Monday, 6 August 2012

Venus / Ouroboros

Enter out of shadows of GLOOM  a mystery figure Whom the church Authority's  silenced her voice the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus,  she is now ready to Unveil her face.

A facial expression that has look of impatience, this Lady of the Rocks has been waiting  for us to catch up.

The Lady of the Waters of Life, a long and arduous journey comes full circle, the index  and long middle finger points to the letter M x 2 =MM, her left wrist leans on a stool, it's legs and rest form the letter symbol for Pi. Behind the Mona Lisa's right shoulder is the Red Terra Earth Boa snake which is commonly found in a Ring  shape  representing  the circle of Time. 

 Behind Lisa's left shoulder is the Bridge of Time which connects the New Testament with the Old Testament  flowing under the triad Arches is the Genesis river of Pi-Shon.  Shona comes from the name Jane, which in turn is a variant of Joan the male equivalent is John, the concealed veiled person that wrote Revelations, dressed in Black Da Vinci  has Lisa all ready  in  Funeral  attire. 

John was gifted with the story of our destiny, the black shoulder Sari measures our term the full 9 yards. Sar in Scotland means Savour.  606  Signals we may need One.   Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

Ring of Ea. 

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