Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Men-Dick Hill West Linton spiritual punishment Home to Repent or face the Consequences of the Whipman.

The Men Dick Hill is just a few miles West of West Linton, on the look out for confirmation, that Men Dick hill was used as a past purgatory shrine to confess of Sexual transgression my hunch was some what  confirmed   by West Linton's  village  annual summer festival the "Whipman" which is one of the Scottish Borders' oldest festivals.  

The Whipman's  name  has greatly troubled myself since I first heard it, but could never uncover it's original intent, the Dick of Men hill has been appropriately named by our Grandfathers for a particular purpose,  with insurmountable evidence  gathered, now the question needs to be raised,  could it really be the past or future location of the Seat of Judgement?

 I  refer back to Da Vinci's Maddona of the Carnation painting, this time my attention turns to her scarf,  it clearly shows two half's, hanging over her Right shoulder towards the Holy baby is a lovely luxuriant Golden colour sash, now  on the other side as it reappears from the back of her neck down towards her left  arm pit, a shiver runs up my spine, the sinister black outline  shape of a WHIP is in full view for us to consider! 

The Whip is used for punishing, Jesus himself was the victim of the Whip, which might allude to Bible scribes spin on insider private  Knowledge,   on a secondary meaning of the Whip  is someone that enforces the attendance of a political party, could it really be Da Vinci the visionary was trying to catch our attention and assemble at West Linton the home of the Whipman?

Needing confirmation of my inkling, my hunch leads me to what happened in the final moments in fairy tale classic Cinderella, as the clock struck 12.00 cinders made a dash for the exit, leaving behind her slipper shoe, after midnight  the hunt was on to find the Mystery Beauty Princess, so that the Wedding of the bible based fairy tale prophesy could be fulfilled.

The Slipper comes in to focus, in a unsuspecting place which adds to the romantic realism of this fascinating tale,  approximately  just over 1 mile further along from the place where I had my Vision on the A702 below Men-Dick hill, on the same side of the road we pass by the farm sign and entrance to North Slipperfield Farm, admittedly there was no signs of Golden carriages or Orange Pumpkins, but being allegorys to the carriage clock that brings the circle of the Golden Sun to it's conclusion, realistically i did not expect to encounter any, but what i can confirm is that Slipperfield farm lies between Men dick Hill and home to the Whipman festival in the village of West Linton, glancing back to the O.S. Map the Hill adjacent to Mendick on Slipperfield farm goes by the name "Kings Seat" at 463 meters, being the King's seat it would  have been regarded as a throne ,  the capital city for repenting, next to King's seat is the smaller hill on Slipperfield called Little King Seat (321m) which would have been named after the King's son.

Feeling we may have touched on something very sacred, on the map, i return to the ground in between North  Slipperfield farm entrance and the summit of Mendick, with out doubt this was a holy Gateway to whom may wished to feel regret for past immorals, this to many people is a very difficult choice to admit to previous unprincipled wrongs, thus the Pilgrims path entrance to Repent at Men dick hill is named fittingly as  "HARD GATE HEAD".   

Furthermore the west rig  at Mendick Hill is called "The Bell" we associate the Bell with the Omega symbol shape which relates to the Dark Pit Womb, alternately the Bell ring is used to signal last rounds of Alchol, which was traditionally  measured in ancient troy figures, the Bell also is the call signal to round up the people in the parish so they can be given there sermons.

Behind the Bell rigg is the North Muir it's summit is 359 meteres, Muir(e) is the Gaelic name for John, in the valley that adjoins North Muir, Bell and Men-Dick is two ancient Cairns, which go by the name North Cairn and South Cairn these sacred structures where used by the Druids whom where locked in the tiny space with only water, to pass the test of God's pardon they had to endure a severe test of wills, like Jesus a period of solitary confinement to confess there sins and give thanks to the gift of life, they would be subjected to the visits of  Dark Evil spirits, when the body is dehydrated sometimes the mind enters different states of consciousness testimonies of mystics and mediators who claim that their ability to enter this realm brought them enlightenment, when the 40 days in the dark prison was up, the grateful journey person, would be hauled out, as if they where being Reborn.

God himself loves a redeemer, we all stray from the path of righteousness, in various forms,  but only a few have the courage to humiliate themselves and confess, Jesus after the 40 days ordeal in the wilderness would have had his mind illuminated with gifts of wisdom, he was now willing to accept his job of destiny, for his reward he was to refind his  True Love of his life  which he regarded as  his ultimate present from his Father.  Jesus could now preach what he practised because it came straight from his own experiences.

The Masonic Shoe also called the Blue Slipper, is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed.

Speculation is rife that Jesus used the Mendick Cairns as the location to Repent for his younger years?

 "The Voice from the mouth of God had spoken"