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Canna/Cana On the third day a Wedding took Place.

On the third day a Wedding took place in Cana/Canna Galilee   ( The Hebrew meaning of Galilee is"circuit")

In architect of composition circle of Vitruvian Man, behind every Man is a Woman. (1490)

Picture shows Compass Hill on the island of Canna while the foreground is the L shape cross, in Roman Numerals the letter L has the value of 50, while 2 LL value to complete the full circle/circuit, the sister letter C has the value of 100, See.

C anna is named after the Grandmother of Jesus, Anna whom was a prophetess whom served God and was in charge of the Temple  complex 24 hours a day, she was a widow for 84 years.

In the arc of time Solomon's  Temple, it was accepted  at the Time of Solomon the Temple was a large building, later with the New Testameant the Temple was considered to be related to the womb, with the two LL  pillars standing firm on legs holding up the Temple complex, each leg was given the value of 50 with in the full 100 % circuit.

With in the number 84 we have many expressible representations that designate towards the purpose of the circle, some examples include, when we take the weekly circle number of seven and multiply it by the 12 (Hours) we arrive at 84, the half of 84 in turn is 42 which in Bible theory is related to Zero  as foretold in Genesis ch 42, ground Zero is as it says with in the circle the number 42 is compass direction south and 84 the full circle is North, which alludes to heaven and the central arc of the two LL's the legs

Picture wikipedia The compass rose above is taken from the 1502  Cantino World Map, the Map is regarded as a work of Art, the fleur-de-lis  marks Compass Rose North, this sign increases the stature and wisdom of the young French messenger girl's message to us with in the arc of time, while the East mark shows the cross patee, the four heads pin the centre point  with in the cross patee,  while with in the arc of time East is regarded the place of the rising Sun, the 3 magi,  are also considered to represent the trinity of the male reproduction genitalia, the cross patee is a variant of the Saint George cross, Saint George is the Guardian of the North Pole Star, Polaris the Dragon/Draco constellation that lies aside Polaris, in the
centre of the compass rose is a large red dot, in Indian traditions, the red dot on the forehead is called a bindi, the English word bind is to tie or fasten together with a band, the bindi is considered to be the third eye, when ready the inner God helps us activate the third eye, from here our spiritual pathway becomes more clear, the bind takes on more significance when we find that India's epic tale of found, lost and refound sweetheart Lovers Shiva and Parvati preside over the bridge of the fore-head, the red sea/see
is parted for the sake of Romance X and future generation circles, comforting to know when One is Lost,

at "C"

Picture Wikipedia above is the highly acclaimed 1502  Cantino World map, this in its day was one of the most treasured secrets with in the world, a Map which goes against the Catholic Church's beliefs of the day, such was the secretive nature of this map and the risk associated with this reckless danger, with over 500 years passed to this day we have no Idea whom burden themself's with this knowledge, the Map is named after Alberto Cantino whom sourced it from Portuguese merchantmen origins, Cantino himself was in the pocket of Ercole I d'Este, the  Duke of Ferrara (1471-1505) whom sat on the House of Este.

Picture wikipedia
Ercole was regarded as a seer, and was given the alternate names of the North Wind & the Diamond, a gem known for its impregnable toughness, when the Duke set his heart on something, he was adamant that he would go any lengths to achieve his wish, spurred on by Renaissance fever whispers, Ercole needed proof of his compass North global circuit visions.   Being a mature father  the compass rose circle of life was getting near
the North, two of Ercole's  daughters,  Isabella and Beatrice, shared the same passion in "New Birth" meaning behind the meaning of Renaissance, they too, had reminiscential recounts of lifes that went before, seeking answers they befriended the Master himself, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Picture wikipedia

Above is Leonardo Da Vinci's  sketch of Isabella d'Este (18 May 1474 – 13 February 1539) Isabella was named a Marchesa  a made up feminine name of March, where the letter M = 1000   which revelations hinged the great 1000 year seal, while arch makes up part of the circle, Isabella was a human evergreen map herself, born into a royal family of influence, her heirloom Da Vinci  the master symbol creator,  give special importance towards the hair style of Isabelle, fashioned into a curious shape, it resembles the tail of a beaver, yesterday as well as today the beaver name is fruitfully used as a double entendre , the other main gesture in the picture, shows Isabella pointing with her right index finger to her arm, with in the Bible followed thru today, the hair was/is man's downfall, man is with in a prison like exsistence is due to the power of the hair, 

In the NT Bible the great literacy expert for explanation was Paul, whom  gives us enlightemeant of the Ministry towards the Gentiles/Genitals found in  Ephesians ch 3 

For this reason, I Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus on behalf of you Gentiles/Genitals you have
heard, haven't you,  about the administration of God's Grace that He gave to me for You?  
The mystery that was made known to me in Revelations.
By reading this you also will be able to understand my insight about the mystery of the Messiah.
This was not made known to people in other Generations as it is now revealed to His Holy apostles
and prophets of the Spirit.
The Gentiles/Genitals are co-heirs,and members of the same body, partners of the promise in Jesus Christ with in the gospel.
I Paul was made a servant by the gift of God's Grace that was given to me by the workings of His power. 

Isobella acted as head of state of Mantua while her husband Francescoll Gonzaga was called to Arms duties, the wisdom of Paul's words within Ephesian's strengthened  Isobella's inner woman, the holy spirit lead her to another expert in renaissance bible related learnings,  the highly acclaimed Andrea Mantegna was commissioned by Isabella in 1497 on top of her wish list was the Parnassus arc bridge of time, in Greek  lore Parnassus is a mountain a few miles North of Delphi, considered to be the home of Apollo and the Muses, in Mantegna's picture below the graceful young man in the bottom left corner is seen playing the lyre, the musical instrument for ever linked to Apollo, while the nine muses dance to the music, poets, writers, artists and musicians call on the Muses for inspiration.
In the picture half naked  Apollo's left foot is rested on a round mini seat.........

Psalm 110 connects the footstool to the enemy, volunteers will battle over the holy circle womb that brings with it the light of a New Dawn from the Womb.
In the picture one of the Muse lady's heel gives the impression of being fastend to the stool foot of Apollo.

The Destiny of  Cantino World Map was calling journey person, Isobella, with in the prison cell of lifes, she understood her life as a heir Queen with in the circumference of compass time of West, had dutys that she as a wife of a military Commander she could not renege. 

 Mantegna was being paid to convey the thoughts of Isobella's mind he was given the gift of expression, Isobella  was a lady trapped into the healing  born again wheel system, when Jesus red power mantle was seized by the Roman Soldiers, they held the coat of sin, for man to have rights to the honey well of immortality the price paid was a ongoing war between the enemy, the enemy was very closely associated with our Arms.

Picture Commons Wikipedia.
The top of the Arch, compass direction North shows the God of War Mars with his Bride Venus, a number of observers consider the couple to be Isabella and her husband Francescoll, his right heel seems to be standing on top of Isabella's foot, a well used sign to convey the message of Healing/new birth by the act of compass needle finding the direction home bound North, with the help of the great evergreen bush behind the married couple, the sexual indulgence message is supported with a string of orange/golden balls, indeed Mars pi-ke spear of plenty is flanked by his two partners in crime to make up the trident competitor, the wicked on going opponent of man himself, the triple enemy message is reinforced with the red-blue and white of the
tri colours, Mars reproduction body parts of the white compass legs with red and blue skirt, matches the seductive throne of the Great bush seat. the golden rib-bon wrapped around the war/love arm gives thanks to God's gift to man via the Rib a Woman, the home of the golden honey B-pot.

In the picture the Bride Venus/Isabella looks far from Happy, in real 1500's  life times the call of duty to marry into rich familys and produce defending heirs and mini wheel seats for the next generation, was viewed as priority, selection of partners was governed by the wishes of the parents, whom paid for the wedding. Love feelings where often scorned, as more pressing issues such as fighting to survive wars and pay bills was fundamental, daughters where seen as bargaining tools to broker peace deals, the lack of Love between Isabella and Francescoll is highlighted by the body language of the two partners of militaria convenience, Isabella's body was a fast food facilitation chain to the needs of her partner, the strained marriage became intolerable when love rat Frances had a passionate affair with Isabella's sister in law Lucrezia Borgia, Frances the rodent beaver king, was caught out further when he caught Syphilis from a prostitute, he later died due to his Gentile/Genital infection.

Picture Commons Wikipedia
Attention turns to the details with in the Parnassus painting, the yellow arrow points towards a unnatural anomaly, plumped like a moon rock in a Iceland quarry, it blends into the mountain, but its suspicious colour and outline shape, draws the onlooker,  Mantegna has engineered a optical illusion folly, that resembles a horse and chariot rider storming with in the clouds,
like lots wife whom was turned to a pillar of Rock Salt after fleeing Sodom and looking back.

Picture Wikipedia

Elijah once captain
of the circuit of the 12 Oxen, he was keeper of the fur-row plough. Elijah  handed over his Red see Mantle to his farming friend
Elisha, the yoke of Eggs, Bulls and ploughing the field are a group of Bible related words that chain link us to procreation.

 Elijah is locked in a circulatory time warp, clues to Elijah's  identity are spread by the Messiah himself,
the power of the cloak seemingly has the ability to see into the future and view the past?

Mantegna has incorporated the fate of the troubled  Edith (sometimes Ado) wife of Lot and masterfully hinged them on the time that went before.
When recycled from salt water in the womb and delivery, gives bearing to the name meaning of Edith,  as Spoils of War, Happy warfare or Wealthy present of Joy,  the shame of  Genesis Sodom is counter served with the new washing away sins peace arrival.
The Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are considered to be in the neighborhood of the Dead Sea, it is ironic that Salt is known for its therapeutic and healing qualities, this prize substance found at the Edge of the Sea of Death was the secret revealed to Jesus Holy Apostles......... the co-heirs of the Gentiles/Genitals where in on                                                                            
the value of Sodium.

The Seas around the Earth cover more than 70% of the surface, while salt content with in Sea water
can be calculated by weight, around 3.5% of the Ocean water is made up of salt.

The healing power of salt water in the yolk sac is the agent needed for us to grow with in...........

                                                         The Womb 

Expert in new healing gifts Kelly Robson of the Education Portal states..........

"During pregnancy, the fetal baby develops in the uterus. After about 12 days of pregnancy, the amniotic sac forms inside the uterus. The amniotic sac will hold the baby and the amniotic fluid for the remainder of the pregnancy."
"Amniotic fluid fills the amniotic yolk sac. At first, the fluid is mainly just water from the mother's body. (This may explain why women become so thirsty for the first trimester.) About 98% of the amniotic fluid is water, and the remaining 2% is salt and cells from the baby."

 We are All, Cell-mates held  Host-age with in the dark prison cave.

Picture Wikipedia  Carl Bloch's captures the Light,  intense instructions are given clarity.
 Jesus is sitting on the "Mount," two large stones are props used to lay stress on deeds of alternate natures.

For this reason, I Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus on behalf of you Gentiles/Genitals you have
heard, haven't you,  about the administration of God's Grace that He gave to me for You?  

Saturday is named after the Sat/Sit day named after Saturn the ancient Roman God of the plough and agriculture, after a hard week of work, the Lord set aside a day where man
can follow obligations of the Sabbath, some of which where viewed  as "Gifts."

In Indian Epic Romance tales the loss of Sati, the besotted wife of Lord Shiva, he was Gifted with the resurrected return, via a new reincarnated body of  former Sati, now Parvati, begot with the help of the Holy Spirit and affined in godchild parallel shadows of the Northern Kingdom Holy land prophet Elijah, & 100% circuit NT pie head Jesus.

   Parvati was the selected name of the former Sati,   meaning "Daughter of the Mountain."

From here we may be getting a hint why Isabella d'Este choose the name Parnassus, in  syllables Par in latin means equal, in golf par is the word award for the perfect round, the bed post between the legs of  Mars/ Isabella's husband is a aid reminder of rounds played away from home, Na is the periodic table symbol for Salt while  S in Roman numeral value equals seven, revelations repeats the importance of the weekly circuit value of the finished Temple,  in a number of ancient alphabets S was used instead of Z  the Nazi's symbol for the SS has been taken from the electric alchemy current needed to spark life in the once barren womb, also s or z answers to sal
"God is us" the final
syllable in Parnassus  is Sus, the name given to the secound syllable of Jesus which means Pig, the Ge/Je  Earth Pig is caught in the climatic middle of  Love and War ongoing battle between Mars and Venus.

Picture wikipedia.
Sadhu's man Body covered in Ash, when washing away sin  in the Ganges river,  the living embodiment of death and rebirth is acted,
the Golden circle forehead with red temple door is the upper Male body representation of revelations 12 circuit keepers of time that hold the throne on the golden river, the power at the river bank sides, is with in the hair. The sadhu name is taken from the Lord Shiva school, and in Hindu means, straight Holy Man, the sister word sadism is the cruelty  arc of emotions, that Lovers in the soap opera of lifes endure.

 Jesus and the Baptist man where both "Holy Men"

In India on selected calender dates many of the sacred rivers including the Ganges river have Male ritual dipping, naked or near naked Men cover them selfs with burnt ash, to signify the remains of the human body when burnt. The compass irony of exposed sun rise Eastern brother hood mature rebirth, is in contrast to fully clothed Western sun set brothers
shying away behind windowless Temple doors.

In Gaelic and Auld Scots burn is the name of fire and also the name of small river, again in Gaelic sal is the name for, burn,  sea or saltwater, the euphemism
of  the Gaelic name for Wormwood  gives way to bur(n)-maid, the planet Mars rules over Wars and the bitter plant, the Sal-tire dark date is the bitter plant message of the maid consumed in fire.

O Rose thou art sick
The invisible worm
That flies in the night
In the howling storm
Has found out thy Bed
of crimson Joy
And his dark secret Love
does thy Life Destroy.  
(William Blake enlightened poet)

Lady of the Red Rose Statue found in Canna Island Church Western Isles Scotland.

 In the procreation cycle act, fire and water are inseparable, in Christian art representation John the Baptist is often seen carrying the Fire Cross, as the bear-er "witness to the light," the naked or near naked John is closely associated with Arthur, the  bear (naked) constellation near the pole star, the feast day of John the Baptist is the 24th of June 3 days after the longest day of light in the Northern Hemisphere, a date that ties with the third day, where traditions state we too are allowed to see the light.

Pagans celebrated the summer fertility solstice with the Beltane Fire Festival, when we tie the Indian baptist men holding aloft the swords and sheafs  and emblems of the trident fork, Temple worship is honored  today, and as far back as anyone can remember, Na  periodic number equals 11 in the Roman alphabet  the 11th letter is L which has the value of 50 the number 50 leads us again to Elijah, the "Hairy man with the Belt"
in 2 Kings ch 1
fire is the agent that consumes the captain and the two sets of 50+50,  L + L  soldiers, it was not until the third captain got down
on his knees and begged for right of passage.

In chivalry model moral codes the knights would beg on knee,  and ask for acceptance right to theTemple.

Picture wikipedia.
ZZ or SS top is the wheel of Destiny, horsepower provides the fire of consumption.

"Allready fire has come down from Heaven and consumed the first two Captains of 50 with their fifties, but this time let my life be precious in your sight"

Picture Wikipedia
The eye of LL- ILL  is the creator's All seeing Temple Eye, even with locked doors and lights out the Lord
is able to see the acts of our sins.
The ill sickbed of Baal-zebub is considered to be the rest of the Devil,
Sodom and Gomorrah neighborhood Cities are todays healing salt mines.

  the date of the Black and White
Rememberance-France Fire day.

The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the Euphrates; 

 and its water was dried up, so that the way would be prepared for the kings from the east. And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs;  for they  are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war (Arm-agaddon) of the great day of God, the Almighty

The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus is considered to be amongst the highest degrees of Gospel teachings, the twelve disciples field of study based their beliefs on what Jesus ministered on the Mount while sitting.

later the Este branch give raise to the Hanoverian Monarchs, they adopted the White Horse with Biblical revelations tales, as one of their main coat of arms signs.

Picture wikipedia, above is the Hanover Coat of Arms, the homeward  bound White Horse with Red Background, is a symbol
play of words and design with the Name Rider of the White Horse, in English when mirrored the secound syllable  becomes Red, while  Ri in ancient Gaelic means King, which gives meaning to the word Rising, the crown with 5 rows with 5 sets of jewels directs us to the centre of the North lands of 55:5 degree line of latitude, the Jewel  crown, with Gold back ground fits neatly into the realms of Revelations ch 21:21, again when mirrored gives us 12:12 when squared the number 144 arrives into view, on the foreband of
the crown is the blue colour flanked by two greens, in TEMPLE Solomon wisdoms these two colours, represent the Peacock, the long tail "common" bird, that has a neat trick when trying to Woo a partner, its tail takes
the form of a arc, the perfect symbol that bridges Bible Love designs of ancient and modern  Kings and Queens.

Picture commons wikipedia.

Joh-annes Temple in the Land of Grace is Guarded over by two Peacocks, the Pi-ano with its 88 key notes is the Songs of Solomon whole ear harmony arc of consummation,

S.O.S ch 8 :8

What will be do for Our Sister
on the day she is spoken for?

Each Piano has 52 white Keys and 36 black Keys.

Sheba means Promise.

 The name Hanoverian itself is worthly of appointment thesis, made of three syllables, the first Han is shortened form of Hannah it in turn is derived from Anna, which takes back to the Temple Guardian Grandmother of Jesus, in Hebrew Anna means Grace, synonymous with the Land of the King and music that "Rolls the Rock"  the male form of Han is Hans, in German and Scadinavia Hans answers to John, the name of the beloved of Jesus, whom is thought to have written Revelations, John is also the name for the messenger,  the Herald of the Messiah, the secound syllable "over," has many meanings that include beyond the understood limit, in the world of cricket one over equals 6 balls, the number six in latin is derived from the union of Male/Female-sex, after marriage altar cermony and the consummate honey moon act, this moment in time, is considered to be the highest pinnicle point with in our circle of human life,  the light bulb is switched on in our minds when we consider ovi taken from composition of the Egg,  bears more light with the arrival of
 East-spring, the Christian obsession with Eggs and Bunnys  are two of the most potent symbols to man that convey the bend over act.

In certain circles John the beloved was considered to be  Magdalene. John was used as her period handel name, here comfirmation of a kind is deduced to a certain extent, by the third syllable ian, which is Gaelic name for John,
to sum up Hanoverian, is John over John

 Hanoverian house in turn, became the bloodline rulers of Great Britain whom where crowned on Genesis Jacob's Destiny stone.

  Ercole was regarded as a seer, and was given the alternate names of the North Wind & the Diamond, a gem known for its impregnable toughness, when the Duke set his heart on something, he was adamant that he would go any lengths to achieve his wish, spurred on by Renaissance fever whispers, Ercole needed proof of his compass North global circuit visions.

 X years marks the time distance between the Cantino's map and Columbus discovery of America, the questions of the circle/circuit and time relation with in the Bible resurfaced, if the setting sun reflected due West around the year 1500's which conveniently coincided with the  renaissance period, in the irony shadow bliss of  Saint Peter's own wisdom, 1000 years equals 1 day statement, here is a appendage that
has many searching for the Messiah come the double Millenium, and the start of the third day crossover,

with in the circle lap of the late Pi, the Messiah's herald was governed by Pi-late.

While we may be asleep or not ready for Cantino's map, the compass legacy has more information we may of overlooked, with in the the star stem circle numbers are the repeated message of 8 and 16, one King's  Exit  date doorway may indeed be a signal for the return of the other King or Queen or may be both? One place that may hold clues to the number sixteen and red dot...........

Rising Sun,  was the chosen name for Elvis Presley's  favorite palomino quarter  Horse, stabled at Graceland.

Japan  flag with Raising Sun marked by 16 rays, the 16th of August with in the yearly circle, is the Leo light Gateway, the time line transits thru the head and paws of the constellation of Leo while on the dark side of the circuit the destiny date corresponds to the day set aside for lovers the 14th of February, the star Enif with in the Pegasus constellation the time line transits thru, Enif in Arabic means nose, a bridge is needed to cross over to the other side, to arrive at the day of Love. Elvis date of death on 16th of August 1977 leads us to the Destiny stone, and Jacob's dream,  in the vision Jacob seen  Angels/People going up and down the ladder, considered to be a metaphor for the soul's  departure & return after death/rebirth,  if we take the date of 16th of August 1977 hypothetically the King's departure, and rearrival  into a new body with inside the Temple/womb, and add 11O days to confirm the days needed before Jacob's return as foretold in Genesis ch 50:1-5  this would make the year 2014 date correspond with the Black Piano key scale number of 36 (years) bringing us up to date age of the old King in new skin clothes of many colours?

 16th of August in modern History is regarded as a very black Day, a day when the music stopped, yet out the gloom a new gift is destined on the White side, on the 14th of February, the day destined for Love,  delivery of a very powerful message is begotten  by our Father, Hallelujah!

Straight from the horse's mouth, is it a good tip for a overhanging  lovers Wedding date?

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