Friday, 13 July 2012

Black Friday 13th July 2012 for Glasgow Rangers



Glasgow Rangers football Club own day of Dreichness coincided with The Knights Templar gruelling bloody extermination that went down in the History annals as the cryptic Black annihilation code name that  anonymously hides the works of "John".


Circles with in circles the Scottish rampant Lion, the badge with the Hathors message?


The Templars where  once the darlings of Rome whom helped capture many Holy Lands and Treasures in the somewhat enchantment guise of the Crusades. The Templars before Friday the 13th 1307 where asset rich, they are credited for Europe's first cross border legal banking system, with the invention of the written cheque. A system that was the envy of there assassins.


With the Help of skint French King and Roman Catholic Church commands, the Templars demise went down in History as a tough lesson that any body whom wishes to fill the boots of the KTs will have to be more figurative, in the Hope not to annoy Older Brother Peter.



The Glasgow Rangers Doomsday arrival came after a frantic negotiation period which seen the Giant Scottish football Club kicked out the Premier Division at the request of Fans loyal to other teams, Chairmen of Scotland's elite clubs had to pander to the "Words on the Street" that the Rangers liquidation had to be punished, for the system to have any credibility, the first round of votes, was to see Rangers FC left with No football team Brothers support, the next step was to try and drum up, the next best option for the game, and sponsors, by allowing Rangers into the next division down, known as the first Division, this crucial vote was to be held at the Home of Scottish Football at Hampden Park Glasgow,  on the 13th of July 2012. 

Valley of light, Raydale Park, home to the "Black and Whites" Two Dove-Pi-johns outside the Gretna Green Marriage town, the football club dissolved in 2008 due to escalted Debts, while playing in the Scottish Premier Division.



Tenaciously the second tier of Chairman held fast to their stubborn  principals the door was firmly shut, to the prospect of a less  severe reprimand, the worst possible outcome out with total closure of Rangers, was to see them demoted to the 3rd and Bottom tier in Scottish Football, the world's football media was in Shock, as the consequences to the financial  Armageddon in Scottish Football was now Complete, with in the day  Inverness Thistle Scottish  Premier Chairman  was lamenting, "How on Earth could we let this happen"?


May Be He too had visions of the " The Handwriting on the Wall".  Daniel 5:5 

The City of Glasgow home to Rangers F.C.  lies on the 55:55 North degree latitude.


The Hand of God, even Rich and Powerful  sitting Kings Fear, the Scarlet dressed lady of Revelations, befitting with the hidden face pours over the golden bowl, she brings in the Golden age of Aquarius, the water bearer sign,  as the Babylon circle of 3600 years comes to the End. The Holy city of Enoch which is  Glasgow, bridges the circle from the New Testament with the Old.

Ea's  ring Ea-t-on, "Get up"! "Gorge yourself on M-ea-t".


  Before the David Murray era 1988-2011 Rangers F.C. employed a dubious policy of employing Protestant only players, this prejudice was brought to a abrupt end, soon after Murray took control of Ibrox, in a contentious swoop, Murray signed Maurice Johnson a born Catholic, this purchase was to bring the End to the unofficial bigotry discrimination's, many ardent Rangers supporters at the time voiced there disgust and vowed never to return to Ibrox, such was the historical  nature to this highly  controversial change in direction.


The Protestant football half of Glasgow Rangers has enjoyed a strong  support from Ulster, the Northern Irish Protestant fans have a fervent passion of there historical past, and can be seen regularly at Ibrox with there Union Jack flags,  Red hand symbols and tassles of Orange, this colour associates the Orange Order of Protestant King William's victory over Catholic King James II, they came to blows in the 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688, and again in 1690 at the  Battle of the Boyne  near Dublin, this time Dutch William over powered James Stuart, and as result we can trace todays venomous animosity, between the two sides, this acrimony tension is evident in abundance when we encounter a Old Firm football Match between Glasgow Rangers and Celtic, tensions run deep, with 50000 animated fans keen to sing and shout there historical alliances. The 12th of July marks the Marching day calender high for the Orangemen.



Marching for King Billy

"The Orange Order is a 'fraternal' organisation, named for William of Orange the Protestant Dutchman.  He is revered by the Orange Order as a champion of his faith and the man who secured the Protestant ascendancy in Ireland".  As written by BBC news 11th July2012



Dutch Orange Destiny and the  march of the clock  was to take a new twist at Ibrox when Dutch manager Dick Advocaat was appointed Rangers new manager in 1998,  a string of glittering International names where recruited to Ibrox,  many of them  from Advocaat's home country. Ibrox was now the new Orange stronghold, Murray's cheque book was golden, the good times where to peak with the signing of Tore Andrew Flo  his services where acquired for  a staggering £12 million pounds, then a British record, from English giants Chelsea. 

Hathor lion message with Rod of Ra, Rangers ghost of reckless spending could be hold down with Flo's record transfer to Rangers for £12 000000?



Murray and Advocaat had ambitious aspirations to conquer Europe,  unquestionably the team failed to perform to its expected level  equal to player salary,  Flo's  form deserted him and subsequently   played a token amount of games,  money stress and work related underachievement, was to reach a head when tensions  got the better of the "Little General" Advocaat whom resigned from the manager's position on 12 December 2001. Murray had learned a invaluable lesson Money could not buy Guaranteed succes, this period of financial opulence, was to put a heavy debt burden on the gearing of the Glasgow giant, clever accounting practises post Advocaat, only delayed the day of the inevitable, the Midas Murray touch had run it's Flow coarse.