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3. Grit-ley lies on the west side of Orkney's largest Island, looking southwards from Grit-ley is the bay of  New Ark, in  Jewish history the Ark  was the sealed chest where the Tables of Law was guarded, it also relates to the large floating vessel of Noah, whom was told by God to prepare his family and animals before the Deluge, as told in Genesis 606.  Grit-ley is made up of two words ley is the ley line, and Grit has three meanings the first of which is Old Scots for Great, which fits neatly as,  The Great Ley of the Ark of the Lamb, the secound Grit term  as told in wikopedia  refers to  a dogged  nature Perceval type character............

"Someone with  passion for a particular long-term goal or endstate coupled with a powerful motivation  to achieve their respective objective. This perseverance of effort promotes the overcoming of obstacles or challenges that lie within a gritty individual’s path to accomplishment and serves as a driving force in achievement realization".

The third Grit definition relates to gravel, small hard particles of sand, stones etc, or the woody seed bodies found in apples or pears,  the Apple seed  connection  goes back to  when the Romans first discovered the Orkney Islands they named the Islands after Pomona the goddess of the apple,  the principal town of Orkney is Kirkwall, kirk means circle, the latin word pomoerium is the open space around a town, within and without the walls, therefore we are held with in the apple shape prison Circle-Kirk-Wall.    Orkney  sits  North to Norh-East above the mainland of Britain,  Orkney-Pomona Islands where regarded as  the abode of our heavenly "Father's Sole". 

 When the Romans stumbled upon the Pomona Islands, they where fascinated with the esoteric wisdom of the standing stone grid network, affected with an a overpowering sense of awe, the inquistion grilling methods secrets where soon conceded to the collective coffers of the Roman hierarchy.  Now place yourself in the shoes of the heavey handed interrogators, that intervened the Holy pommey brit Sanctuary only to discover  the Genesis Bible cursed equivalent Parallel of Pandora's Box

 "Fruit of the tree in the middle of the Garden"

"God said, "You must not Eat or Touch it, or You will Die."

Jesus give the responsibility of holding the poison Toxic apple and chalice to Saint Peter, whom held house and keys until the day of his return,  "you will deny me 3 times."  

We have endured the pomped up cermony and gradiosity display of the Cardinals Holy Trinity field guards, watching over the flock with crook & cross to protect or prevent escape.  

  "Signs of the End of a Age will be given,"  brings  daily delivery News of the Time pip of the Lord Doctor's  rendezvous, mankinds Healer and Saviour's promoise,   due to drought and rain deluge extremes around the globe the medicinal "Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away" apple basket is perilously close to the seasons End. 

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

Key phrase here to ponder is "Turned Every Way" which in teaching terms relates to the Full Arc Circle, the Golden Ark of the Convenant is a  prescribed muse with Cherubims faceing each other, representing  the  East and West Gate trinity lines of the  Circle, the Garden of Eden is the Holy medium grounds set in the middle, portraying the emanation of Ark-Arc-Pi source, As above as Below.

Following on the Lamb line North of Grit-ley we bypass the underside of the soul of Shapinsay Island which takes on the outline shape of a foot. The name shape comes from Shap, it means to form to fashion, to give body, to embody and direct, tagged on with the Lamb line and East Gate of the soul tree, with in the world's Garden of Eden we can start to build a picture of this area's past influence, that when stumbled upon can give the enlightened soul there worst living nightmare, takeing the gamble and eating the knowledge from the Tree of Life has God's own  forth-right stamp of Warning attached to its Wisdom, be aware thouse with the nerve to nourish themselfs with this information if not handled with  the utmost respect of God's inner bible secrets, out of the given time window, the chances are they or there kin would face, the infuriated curse and wrath of the Allmighty. 

A remit protocol where the Lord's custom and conventions where preserved arose.

 Historically the prudent ones would devise the classified information into mind busting vaults, which included many ancient tales of the mythological realms of auld Europe, one good example is the Scandinavian infatuated 3 volume Prose Edda collection, on the same line of thought was the German-Saxon centre ring holders the Nibelung whom where the Guardians of a great treasure. The Grail storys eclipse many of the same themes, as does the modern written Lord of the Rings triology, bought out to awakening Mass with the help of the big screen to coincide with Xp Chi Rho 2001 year.  

Etymology of Shapinsay, the soul shaper Island is given as  "God is my Judge."

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