brother.  This is especially so to Me, but Even More to You, both in the flesh and in the Lord."

 With his beloved pregnant, Jesus had  more important family planning arrangements that had to be attended to, a cunning plan was hastily devised, all twelve Disciples where summoned to assist in the Deception, the ultimate Fox Hunt chase was on, this time the famous Calydonian Boar Hunt is played out in Caledonia, the Scottish Highlands, the Boar was-is a symbol of Jesus, whom's own name derives from Ge,orJe Earth, and Sus is Latin for Pig, thus giving rise to Revelations and John's,  "Beast of the Earth"  further down, Enoch's line is Glasgow, the two main Streets of Glasgow are Argyll street named after the Highland Dukes of the Campbell family, whom like the Arthur and MacArthur Clans the 3 clans are kin of each other and  adopt the Boar as there main symbol. 

The number two street in Glasgow is called  Sauchiehall Street  the female Pig comes into focus here when we decipher Sauchiehall, Sau is Anglo Saxon for Sow, Germany is  home to the Sau-sage links, after the Romans abandoned Britain the Maraudering Anglo Saxons filled the gaps, sensitive classified material was stored in symbols and names, respecting the controversal nature of higher divine forces plan, that held the promise of mankinds salvation.   Chi has a number of meanings that include Earth Energy, China is named after Chi, whom  honour the Earth Energy Dragon, with its tail, the circle of time is caught up in the tail, with the Greek word Oura, the Head and Tail of the circle, (Think Money Coin Circle Head or Tails.)  The Hall relates to Glasgow's Jurisdiction right of God's laws, held by the sacred  key Glasgow Church  and it's bishops whom overseen on the behalf of the deceased 6th Century messenger and baptiser of Merlin Caledonia,  Saint Kentigern-Mungo the designated Holy-Circle Dean keeper of the sacred  grounds of Eddleston Peeblesshire, for around 2000 years a table cloth  of  unscrupulous and imaginative discrimination  has coverd Ea's crossover portal.  The Vill (village) of Pentejacob - Eddleston is the assigned European hall of the Saul-Soul.   

  The Home of Jacob's Ladder Dream.    


 8.  The name Dalwhinnie is derived from Gaelic word Dail-coinneeamh, which means the meeting place, in times gone bye Dalwhinnie was used as a assembly post, Northern clans would gather on the West gate leyline, before heading off to the next battle.   The main Road  the A9  runs past Dalwhinnie to Invernesss which is directly North,  the polar opposite South towards central Scotland Dalwhinnie was the Highland  Gate opener.   9 is the number of the finished length of cloth, the yarn winder's circle starts anew.      

 Jesus on the mount put the people into circles of 50 and 100. The 2 symbolic fish of Pisces where distributed and delivered to the people. The Full circle of the Time Lord and  Lady's  Meeting Engagement promise is ready to be reinacted.   Pregnant Mary in the love eclipse is seen wearing the Green and Blue, glas colour dress. 50 shades of Gray 2012 appropriate entrance  comes to our minds attention, embarrassing dark sexual encounter is surfaced to the, now open minded masses, right on cue as the earthly prison door keys are heard jangled.

 Stained glass window of Jesus and Mary is found in Dervaig Church Island of Mull.  

 Designed by Glasgow's Stephen Adam  "AN ARTIST IN GLASS.’

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