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St Mungo's Enoch Gateway on the Holy City of Glasgow.

Saint Mungo was Also called Saint Kentigern. Mungo means every bodys friend, and Kentigern is to Know one's History and Genealogy. Kentigern God's prophet was the gatekeeper of The City of Enoch, which was the West side ley line of the Trident.  When the Norman's familys where invited into  Scotland post 1066 and the Egyptian Lion cult of Bas-T was revived and at it's height , the Norman elite familys where given prime locations on the Middle Earth ley line, also high on the wish list of prime locations was the West gate 55 degree latitude areas, which included Sweet Heart Abbey lands in Galloway,  home to  Scottish King John Balliol whom was  of Norman-Scots & English kin, he was last King crowned  on Scottish soil  upon Jacob's Destiny Stone in 1292.

The Church of Glasgow held Jurisdiction over the Holy Grounds area of Eddleston, here William Chambers the author of The History of Peeblesshire, gives us a vivid account of the power stuggles at the time,  that accompanied the forbidden fruit of knowledge and orginal sin that harboured the Cross of Ea.

Eddleston was named after Ea-dulf.

The expression Up The Duff   meaning 'pregnant,' originated from Ea-dulf's tenure  of Eddleston.

Chamber's writes.............

"It appears that by 1185 Ea-dulf is dead"

Adam son of Ea-dulf, grants part of the Eddleston lands to his son Constantine. ( my guess his name is recieved in rectitude of Roman Emperor, of the same name that seen the Vision of Xp Chi Rho, Earth Energy's Rose the night before a major Battle, Xp symbol is the Cross of Ea.)
To this charter Richard de Morville is a witness.
Then the Monks of Newbattle Abbey appear on the scene, and receive a charter of part of the lands from Adam, and later another charter from his son Constantine.
Mean while risen to the Episcopal throne of Glasgow was William de Bonnington, a much more forcible character than his immediate predecessors, here we find the final act of the Morville-Eddleston comedy.
William had this preliminary advantage, that he was at one time Rector of Eddleston, and had the insight local knowledge of what was located in the area.

Bonnington brought the terrors of the Glasgow Church to bear upon the descendants of the Morville and Ea-dulf, family and supporters and obliged them to surrender.

Richard de Morville died in 1189, he was succeeded by his son William, who died without issue in1196, and was succeeded by his elder sister Elena, who marrird Roland, Lord of Galloway.
There son Alan haveing died in 1234, with out male issue, his estates where divided among his daughters, who married Englishmen.
Elna married Rodger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, Devorgilla the founder of Sweet Heart Abbey, she married John Balliol, whom in turn founded Balliol College Oxford, and father of John, the last Scottish Destiny Stone King sitter, and Christian whom married William de Fort, son of the Earl of Albemarle.

It was from these familys Bishop of Glasgow, William de Bonnington  reclaimed and obtained restitution. Chambers goes on to comment,
"Whether it was the fact Scottish property seemed less valuable, or that they feared for there eternal welfare, prehaps both these reasons, they yielded over there (Ea Cross) booty rights".

The deed of surrender by Elena Lady of Galloway runs as follows:

To ALL the Faithful in CHRIST who shall see or hear this present writing:

Elena, first born daughter of the late Alan of Galloway, Constable of Scotland, greeting in the Lord.
I will let it come to the Knowledge of You All that, considering and acknowledging that the Vill of Eddleston with it's pertinents belongs by Full Legal Rights to the Church and Bishop of Glasgow, albeit the said Alan of Galloway and certain others of my predecessors, Constables of Scotland have unjustly retained the said vill, I, for the weal of my Soul and the Souls of my Heirs, have for Me and My Heirs for ever Quitclaimed and resigned to God, and Saint Kentigern and to the Church of the Holy City of Glasgow and to the venerable father William Bishop of Glasgow, and his successors the said Vill of Eddleston with All it's pertinents and All right which, from whatever cause, I have or might have therein.

And I Elena have sworn upon the sacred scriptures that at no Time shall I come against this my Quitclaim and Resignation.

The Bishop of Glasgow intention to make the renunciation secure made simlar terms of surrender towards Roger de Quincy, Constable of Scotland.
In turn John Balliol senior and his wife along with William de Fort forfeited  the Eddleston  deeds of Law.

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