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Indigenous Grandmothers officially open the Enoch Pi Westgate at Troon

 On 23rd of July in Roslin Glen near the Altar of the Temple of Solomon on the Roseline ley,  Indigenous Earth Grandmothers on a very Dreich evening  with followers held a fire initiation ceremony, drums, chanting, prayers and speeches where aired to spirit, thanks was given to Mother Earth for her daily abundance, concerns of what the future may hold  was shared, a circle of hands where held,  to represent the great circle of time. Fire is regarded as the Male energy.

On the following evening the 24th of July the venue was the Ayrshire Troon Beach, with views out to Arran on the west and Enoch hill towards the South East, the  Indigenous Earth Grandmothers had a repeat performance of the previous night's inauguration, this Time the Earth's Holy Water was indoctrinated, Water is looked upon as the  female  energy, she holds the waters of life in the womb, where everybody swims before being born, the waters of life is the final chapter of the bible revelations, Pie Zenith  time on the 22/7 2012 is 12 o' Clock  the Hour of Horus, we now move forward in the circle of time to Genesis,  with the Help of the Earth Grandmothers wisdom and the help of the initiated,  The West Gate of Enoch is now open, the Golden river of Pi- shon comes in to view.

The 12 bells race has now been run, Cross Over, time for a Chariot of Fire? 

The West Gate is now open to the true & faithful. A slection of Earth Grandmothers with water and drums at Troon beach on the 24th of July 2012,  Troon view looking West one can see the Isle of  Arran, and Enoch Hill can be idntified  towards the South East.

 Genesis 2 :10  Man and Woman in the Garden.

A river went out from Eden to water the Garden. From there it divided and became the source of four rivers. The name of the first is Pi-shon, which encircles the entire land of the Havilah,  ( Hav(e) to keep and hold on to,  & ilah is to worship and have Love )   where there is Gold. Gold from that land is pure;
The name of the secound river is Gihon (John), which encircles the entire land of Cush. (In Scotland a Cush is a ring dove or Wood Pi-geon-John) 

      I am Mother Earth, to the faithful,  I shall remain True.
Disbelievers & Disrespecters will perish by my Hand,
    consumed in the flames of their Greed & Drowned in the     Waters    of Lethargy.
From Death springs Forth Life, & to my Messengers I hail Thee,
from the wind & trees that carry my messages across the seas, to the birds who bear my songs & the animals that bring nourishment to my Pilgrims, I in trust the Key.
  Worship the Land & Cherish the Earth, & God will hold you in    his Hand,  reap thee what you Sow.

Genesis 3:15   His Seed and Her Seed. He will strike your Head, and you will strike his Heel.

Leda and the Zeus, the Swan & Leda's bodys make up the outline letters of Pi, in the background is the Golden river of Pi-shon, the two twins of Caster and Pollux  hatch the Christian start date of the 19th of July, the secound set of Caster and Pollux twins represent the Zenith finish line of the Christian circle, measure of time is the device for unlocking the key,  the cusp dates around the 19th-23rd of July 2012, the 19th of July being the date the time line passes by the star Pollock in the yearly circle as viewed from the 55 degree North Latitude.

In the Holy City of Glasgow, the West Gate Time Seal, the urban districts of Pollock and Pollockshiels, lie on the West side of Mungo's Tomb, the Node nucleus of  a number of  Energy lines, as the time line date passes the 19th of July date on Earth, in the sky it passes through the Pollux star, Poll lux Day definition is enlightenmeant of Judgemeant Day.

The West time Gate is found in Genesis where  Enoch's Holy City is accepted as Glasgow, where they have the Golden ring symbol with in there Coat of Arms.


When Mary Magdalene was initiated, into the School of Isis  she was gifted with a beautiful Gold bracelet of the Head to Tail Ouroboros Serpent. As told by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.

Troon definition in a number of languages including Dutch means Throne, the King's chair, or a Angel that belongs to the Third Order.  History homes in on the life of Saint Francis of  Assisi as a benefactor member of the blessed Third Order, many Christian patrons followed the Third Order path, including Joan of Arc and Christopher Columbus.     The Sister word of throne, enthrone means to exalt,  set aloft, elate and celebrate the joy of success,  dignified motions  that  relate to the Tri-umphant return.

Drum keeps  in rhythmic time with Mother Earth's Heartbeat. Lady holding drum on right of picture has a double Eye of Horus tattoo on her top back shoulder blades, the name tattoo, also means drumming. Edinburgh Castle's Start-End of the "Royal Mile"   in the Ascension month of August is the world's best known Tattoo held at the entrance door at Edinburgh Castle, the Castle is home to Jacob's Destiny Stone which came out off  Egypt and Ended up in Scotland. The English Language name Hour comes from Horus, "Come the Hour Come the Man".

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet.   It is also known as  "The Eye of Ra." The name Wadjet is derived from "wadj" meaning "green", hence "the green one", (Green Man) and was known to the Greeks and Romans as "uraeus" from the Egyptian "iaret" meaning "risen one"  (Jesus) from the image of a Cobra  rising up in protection. Wadjet  was one of the earliest of Egyptian deities who later became associated with other goddesses such as Bast Sekhmet and Hathor. (Source Wikopedia)

The circle of time is encoded with in the world's religions, we too are now entering Pie noon time.

Lord Shiva at Eskdalemuir Scotland sitting on the circle of time holding the trinity staff of the three visitors, the Aquarius Water-bearer sign of the Zodiac signals High Noon Golden Age, water tip. A shive is a slice of bread in accordance with Genesis 18:6 Abraham's Three Visitors,
Quick! Press together Three measures of fine flour and Make Bread,
Abraham served them as they Ea-T under the Tree. (Of Life)
 Rune of Ea Crossover time of Tea time to Eat.

Three men approached Abraham's tent at the hottest part of the day'at noon time ... Genesis 18:2-3:

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