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Bringing Light to Loch Gair 2012

Light with Green and Blue View of Garloch

Focus of British  media attention turned to the Highland  Loch Gair  Canoe tragedy on Sunday the 26th of August 2012,  a full two days after the Mayan calender portal- spiritual enlightenment day of Friday the 24th of August 2012, which is marked as a Dragon or Crocodile day,

The word Gair in Gaelic has two meanings the first definition of Gair is nearness or proximity, time is getting close, the secound Gair interpretation is the cry-message notice of the crow. In the Bible we are told about the story of the Crow  that never landed, assumptions lead to a hidden  crow flight disguised to give notice of the End of Time.  Genesis 8:6- After 40 days Noah opened up a window,( light or gateway towards knowledge ) of the Ark-Arc that he had made, and he sent out a Raven. It went back and forth until the waters had dried up from the Earth. The Raven was the bird that fed God's prophet Elijah with bread & m-eat.

Raven-Crow was the Window messenger of the Ark-Arc, which gives notice of Dry Lands.

In Bible theology the number 40 relates to human mind of confused darkness and misunderstanding, today September 2012 we have witnessed global grain and soya shortages mainly due to the American crop being parched, unprecedented drought has made parts of the Mississippi river, dry up, this dire situation has grain brokers loosing sleep with fear of deficiency's for the future,  with estimates off  shortfalls of trading volumes around 15-20% this in turn has forced word grain prices up by the same amount, prices for bread, beer, meat and Eggs  are set to inflate, creating more stress for the world's housewives diminishing food budget,  we now have entered a period where many areas of the world are witnessing the prophetic , Genesis 8:6 Raven-Crow  grim window message,

"The Waters had dried up from the Earth".

Laurence James Lucas writes about the premeditated dates  of The Mayan Calender and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness, he informs us to,

Accept the existential aspect of existence

Today (24th August 2012) offers you the opportunity to accept without guilt, judgement or blame that the full polarity of your life right now, as it IS, is a result of the totality frequency of your energy. This profound acceptance opens the door (third eye wisdom) to becoming a true sovereign of your own life experience.

Enjoyment of existential reality--life as art in its mundane expression--versus a need to change and grow. (We need to look outside the Box to find answers of our  earthly existence)

Within the most mundane of circumstances lies the most extraordinary of realities; likewise the matter of fact is found within the bizarre circuses (circles) of the universe.

The Aztec Calender confirms the awakening of our conscious, a time of realisation is on offer, what was hidden before now comes into the window, for us to view,  "To whom has Eyes to See".  C is the number equivalent of 100 and completes the circle of centrum Latin for one hundred, which the $ dollar coin is named after when complete it signals the time of the Golden Cen-sus, which in Christian  Bible  reference, is the time period start that dates back to the original Roman Census, when we find the  Birth of Christ coin-cides with the beginning of the human measure.   Reincarnated lifes in between this time frame add to our weight of soul's worth.         

24th August 2012 is Cipactli (Crocodile) day and is governed by Tonacatecuhtli  Lord of Nurturance, as its provider of Tonalli the Shadow Soul-Ka of  life energy. Cipactli is an auspicious day, signifying advancement and honor. It depicts energy and work, rewards and recognition. A good day for beginnings.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Xochitl (Flower) is ruled by Huehuecoyotl.  Old Coyote, the Trickster, god of deception. This trecena signifies the sacred role of the jester: revealing the truth of the old ways by treating them as irreverently as the gods do, the jester treats nothing as sacred and so points out the sacredness of everything. These are 13 days profoundly influenced by creativity and playfulness: music, dance, art and poetry are simply masks worn by the jester to tear away the masks of civilization. The trickster-jester-clown is the final mask of human beings: at one with the divine absurdity of the world, the mortal creator moves toward becoming an immortal force of nature. These are good days to make things; bad days to fear what others might think. ( Information from

 The Gair Loch  dark tragedy  highlights  the coming "Third Day."  Brothers Ewen Beaton, five, Jamie Beaton, two, and friend  Gracie Mackay, five, died in hospital following the tragic overturning of a Canadian Canoe, double Can words orgins that come from the Sealed Can, it in turn relates to the date of Revelations of John's Cana-Canna Marriage, "Our first Lesson" in the deception forgery of our existence. Jesus the original Christian magician-deceiver, paved our pathway towards Ascension when he returned, post Crucifixion, his body was metamorphosing, from physical to being a lightbody.

 John 20:17 gives us scant details of what to expect with in our physical body's as the time for Ascension becomes clear.

I am Not Going Home without You, the eyes of Lovers tell the full time story, above all else Love is "The Superior Way",  1 Corinthians 13:13

John 20:17 contains Jesus' response to Mary Magdalene  right after he confronts her just outside his tomb  (our earthly prison) after his resurrection. Mark 16:9 confirms John the beloved "insider" views,  Mary Magdalene brings the light, she is the first person to whom Jesus shows himself alive after his resurrection.
Love holds the Keys to the Doorway-Portal towards our Long awaited return to our celestrial orgins, the two  original Christian Lovers showed us the  Pent-Way towards Heaven.  Delivering  us into the  understanding of the "White LIGHT " which is dispersed by a prism into the colours  of the optical spectrum. ... A light-adapted eye generally has its maximum sensitivity at around 555 nm  which is the number that corresponds to the Land of Pent.  Pentland itself  is named after the 55.5 degree line of latitude.

Jesus said to her, "Don't hold me, for I haven't yet ascended
to my Father; but go to my brothers, and tell them, 'I am
ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'

Gair Loch is the last  location on Mainland Britain  on the 42 degree angle from the Grande Pyramid to the Callinish Stone Circle, also known as the Pi Bee line.

Grand Central Station is the Node of  New York City, take a little time and ask why  the Great architects, of yesterday, planned this proud Terminal  around  42nd Street?

Gair Loch proximity of time sits on the End of the British mainland  Pi Bee line, this angle is the 1/42 degree angle that connects the Grande Pyramid and the Stones of Callanish, on the Isle of Lewis. Callanish take its name from the calender, it sits at the End of our Mapped out road Journey. 
 Ultraviolet light which goes beyond the violet-purple light spectrum can be seen by bees, but not by humans, the English name orgin of Bee is made from the disguised number of the 55 degree North line of latitude, taken the face value of  A = 1 and Z= 26  on this number-language reckoning device  B = 2 and EE =55

12 Arches make up the celestial ceiling at Grand Central, be aware of the colour Cyan, the colour Blue light frequency lies  on the 606-668Thz, while the colour Green itself  can be found in the 526-606Thz, the Blue-Green mix combine to make the   Cyan colour it is  the mid range colour of the light spectrum, which in turn, when assembled on a Vision Graph  Cyan is the Zenith point of Light, found middway, on the pi ark which relates to the number 606 Thz.

  Above is the ceiling at Grand Central Station, which incorporates many signs of the Zodiac, a Golden line runs through the constellations, a Honey Bee is seen parked right in the middle, on the heavenly transit Golden line, futher more the ceiling  was painted backwards, provoking debate, that the artists defiant gesture is a subtle inadvertent  guise  for the circle of time.

 The 55 degree North Latitude is where we find Roman Emperor Hadrian's Wall which was completed 122 A.D.  shortly after the 9th Roman Legion  mysteriously vanished on route to wipe out the Pi-ctish Holy Bloodlines

 Located in Perthshire's Glen Lyon, in the Valley of Queens and Kings, is the standing stones site of  Croft Moraig near the town of Aberfeldy, with the Help of a medium, transmitted spiritual wisdoms where aired,  and  a Great Seal of Time was flung open coinciding  with founding Church Peter's"Third Day"theory, this Revelation was to reveal  the alluded resting place of the Bible prophetess Anna whom served God, and lived her life as  the dedicated Guardian of the sacred "Temple Complex".   Anna was of Pictish bloodlines, and  Mother of the Virgin Mary, as foretold by Barry Dunford's  courageous book,  "The  Holy Land of Scotland".

 Lyon was the name of Asher's secound wife, Asher himself was the eighth  of Jacob's 12 Sons.  Asher name means.........
He makes me "Happy" the orgins of Happy Birthday  name come from the Egyptian  Water God of the Nile, whom was called Ha-pi. The yearly Nile  Fertility flush would nourish the delta area and Grow enough crops for the people of Egypt for the forth comeing circle of the year,  later the Circle of Pi and our own Flush as told in Genesis 6:06 was noted  with John and Magdalene's, teachings.

 Magdalene's feast day, gives notice of our pending future, with the  full circle of time  being on 22/7 pi day. John's uro, tale of Urine-Waters of Life, is all wrapped up with in the Greek name for tale, Uora, the Oroboros, Head-Tail Serpent is the personification of the New Testameant Head, being Ea-T-on  by the Old Testameant Tale, encompassed with in the Holy Circle, when the E-uro collapses, take note, as this will be a sign of the End of a Age.


14.2 is the measure of Hands when a Pony becomes a Horse,  1/42  is therefore defined as the Cross over transcendent Angle.   

Which reminds me, of where I should of started on my quest. The number  42  as told by  Douglas Adams  the author of  "The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy" it is the number  from which all meaning, including the  vexation timeless  Question of the meaning of life, The Universe, and Everything Else, apparently stems from? 

Bethel is the pathway to the house of God, that connects the Beth-el-geuse star on the 21st of June to its cardinal opposite on the 21st of December, the two added together make  the 42nd degree  crossover ascension angle that Elijah was taken from us in the Whirlwind, the spirit of Elijah  now rests with Elisha whom's own name means  "My God is Salvation"

2 Kings 2:23-24

From there Elisha went up to Bethel.
As he was walking up the path, some small boys came out the city and harassed him, chanting, "Go up Baldy! Go up, baldy!"
He turned around, looked at them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two female bears came out of the woods,  ( two end stars of Ursa Minor that aline the 21st of June-December on Ursa Minor the smaller female bear)  and mauled 42 of the youths.

Ursa Minor is colloquially known as the Little Dipper because its seven brightest stars seem to form the shape of a dipper ladle or scoop. The star at the end of the dipper handle is Polaris  the North Star. Polaris can also be found by following a line through the two stars that form the end of the Big Dippers "bowl".  The little dipper's bowl is a sexual Euphemism,  that tie's the Lord Jesus, with Arthur whom's name means bear, and John whom highlights the significance of the 7 Bowls in Revelations,  Elisha and Elijah's masked events was a major source of John's disguised Sexual Love Union. Which was to come,  near the arranged start of the Christian "Third Day"   

2 Kings 2:20
He replied, "Bring me a new bowl and put salt In It"

"This is what the LORD says: "I have healed this water. No longer will death or unfruitfulness result from it." Therefore, the water remains healthy to this very day". 

 Kin of Arthur and his Wife  have enjoyed the blessing healings qualitys of Ea our LORD.

"Joan of Arc" is a song by song written by Canadian spiritualist Leonard Cohen. It was released as a single  in March 1971  Cohen got inspiration for the Joan of Arc hit while on retreat at the Scottish Eskdalemuir Tibetan Monastery called Kagyu Samye Ling in 1969,  the Tibetan Monastery lies on the Roseline, directly North of Gretna Green village,  famous for grail fellow travellers and seekers, Gretna is regarded  as the home of the runaway  marriage  Altar location,  traditionally the ceremony was conducted by the Smith whom eloped the Golden rings of Lovers crucially above the Anvil. 

Theme of the song

The song is constructed mainly as a  emotional conversation  between Joan of Arc  and the fire which is consuming her as she  burns at the stake, after having been found guilty of  heresy (in 1431). In the song, Joan says that she is "tired of the war " and tells how she would rather be wearing a white Wedding Dress   (one of the charges against her was that she dressed as a man). Joan's surrender to the fire, as its bride, may also be seen as a symbol of her religious kinsfolk  and commitment to the divine plan found at the End of the Arc-Ark.

The portend Crow sings and gives us the forerunner promised message of Love at the End of the Arc.

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