Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kidron-Kidson Valley Map with Time Hill & 144 foot Cross

Clock Knowe or Time Hill lies adjacent to the Kidron-Kidson Cross

In The Holy calender the 14th of September is the official day that commemorates  the  Feasts of the Cross, these  celebrations, are organized to honour  the cross itself, which is ultimate symbol of human sacrifice, which we all endure in many divergent circumstances within the period held in the earthly prison, the cross or more precisely the "Cross Over" is also the name for time in the distant future,  the Bible writers frequently used this practice to transmit there visions.  The  144 feet Upper Kidson Cross, (as seen in above map)  Arc's both  End's of the Christian era,   could this Sacred precursor Cross be the Mark that was used as a  signposted instrument that ultimately leads us to Herald in Christ's Return and bring with him his promise of Salvation?

 Below the Kidson Cross on the map the writing reads White Meldon, it is one of two Hills in the Meldon valley, the second hill you may have reached an estimation without proper knowledge of the area and if you concluded  Black Meldon  you would have been correct.  In colour White and Black  create the polar opposites with all other shades in between. The meaning of the name Meldon, is Hill with a Cross.

The ancient Britons gathered at White Meldon Sanctuary  to Pray and worship God, there name for White Meldon was "Hill of Fire" they considered this location to be  the cross sanctum, on the 21st of June the alignment  as seen  in the sky  standing on  the cross included Columba, Orion's Betelgeuse star which takes it's name from the Hebrew Bethel house of God, and geuse which has no English translation but a number close  appendages that include, geste an tale of adventure and romance, alternately a second grail definition is of geste is bear, which has the hallmarks that lead us to King Arthur, the third star alignment on the longest day we find   Menkainan and on the far side of our current pole star we find ELTANIN (Gamma Draconis), in ancient Egypt they used the Orange coloured Eltanin as there  pole star it was the Zenith of the heaven world found in Draco the Serpent-dragon Northern constellation


Traditionally, illustrations of Auriga represent it as a chariot and its driver. The charioteer holds a goat over his left shoulder and has two kids under his left arm; he holds the reins to the chariot in his right hand,

“The seventh angel blew his trumpet and there were loud voices from heaven, which said. “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever”.

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