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Unraveling the secret Cannabis number 420

The equivocal Cannabis related number 420 has multiple meanings, that stem from Bible
related passages, hopefully between the smoke of the weed, we can shed a little light on the number 420 and  its tie with Cannabis?

In the Bible Canna/cana is related to the third day and a Wedding.
While abis is a alternate spelling of Abyss, a Revelations name for the bottomless pit, in Gaelic
the pit is the dark cave of the womb.

C in the Roman letter value equals 100 while Anna the Grandmother of Jesus was a widow for 84 years
whom served God and the Temple Day and Night,
Anna lived with her husband 7 years.

Thru the ages the Cannabis plant iconic image is the 7 green branches with stem.

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Seven petals of the Cannabis plant direct us to the Hebrew word for seven Shiva,
after the death of a family member, the Jews respect a Shiva/seven day mourning period,
Shiva is the same name  used for Sanskrit hero, whom lost his lover and wife Sati  the heart broken Lord Shiva, never give up on the eternal flame with in,
after a long period in the wilderness,
with the help of the divine  Shiva's  Faith, Hope and Love was rewarded with the return of Sati,
this time in the reincarnated body of Parvati, ancient traditions, dearly held today  with in Eastern promise beliefs, to those whom
practice the art of Heavenly Love with in, the pain of Darkness, is followed some day by the Joys
of Light. X

Overlapping the sacred Seven number of the Temple and relation with light, is the Pharisees
symbolic menorah with seven branches of the candlestick,  represented the dark/light
crossover, orah name itself means light of man while  Phar-aoh is the title of ancient Kings
of Egypt, See represents C the time of the full 100% circle with the help of "see"-men and
with salt water in the direction South Temple (compatible Heavens Table constellation located down there)  our P-hare passing and return is made possible,
direction North ties in with the Kings passage home and return, the faroe Islands North of Britain are
considered to relate to Angles with in the Grande Pyramid and Soul's passage?

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Phare or Peehair  gives light in the house of the See.
Rocks can prove fatal for Seamen.

The Number 7 equates to the circle of the week, on the 7th day the day of rest sitting/sat, God
set aside other pleasures out with praying and going to the Religious Temple.
Sat-ivum is the name given to the cultivate/prepare and use of Cannabis.

Mean while the name Sativum takes us back to ancient India's classic Love tale,   the first syllable of
 Sativum - Sati was the
young Bride of Lord Shiva, their mutual Love for each other was short lived, as Sati could not handle the  common vulgarism attitude, her Father heaped upon her Husband, Sati  at the point of no return, Sati threw herself on a large fire, where the flames engulfed her body.
Inconceivable with Grief, Shiva wore the ashes of his Lover and walked like a nomadic hermet over the lands of India, 51 sacred sites are designated to the body parts of Sati, the full circle of 52 was the number related to
the reward of Shiva's dedication,  being tempted with other partners and holding firm to his heart,
the tribulation and trials that parallel many aspects of Grail hero Perceval,
  out the darkness of despair and depression, God rewarded  Shiva with the return of Sati, this time in the reincarnated  body of Parvati.

Parvati's  parents where empathetic to the feelings of their daughter, and approved of the Romance,
 to a Man of Common birth, yet tender hearted values.

Returning back to the secound syllable of Sati-vum, in the dictionary vum is the name given to the
corruption of vow, related to a promise of marriage.

With in the numbers 12  the full circle, and 42 the half circle of 84 Matthew 12 :42
leads us to the famous Queen of the South whom came from the Ends of the Earth to hear
the wisdom of Solomon, the name Sheba means promise, "C."

Solomon's Temple returns us back to the Land with the most famous Temple, in the Old Testament the Temple was renowned for housing  the Ark of the Covenant, while the New Testament the Arc of the Covenant,  we learn was housed by "Women."

In Hebrew Shiva means Seven which is also the name given to the week-long mourning period in
Judaism, known as "Sitting Shiva"  in the Bible Genesis ch 50 1-14 Joseph whom presided over the coat/skin/kin of many colours mourned the Death of his Father Jacob, for seven days, Jacob himself  held the
birth right duty, he Fathered 12 sons whom stood over the circle of hour time, 12 times seven equals 84 which returns us back to Anna, herself a Temple watcher of the Circle, whom was married for 7 years,
the number of Shiva and his Beloved Sati.

So we have to bear in mind 84 and 7 equate to the full circle of Lovers,

returning back to the Bible and God's Temple builder Solomon,  I Kings 6:37-38
states "The foundations of the Lord's Temple was laid (innuendo) in Solomon's fourth year, in the month
of Ziv."  Seekers relate Ziv to the secound month which gives us the number 42 and half of 84, which in turn
makes up the crucial numbers of 42-0

In Solomon's 11th year in the eighth month, the Month of Bul, the Temple was completed in every
detail according to every specification. The Temple was built in 7 years.

Bul is the key word here as 11 eights gives us the number 88 which is the eternity number of a couple,
the Bull in symbolism is related to, testicles/fertility, blood sacrifice death and fire, the component needed
for resurrection, following Shiva, via a willing eye.

Ecce Δ srus  Dei

We C the Agnus Dei  holding aloft the Gold Rod with purple banner.

In anti Clockwise rotation Matthew, (Man) Mark, (Lion) Luke (Bull) and John (Bird) guard over the two colour related orifices.
Down breeze I detect in the air,  some anus/ring toilet door related Bible humour,  as srus means...

Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome. 
 Ecce srus Dei is thus defined as the Day of the bottom/abis dark  Circle.

In this alternate clock face the Bull's eye represents  the time  4:20

Stained glass window found on the Island of Canna's Columba  Church Western Scotland.

The Golden P river meets at the Altar Head.

The wait of Shiva is rewarded with the seventh door open towards heaven.

4 x 22 equals 88

Revelations ch 22

The Source of Life
"Then he showed me the Golden river, of living water, sparkling like Crystal,
flowing from the Throne of God, and the Lamb down the middle of the broad street
of the City."
"On both sides of the river was the Tree of Life bear-ing 12 kinds of fruit,
producing its fruit every Month."

In the window the Agnus dei/ Lamb of God is seen urinating the Golden water into the Grail like Cup,
the seven red dots in V formation leads to the End of Revelations ch 16 and the start of 17, the seven bowls
with hail stones weighing 100 pounds each fell from Heaven on to the people
One of the seven Angels whom had the seven bowls  came and spoke to me;
Come, I will show you the judgement of the notorious prostitute whom sits on many waters.
The Kings of the Earth committed sexual immorality with her, and those who live on the Earth became drunk
on the wine of her sexual immorality.

God said to John Revelations 17:15
"The waters you saw, where the prostitute was seated, are peoples,
multitudes, nations and languages.
The X horns you saw, and the beast, will hate the prostitute.
They will make her desolate and naked, cannabalise her flesh, and burn her up with fire.
For God has put it into their hearts to carry out His plan by haveing One purpose,
and to give their Kingdom to the beast until God's words are accomplished.
And the Woman you saw is the Great City that has an empire over the Kings of the Earth.

The feel the Kings of the Earth is related to the Kings chapters with in the Bible OT, when the old Ark changed into the New Arc Temple , as a result is it not the case, that every Mother fits into the "sitting upon many waters specification."

Around the World the Temple Door is Guarded by the Two sitting Lion/Loins



Picture wikipedia the 7 green leaf   symbol with saw edges, with in the design the three large
leafs in the middle represent the trident/triple crown, in symbology  they are associated with the male
reproduction organ, while the 4 smaller leafs design resemble the X  the symbol of the Saltire and attorned
to Revelations  Dec Horn of plenty, with in the 12 month zodiac circle the Dec/X month
is Capricorn itself dons the Goat, where you find Goats kids will follow.

Picture wikipedia

The salt water sea foam of "White Horses" lashes against the rocks.
Andromeda in latin means the ruler of Man, in Greek myth  the beautiful Andromeda is chained to the rocks, Poseidon often seen holding the trident fork, sent the C/sea monster to sacrifice the blood of Andromeda,
with in the Bible fertility right, the blood sacrifice makes way for new life, the ritual of blood/wine drinking is a alchemy transmutation cycle, where after conception the red sea dries up enabling the passover soul to crossover,  re-enacted  in principal by Jesus at the Last Supper Table, the trident sin fork of man was staged with Jesus stake and the two criminals located at each side,  also the design outline shape of the outstretched arms of Jesus with legs together at bottom also makes a outline of a triangle shape, effectively they are a crude representation of the Star of David/Seal of Solomon,  a alternate analogy to the Sea monster ruler, chained with the rocks of man, that links the Genesis sins with in the Garden of Eden/red.

The number 420 corresponds to the South-East stem Leg of the Saint Andrew's cross,  around the 20th of April, with in the circle of the year the star of Andromeda time line lies with in the cusp dates of the 20th of April and 23rd.

With in the Greek tale Andromeda chained to the rocks and left to her fate,
three days later the Lovely Andromeda was saved by Perseus whom flew to her rescue on the back of Pegasus the white Horse,  and he slew the Great Sea Monster and captured the Heart of Andromeda.

Equine Love Date with heroic Monster killings has Parallelisms with Christian defender Saint George,
his feast day is the 23rd of April, the date the Pegasus rear hoof star Andromeda, says goodbye, until next year.

The number 10/X  St Andrews's cross is intertwined with the + cross of St George, in China the + shape has
the value that equals 10.

Scotland and England flags both represent the value of Ten (x)

10  times 10 equals  100 pound,  has the time arrived where our shepherd  of the flock,
frozen in time hail's his sheep?

The arrival of the year 2000, "the third day" signals the start of the thaw, a yoke of I-ce around the upper torso means the Sun's daylight brings us the warmth, enabling us to C also.

The Turtle dove messenger's head with Halo of Saint George's cross bomb dives towards the crown of the Messiah, himself  seen with a large Halo with Saint George's cross design, the 10 X 10 equals 100.

 The word Halo correlates with Hail stones that weigh "100 pounds," the message of the turtle, takes on new meaning when we consider the shell shape of the turtle, it resembles the worm head top of man, while the crown of man was frequently substituted to hide the real intent of the sin act nature, often supported with
the Golden Colour  Halo,  a favoured  passive  feature with in the art history, when portraying  many of the hallow Saints.

Mark 16:7-8
"Now go and tell his disciples, including Peter, He is going ahead of you to Galilee; (circle)
You will see (C) him there just as He told you."
So they went out and started running from the Tomb (the womb/bottomless pit, our prison time cell)
because trembling and astonishment overwhelmed them.
And they said nothing to anyone, since they were afraid.

From the name Halo, the salt Hall of zero, we get the sister words Haloid, halide and Halogen, the latter of three Halogen, is the familiar name given to a type of  light bulb found in many  of today's house lights and road vehicles, the name Halogen is Greek and borrowed from Genesis passage that relates to Lot's wife, Halogen  means Salt Former, many of the halogen compounds have elements of salts, that are collectively known as group 7, which links us back to the leafs in the Cannabis symbol and time related to the building of Solomon's Temple, salt and water are the essential ingredients needed for us to kick start into life from seed,  our early form of living in salt water is thus defined as halophilous with in the c-anna  "bottomless pit "

With in the clock face the 4:20 time cardinal St Andrews cross mirror is 10:10 that ties in the Halo/Hail
100% time that has rock movement connotations?

 In the cycle of reproduction the Lamb
becomes the Ram that produces the Lamb.

Picture Wikipedia
Painting of Parnassus by Andrea Mantegna, on the order of  design by Isabella d'este,

Mercury the bear-naked messenger dons the red crown sun berry hat with wings of the messenger, Andrea has skillfully crafted the white horse head of Pegasus with a goat beard of Capricorn, a suggestive ear with curls, reinforces the horn and corn theme, while  the rock water fall in the background, leads us to the mare's tail at the other end of the Horse, the mare's tail is also the name given to a offshoot of the evening primrose family they in turn are part of the Halo-ragidaceae family. On the same theme, the line of rose beads, Andrea has them stringed to the right hand of mercury, with in the Bible, a clever play with words incriminates Judas Iscariot, when we study what has been said, the finger of blame, lies with Jesus own hand.......

"He that dipped his Hand in the Bowl he shall betray Me"

A "deceiver's" hand is seen holding a bronze type rod,

In the OT Bible the "Nehustan" was a Bronze Rod, the metal bronze is a alloy of copper and tin.

The Bronze medal is generally the award given to the person whom comes third, the pure Gold represents the Sun/Male  and Silver the Moon/Female  with the help of the copula passion of the fiery serpent and its love poison the alchemy of the two, often results nine months later in the form of a third prize gift, this reproduction process with in the Bible, was often camouflaged, as the Gentiles
area of the body was directly related to the abode of God, at the start of Genesis, any person whom tampered with the secret knowledge of the life tree of Eden/red would be cursed and a premature Death would follow, today we relate the colour Red to Danger and Love.

Numbers 21:4-9
"Moses was instructed by God to build a Serpent of Bronze on a pole so that it was used to heal those whom looked upon it"

Picture wikipedia
The wise Man that fled the burning Bush is seen holding the bronze Staff/Nehushtan, pointing to
the Gold ring, at the crossover interjunction, of the Male/Female centre, only a Gold ring has the command over the sacred ground of the Holy of Hollies.

Moses relays the message of
God, held with in.

At the feet of Moses a Lady in Blue dress, the colour of Heaven, is seen sitting in semi reclined position, with right hand open towards the bronze staff, a large black serpent is coiled around her neither region of the lady. A second golden serpent is coiled down the rod/rood/ pole  at the roots of the cross of sin is the arc pleasures of Heaven.

At the bottom of the picture is the double MM windows, with in Roman numerals M has the value of 1000
supporting the theory that come the year 2000 the cave door is allowed to be open By the MM lady,
for us to view the light.

After Cross over via the fire and Beast fore head, the Salt sea water in the womb, is our heavenly home, for a short period,  the angry ire with in the City  is the X Horn Saltire fiery meeting place......

The Great City split into three parts, and the cities of the nations Fell. (conception of the Light Angel)
Babylon/ Baby from the Loins  the Great was remembered in God's presence;
He give her the Cup filled with the Wine/Blood of His fierce Anger/Ire of Salt.

The Scottish Banner  with a mass of triple fleur-de-lis, a stylized lily that is kin to the Island of Canna Lily.

The Golden and Red colours with Ram-pant Lion/Loin signals the ire fire desires with in the pants,
the Golden Gateway  X horn river crossing, that returns us to Earth.

Reverting back to the Number 420 and its occult calender status, 4-20 is the date that equates to the 20th of April, with in Central Europe after the blood and spilled guts horror of WWI which broke the banks and bought nations to the edge of the bottomless pit of debt, a growing number of supporters started to awake to the spell bound oracle that offered a chance of  New Hope for tomorrow,  audiences where captivated with a mesmerising style of forced passion oratory delivery that had not been seen before, could it really be the case the fulminating  thunderbolt  Fuhrer/Leader/Guide had arrived to Lead the people
out the prison of Darkness?

Picture Wikipedia
Elected leader Adolf Hitler born on April 20th many considered his birth date to be the

 "One we have been waiting for?"

picture wikipedia

Anna the Grandmother of Jesus overseen the Temple door, her number of 84 years is implanted with
in the minds of the followers, 42 and 42 the two half's that make up the whole, are the sacred Bible numbers that relate to Male and Female sacred Nazarite Hairy Union.

picture Wikipedia

The Gold ring Seal of marriage-age of the ram, the Gold ring gives official access to the Temple door, from here the 420 seed mark when sown with Sunlight raises.

   The Nazi seal has Four Eagles with red (mantle) background, the Eagle posts mirror the Saltire X
from here the number 420 cardinal opposite on the clock face is Ten to Ten, X to X

  The Eagle is one of the main Symbols of John/Magdalene.

Above is the Standard of Adolf Hitler, dictator of Nazi Germany, the name Nazi is borrowed from the Bible, found in Numbers ch 6  the Nazarites where a  Hairy group of ascetic people under vow,
which one may argue is a alternative way of describing sexual maturity, the hairy arrival time brings forth singles ready to find a partner, with a little luck, when found a gathering around the altar follows, partners under oath exchange vows, the  wedlock and consummation is the pinnacle of the human life, Lord's gift, of  legal sexual intercourse, is the complete perfect finnish, with in the circles
of human life and death consummation is 12'o clock.

The word consummation is closely associated with consumption, to Eat.
Eat is the very last word used
in Mark ch 5 before the "Nazareth Rejection" the headline for the start of Mark ch 6

In Mark ch 6 we are seeded in our mind with the concept of  the time circuit and the summoned (full circle) 12 disciples, that worshiped our home town of Nazareth, the Hairy birth Home of All of us, which notion with in the Masses with in Christian times has been on the whole, with a few exceptions, Rejected.

Looking back in history the Nazi Regime was held together by Hitler's  strong but unpredictable influence, today we struggle with the questions why such a jerk and hyde character was allowed to raise through the ranks, pre-war Hitler's passion mastered the calling, the questions remain why and what exactly did the masses see in him, that we where blind towards, perhaps the answer again may partly be found in the Bible and the fictional/fact film Raiders of the Lost Ark/Arc and the number 420.

In the film R ot L A our minds are seeded with the theory Hitler was obsessed with Bible related treasures, top of the Fuhrer's wish list was the Ark of the Covenant, the belief was whom ever held
possession of the Ark will make his Army Invincible, as a result Hitler's campaign was undermined
with the secret notion of finding the Ark, the war served as a distraction, the real race was on to find
the Holly of Hollies, in 1941-42 the War front spread to North Africa, considered to be one
of the most likely locations where Solomon's Temple Ark may be hidden?

From here we can view back in to the Bible writings of John and ask about the "word" the Ark, what if  we where searching for not a lost Ark but a Arc.........

 And the Man who was sent by God,
He came as a witness
to testify about the Light,
so that All might believe through him


The name  (f) uhrer in  German means Outlaw/rebel, while Uhr is German for time clock, while the letter F is the sixth letter of the Alphabet that links Bible Numbers 6 in Latin with the number six, this number  is derived from Sex that encompasses the six pointed Seal of Solomon/Star of David, keeper of the Temple door
found in Numbers ch 6.   God's chosen Guardian Aaron, is the real King to the Nazarite  F throne,

himself a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, and gifted with a Heavenly singing voice of a Blessed human Angel.

Picture wikipedia

Age 42 salutes the Death of the "King," out of Darkness,
Comes ..............  Light to C

Mark 4:20

"Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop-
some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown."

Mark ch 6

Mark ch 6

Rejection at Nazareth

Jesus went away from there and came to His Hometown, his 12 disciples followed Him.

When the Sabbath came, (7th Day)  He began to Teach in the synagogue, many who heard 
Him where astonished.

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