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Etymology of Eddleston

Eddleston defined.

EDDLESTON is   Derived from the Old English Eadweard -Edward  made up of the two words Ead or Edd  meaning "happy" or 'prosperous' and weard  meaning "guard."  Les means Holly Garden, T-on,  is as it looks, On the Cross, from this dressing poured over the scrumptious Ea-t,  (french Manger, which doubles as the Cradle rest of Baby Jesus,) we can find the epicentre of T-ed a previously unanswered  random name word, that also means Edward.

 Eddleston Village lies around 3 miles North of the Great Hill Cross of Kidson.

  Jesus wearing white robes, is seen Bringing the light out of the prison cave. Rembrandt's  perception of the moment when Mary turns her head and sees the newly-risen Jesus. He is holding a spade to explain her initial belief that he is the Holly Gardener. Eden's guardian protector.  The two winged Angels face each other, on top of the lead alchemy Ark-Arc of time. Magdalene sits on the entrance of the stairway to .... arosemeant,     wearing Black, the light at the End of the tunnel reflects on her face profile.

"There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light."

The large trunk of middle Earth is the back bone of Eden, it is the Tree of Life, where Jacob's souls, depart and arrive.

Noli me Tangere  Do Not Touch Me


Jesus is seen discarding his spade, his Garden work is complete, a emotional broken hearted Magdalene,  does not understand why she is not allowed to touch the metamorphosed Light Body, as Jesus first foots, and points towards perhaps the Sirius portal Ascension, the big Toe leads the way, the word Toe again comes from T cross-over  and oe or oy  is Yiddish   meaning "oh, pain."  The Tree of life is almost ready to deliver, it's  Golden rich treasure at the End of the Rainbow, God's covenant to mankind brings Love to All on Heaven and Earth. Jesus wears Blue the colour of the Heavens and Magdalene has the Red coat,  Red-Terra is the colour of Earth, Red and Blue mixed together gives purple the End colour of the Rainbow. Royal purple also represents the Marriage colour.

 Jesus has 3 fingers pointing towards Magdalene, MM has also 3 fingers shown as she signals the full measure of Cloth on top of the Earth, the 3 fingers gesture can be found on  the setter stone on Eday, Ea's day Island, it was considered to be a trig location to signal's the arrival of the Lambs return, our chance has now come to follow the Heavenly Shepherd, out of the Earthly Prison Cave.

Eddleston was previously known as Gillemorestun, the town of Gille Moire, or Servants of Mary, in Tolkien terms they where The Fellowship of the Ring in middle Earth. 

The Eddleston Valley river runs into the Tweed  around 6 miles south of Eddleston at Peebles, the Kidson Cross, is situated around half way between the two settlements high up on the hill at Upper Kidson.  The name Kid-dle orgins come from the crossover Cross at Kidson, kid-dle  name means to catch a fish with a stake-fence, significantly the suspicious Kid-dle trap in upper Tweed was the last of Grail wizard's Merlin Caledonia's triple way death.
Merlin's grail epitaph kept our T-axi meter extended journey ticking.   For seekers Jesus and his Wife, on the mount,  where symbolic human representatives of the 2 fish of the Pisces era, swimming in opposite directions, which is a painful reminder of a dark cold blooded Christian episode, the trio of fish  is related to the time for Jesus triumphant return, Peebles-Pi-bless coat of arms dons the trident fish tale message.

 The Kidson or Kitson family crest identify themselves with the 3 fish and Unicorn, the Unicorn in heraldry is adopted as a symbol used for both Jesus and Magdalene. 

Eddleston water is also named the Cuddy,
alias the Donkey.

Which is the mode of transport for the tri-umphant return of  the King, this time around to fulfil the scriptures he brings his beloved, Wife.

Mary had a little lamb,
whose fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day
which was against the rules.

It made the children laugh and play,
to see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned it out,
but still it lingered near,

And waited patiently about,
till Mary did appear.

"Why does the lamb love Mary so?"
the eager children cry.

"Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know."
 the teacher did reply.

  J.R.R. Tolkien used an image of a junior (school) Golden Eagle from for an illustration depicting Bilbo awaking next to Gwaihir (a giant eagle), in his third,  The Lord of the Rings film-book , which he aptly named "The Return of the King".

Double headed Eagle with 5-pent banner message showing on the bird's  anatomy chest. Etymology of Eagle is defined as  Ea, which is one of  the original name's for the Lord, and Gle(e) is to bring joy, mirth and gaiety, often coupled with Glitter and Gold, which ties in with the Golden pent star constellation Auriga, the time arch arc  bridges the 21st of June with the 21st of December, uniting the Black and White happy hi-pi Ead Guards.  The yearly time line trancends through the Golden named Auriga, on the bright side and Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer on the dark side,  this  Double date mirror circle is  represented by the equal entangled Caduceus snake symbol, known as the "herald's staff."  The staff  is carried by Hermes or Mercury the messenger of God, furthermore in the Eagle -Lamb symbol banner (above) is the Latin phrase Agnus Dei,  which means "The Lamb of God."

English King Edward the First, evidence of his own Destiny rights of name-sake Eddleston lands are found in the  History annuals, Edward's renowned  blood   interrogation methods,  and  private research of his Christian name, led him to Cross-examine the Kidson Hill Cross at Eddleston on the 19th of August 1303, keen to demonstrate his own divine dutys, when sampling the fruit Tree of Good v Evil that held  the Lord's secret knowledge, King Edward I despatched a mindful  missive of his time at Eddleston, the sovereign's letter of wishful thinking to try redeem himself of guilt, while dispersing the gruesome horrors of war in a neighbours country, this notification of intent was  a summon to attract attention towards fellow mankind and divine council Bar members on duty  when the Cross over Judgmeant day of the Soul arrives, Edward's Eddleston Royal Mail  seal is preserved in the State Paper Office in London. 

Fate was to see death of "Rich Guardian" Edward I the impetus defiant English King whom had the offensive Audacity that is some what comparative of Jacob's heredity deceit over his older brother Esau. (hairy.)   On the face of it Edward challenged heavenly command orders  by pilfering Jacob's Stone, from his "Brother's House" in 1296 and relocating the triumphant visonary portal Destiny Stone of man kind in Westminster Abbey London the capital city of  England, here we must ponder to contemplate what was in the mind of the English foreordained named King could it really be the case that Edward considered himself to be the rightful owner of the Destiny Stone?  Reincarnated in new body,  his soul remembering his ascesion ladder dream, the Lord gifted him with the  authoritive power, name and means to recapture his own inheritance? 

Evidence of his past life connections comes to our conscious in the form of the Ragman rolls, The rolls of deeds on parchment in which the Scottish nobility and gentry subscribed allegiance to Edward I. of England,  they where signed in 1291 & again after the Stone of Destiny removal on the 28th of August 1296 the latter has around 2000 names  which where held in the chapterhouse at Westminster.

So the question remains why would Edward-Jacob  use the word Ragman Roll? To try and get the Scots on board of his plan? We study the Etymology of the word  Rag and a number of deviants to help answer this perplexing riddle,  to beguin the rag links the Gaelic word rag means wretched man, or sly thief which fits our search for the new Jacob, the original tea leaf  toe rag, a secound gaelic meaning of rag means plait, wrinkle or line corrugation, used particularly in association with cloth, and kilts, another bible whammy hits my mind's lightbulb when we find  roc(k) and rag words in gaelic mean the same thing, rag in English can also mean rough hard stone, a raggle leads us to the ley lines as it is a goove line in masonry.

From here it does not take much to find Edward's  Esau- Jacob bible word link when we come across the name Rag-out which is a highly seasoned stew of meat and Vegetables.

The Twin Brother tale of Esau & Jacob highlights  the conflict struggle between the two brothers, whom quarrelled over a pot of stew for the Death then passover Birthrights, this mind allegory is regarded by Bible experts to be a very complex story that relates to the Destiny stone Soul chimmy portal, the two brothers have came into dispute in a number of transmigration lifes over the disputed Birthrights.  The Bible hand us information  that Esau the hairy one when born had skin that resembles a fur coat, we are informed  that "when Esau grew up he became a expert Hunter and Outdoorsman," the Hunter relates to the constellation of Orion which contains 7 main stars  three of which form Orion's belt, in mythology Orion is the Giant Hunter slain by Artemis, the sister words Artery the tube that conveys blood from the Heart, or any main channel of communication tie in with Artesian water well in which water rises in a borehole by hydrostatic pressure from a basin whose outcrop is higher, this word relay returns us back to the Womb of Esau and Jacob, the twin joint name arthrosis itself  comes from the Greek word Arthron, this word stands out instantly  at us because of it's similarity to Arthur the ruler of the Britons,  his round table court of Camalot is centre of many legends, the time Arc  of the 21st of June & 21st of December  connects the Constellation of Camelopardalis, with the rein holder constellation Au-rig-a  and Orion on the longest-shortest day the time line runs through all these constellations on this arched curve.

 Artemis the athletic Orion  huntress is often seen  carrying a bow and arrows,  the Bow represents the Arc and arrow the time line.  She was the Hellenic goddess of archers,  hunted animals, the moon,    womb, childbirth and birthrights.

The ingenious cunner Edward introspection of the word Roll, outwith parchment,  scroll is also the round circle of bread that accompanies a rich seasoned Rag-out,  a third definition of roll is used to describe the turning movemeant of a axis.  The on going acting role of the shrewd rat Edward  comes full circle, the roll out of the full measure of  9 yards of cloth, comes to a conclusion with the arrival of Ragnarok, the Norse myth that centers on Judgemeant Day of God, the powers of evil deeds in our many lifes are accounted for, and the old world is ended and is superseded by a better more loving and blessing world, forgiveness of our brother's  sins is the pi-lot example to lead the way ahead as we are baptised in water to be reborn.    

Esau Sells His Birthright

Genesis 25:34

Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.

Jacob kid-napped his brother's right of birth role,   nap means to sleep or coat, mask or cover with something, the Kid-son Cross over  marks off  the  whereabouts of the Heavenly Ark portal, it  has been hidden from our conscious intermittently, William Wallace and King Edward I of England  may of had a secret battle that involved past life rights  over the conveyance of  the Earth entrance of the Souls transporter, Wallace after been captured was slain in a fetish type blood horror feast, that the mighty Orion would have shivered at. Long Shanks was the nickname of King Edward I, the name associates part of a shoe connecting the sole-soul with the heel. 

 King Edward I came to grief  just outside Scottish Soil, in 1307 while on the start of yet another relentless anorak rampage of Scotland which he seemly thrived on, ironically he fell upon the Trunk of the Chi Rho Roseline.  

Today a unkempt rusted fence enclosure houses Edward's large bland sandstone  needle memorial, which is with in walking distance of  the 55 degree latitude prison wall of Roman emperor Hadrian, built to dispel the truths of the Guardian keepers of Genesis whom where cusodians to the Tree of Life, held with in the Holy circle grounds of the Garden of Eden.

The 19th of August is the Date of the Christian Feast Day of the Transfiguration, also kent as the,

Saviour's Transfiguration,  or our long awaited  "Feast of Apples."

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