Sunday, 19 October 2014

19th of October 2014 marks 25 years on from the Guildford bomber four's freedom, does the arrival of Mars comet signal the return of the Revelations "Bride"

In wedding Anniversary time line dates 25 years marks the year of Silver, with in the Bible Genesis ch 42   silver is the commodity of the X brothers sacks, silver has a long history that relates to Money and reproduction, in Scotland  the area known as Argyle with its distinctive male reproductive member shape  is named after Arg  which is the abbreviation of the latin word Argentum-silver and gyle it's self means womb,  the treasure vault of  All men past/present and future has a ran(d)som price,

They say "Money make the world go round" significantly Top of the Pile today the powerful dollar has its name origins in  humble Scotland-X the vertical line of the snake $ gives reason to question
the circular time line with Bible awareness sins?

A theory that was popular  with Charles Darwin, and his insight to the origins of Life, perhaps frozen seeds with in the Ice of a passing comet, may explode over the surface of a once dead environment  given time, the Creator's chai/chi murmurous earth energy evolution may lead to various forms of life, that include hum-ans.

Above is the vexed stare of Charles Darwin, his line of sight looks on to the large white  creator's Egg, the egg in Easter roll away the door traditions lets us view knowledge, we are informed understanding has a time seal date, our minds are not allowed to access this wisdom until the day the Lord has set aside for us, between Darwin's nest like beard and the Egg a compass with directions on it's side is placed, skirting the edge of the compass is part of a circumference with in the inner edge of the area that represents 3:30 on the clock face a Golden Halo behind Darwin corresponds to this time segment, with in Bible probing we head to John 3:30 to try and understand what the meaning of 3:30 refers to, messenger  John the Baptist states..........

"He must Increase and I must Decrease"

In order for the circle of Man to proceed, the Baptist predicted
his death, the Lamb of God matures into the Ram, with the Help of seed sown into the Nest Egg,  following death the baptist soul, he is returned via the Help of the Messiah and the Nest Egg donor windfall door of his "beloved" Wife. 

The wind and "Mast" of the boat is Bible language for conception, to aid our passage across the sea the head of Man
must come first.

With in the circle of the year Easter falls around the yearly clock around the direction of East/birth,  with in Christian time clock circle the West coincides with the Messenger/Columbus discovery, of Americas in 1492, with in a few years Man with the servitor bridge of the Compass Rose  was to confirm that the Earth was indeed round, only a few years before man's mind was kept in the dark,  with no directional guide, perverse obstinate truths where hidden by the law controllers, eating from the Creator's tree of life's knowledge can be very dangerous.

     Above the large Egg is the Sea/C  a masted sail ship, position sits just before twelve, in the Bible, Jesus-man of X goes "ahead" of us to help ferry the new seed  via the water passage between the loins/lions gate, right at the beginning of the Bible located in the Genesis passages  3:8-X  Man's conflict with the Consequences of Sin is laid bare for us, "the breeze" is a Bible metaphor that  spares
our mature blushes, the Lord's guide to such matters fell upon the shoulders of Elijah,

19th October 2014 star gazers have their eyes fixed on the Ice Comet "siding spring" that edges close to the red planet Mars, a rare event that captures the imagination, caught off guard many astra cameras where treated to the "big bang" moment, could it be we have witnessed eos/dawn of  Mars Genesis, has time, arrived when  a once dry Edom/red barren infertile planet, is now seeded with the creator's bomb comet "Spring Siding" will.

Picture Wikipedia
View from the "Judge's" private chamber, the vaulted roam of the Creator's treasury.

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