Saturday, 28 July 2012

Geese messengers of the Druids in Pentland hills.

Could it be the outline shape of a Wine Goblet, with hand, seen flying above Mendick Hill.

Geese form the outline shape of Pigeon  in Pentland Hills.
Now I know why it may have been called Dolphinton?

In mythology, it is said that Apollo first appeared at the Greek town of  Delphi,  the site of the oracle, in the form of a  dolphin.   In Greek, Delphi  means  DOLPHIN


Del definition is used to denote the gradient operator, the person in charge off us to deliver freedom and the trust towards ascension, this deliberation has attributed great controversy, because this holiness mantle job is done by a Lady.

The  prefix word Del and its many semidetached variants is utilised  to the full in respect to the hidden subliminal plot.  On the whole we have two main storeys to the Jesus  life  story.  Did he Die on the Cross or did he Escape?  We as the journey people have to make up our minds which theory belongs to us, this is a time when our loyalties are challenged. 
One word that has been employed  in the past to expose the manufactured Version is the word Delta.
A River Delta is a land form at the mouth of a River, which is used as a   hidden classic sexual innuendo towards the female reproduction area. The pubic Triangle, or Delta mouth.

The English word Dell  originates from the same source, Dell definition is a deep hollow or small valley covered in trees, or sometimes hair.

  Delta itself  collates with the word Nab-la,  this word's  symbol is..... \nabla (∇).     The Nabla  name comes from the Greek word for a Hebrew Harp called the Nevel.

"The Harp forms the shape of a Heart " The Harper Lady knows how to pull the strings of the Beloved. Sweet Heart Music is the key to enter the Holy Temple.

Another, less-common name for the delta symbol is atled ( delta spelled backwards), because the nabla is an inverted Greek letter delta.  In actual Greek usage, the symbol is called anadelta  which means "upside-down delta".


The source of the name is considered to come from Farsi دل (pronounced Del and meaning 'heart') as the nabla shape is similar to the heart's shape in profile. Nab, in English means Hilltop or the keeper of a door key. Roman numeral  L = 50  a number significant  to both Jesus and Elijah  that has hidden  manifestations towards the Gateway Ascension, L  is also used as the symbol for elevated train track, God's rail-Grail, and the last letter in Nabla being A it relates to the start and finish.

 Altars and cryptographic Delta worship, has come to a head in Russia coinciding with the start of the five-pent circle of the Olympics in London 2012, a tri of ladys calling themselves "Pussy Riot" have divided public opinion, on there statement against Authority, and there traditional beliefs. The  Pussy Riot girls have landed themselves in prison, in a high profile case which has questioned many conventions,  there state of affairs  has  lead to speculative theories why  the Riot of the Pussy  needs of fulfilment have spiritual  over tones that rest with Liberation and perhaps the hidden Agenda of the original Pussy Riot Prisoner.

Pussy Riot performed a punk rock  song in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour of the Russian Orthodox Church  in Moscow. The song was performed on the Altar.

Behind the riot Girls  is a masked  male representation of Jesus, catching our attention with  his signalman  Red Cape pose, there is maybe more to look at than first thought  into the tragic events at Aurora where "The Dark Knight Rises"  as all ways Batman is seen with mask and trusted companion the Red caped Robin.

In Greek myth, Pandora was the first woman made for Zeus so that he might through her punish man for the theft by Prometheus of heavenly Fire,( Lust).  Pandora's Box fits neatly into Pussy Riots declamation on the altar.  The prosecutors may summon the  triple Riot Pussys whom have awakened from the Lord's great sleep over mankind, they in turn realise the prison door is now open and tried to escape  from  the earthy prison by following the call for active service mission Delta Homebound.  The baffled court authorities will try and pin them back, and hold them partly responsible for the spread of all the ills of human life.

The Altar  of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour of the Russian Orthodox Church  in Moscow. This symmetry bears  a resemblance to the  Crop Circle found  at Stanton  St Bernard, Wiltshire, UK, which appeared in three stages, the first came to view on the 29th of June 2012, which is the feast day of Saint Peter, whom holds the keys to heaven, also it is the feast day of Saint Paul, his symbol is the sword, the sword held upwards  is the representation of Time and Justice. The secound Phase was reported on the 17th of July, which is World Day for International Justice, and finally the third phase came to prominence on 22/7  of the year 2012 which is Marked as Pi Day and the Feast of Mary Magdalene.

" I Jesus, have sent My Angel to attest these things to you, for the Churches. I am the Root, and the Offspring of David, the Bright Morning Star."

The Three Wise Women, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich, hold the Lamp of  enlightenment bearing the gift of knowledge for us to share,  there Courage needs to be glorified in praiseworthy Honour,  for they match the mirror image of the Bible's Three Wise Men that encompassess the Christian era of the Omega and Alpha.

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