Monday, 12 November 2012

Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Temple leads us to Da Vinci's Bacchus. MAP 1

Visitors comeing from the South  heading Northwards at Eskdalemuir often stop and admire Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Temple, when arriving sight seers are encountered with a ostentatious display of Tibetan Golden spirited theme symbols,  the first exuberant feature is the open sided drive throu Temple, the Apex on the roof  has the "Wheel of Life " also known as the "Wheel of Dharma."   In Buddha  teachings the dharma represents the path to enlightenment.

The "Temple" has a number of yarn spin Ends that have different meanings.
In the Bible the hierophantic expounder writer of Songs of Solomon gives us a romantic overview that celebrates the glory of Human sensual Love, highlighting the wedding bliss, with Temple Honey pot, & moon erotic gifts of mutual commitment to each other.

Solomon's Temple with the two fawns guard the sweet ambrosia food of the Gods.
This finely flavoured beverage when consumed gives everlasting youth and Beauty, a metaphor for the Wheel of Life , Death and Reincarnation. Men have been drawn to the Golden Bee manna bread pot since the shamed Adam and Eve where exsposed.

Songs of Solomon 4:5
Fleur-de-lys the coat of Arms of Florence, John the Baptist
 is their Patron adopted Saint.


        Your Breasts
                              are like two Fawns,  
       that feed among the Lilies.

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