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Awakening to Gennesaret the Cross Over" Garden of Riches"

Van Gogh's burning bush being stunningly sprayed by white liquid, by cutting of his own Ear Gogh was makeing the extreme interpretation of the 4 Gospel message for us to take notice of the milestone Get-h-semane account of the Kiss.
Once they Crossed Over (Different time Generation) they came to the land at Gennesaret (The Garden of Riches )
When the men of that place recognized Him, they alerted the whole vicinty and brought to Him all who were sick.
They were begging Him that they might only touch the tassel on His Robe.
And as many as touched it were made perfectly well.

Gade-Gadeni tribe where one of the twelve sons of Jacob, they where the Garden of Riches keepers to Eddleston in the Tweed valley. The name Edward comes from Eddleston, Edward name means  the Rich Guardian.
Genesis 29:2 
When all the flocks were gathered there, the stone would be rolled off the opening of the well so that the sheep could be watered. Then the stone would be put back in place over the opening of the well.
A time seal Stone was put in place over the well head.
After the Death of Jesus, a Great Stone was placed against the Entrance of the Tomb.
Mary Magdalene  and the other Mary were there waiting.

Songs of Solomon 4:12
You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.

John 19:25 Jesus Provision for his Mother (of his Child)
Standing by the Cross of Jesus were His Mother, His mother's Sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 
When Jesus saw His mother and the disciple He Loved (John/Magdalene)
standing there, He said to his mother, "Woman, Here is your Son."
Then he turned to the disciple, "Here is your Mother."
And from that hour the disciple took her/him into his home. 

Repentance and Restoration Jeremiah 31:22
Howlong will you turn here and there, faithless daughter?
 For the Lord creates something new in the Land a female will shelter a Man. (Land of Jocks-John)

Eclipses calculate time, Jesus is the Sun-Son  Light of the World, his Souls of feet stand on the circle-kirk  cross over steeple the artist has used the soul bridge impression of arch straps on the feet that lead to the clock face ear that equates to 3 o' clock, in Christian boat voyage cross-over circle of time equates to Columbus arrival on Iona, Christ is seen with his Magdalene tower bride, with black sangria grapes around the forbidden cave circle foliage.

Fire of the Sun-Son with souls of feet eclipsing  
the cross over kirk-circle

Around three in the morning He came toward them walking on the Sea. 
When the disciples saw Him walking on the Sea, they were terrified. "It's a ghost!" they said, and cried out in fear.  

 Three in the morning in Christian time clock retlates to the  5-6 century which  coincides with the time window of Saint Columba, (7 December 521 – 9 June 597 AD) whom came from Ireland in a small boat to set up the Christian Church on the Holy Island of Iona, the name Columba was
also known as Colum Cille, or Chille Old Irish, meaning "dove of the church."

While On Iona the Holy Spirit awakend the conscious of the12 apostles, they heard the call with in, and made the  Journey to be reunited with there Master Teacher. Columba and the cross over 12 visited most of the Islands on Western Scotland, leaving us with a rich historical legacy, many of the Islands  including the Island of Canna Columba helped set up Churches to Worship the message of Christ, tell tale place names are left for us to seek and find Jesus promise to Peter, (Church of Rome)  

Jesus replied, "I tell you the Truth, Peter--this very night, before the rooster crows  twice, you will deny me Three times that you even know me." 

The Island of Canna with the yellow Canna Lily in full bloom June 2012, the Lily is the marriage Symbol of Female messenger of God Joan of Arc.  The building on the left is the disused Roman Catholic Church the mountains in the background belong to the Island of Rum, which is a direct spirit link to the Caribbean, the secound passover "ghost" boat trip of our Lord Jesus, in the year 1492, which in Jesus own words  one day equals 12 hours, the visit to the land of Rum in the West Indies
 equates to 9 o'clock.

The Dove messenger Christopher Columbus in his own words proclaimed a direct calling from the Lord.


When Jesus arrived on the other side to be greeted by the locals he said to them

"Have courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."

In the meantime on looker Peter said,
"Lord if it's you" Peter answered Him, "command me to come to You on the Water."
"Come!" He said.
And climbing out of the boat, Peter started walking on the water and came towards Jesus.
But when he saw the strength of the wind, he was afraid. ( The early 1500's was to witness the wind of a great change in direction, the Vatican did not wish to loose there Authority, as it had command and control of others and feared for it's own future.)
And beginning to sink Peter cried out, "Lord save me!"
Immediatley Jesus reached out His Hand, ( This new 1500's birth was to turn the Tables of power, it was no longer acceptable to send in the  Vatican paid Armys to administer Peter's rules.) and caught Peter, Jesus said to him, "You of little faith, why did you doubt" (a direct reprimand from Jesus to the open stipulated words given to Peter, for us to have awareness of the hidden Truth.
 "You  will deny me Three times that you even know me." ) 

When they got into the boat, the wind ceased, Then those in the boat worshiped Him and said,
"Truly You are the Son of God!"

Once (again) they Crossed over, they came to the land at Gennesaret.  When the men of that place recognised Him, they alerted the whole vicinity and brought to Him all who were sick.

They where begging Him that they might only touch the tassel on his Robe. ( Tassle relates to reincarnation  Numbers 15 :38 .......Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue)  And as many as touched it were made perfectly well.

Coat of arms of the City of Monza,  Mon is the abbreviation of Monday, which equates to the "Third Day"  in Easter honour this is when the stone is rolled away from the cave, so the sheep can have a drink, Mon also means Gate.  The blue ribbon is the symbol of generations Cross-over, two branches make up the Saint Andrew's cross-over destination, the oak  and mistletoe  leads us to Pliny the Elder's  distinguished  writings  whom describes a festival on the sixth day of the moon cycle where the druids climbed an oak tree, cut a bough of mistletoe, and sacrificed two white bulls on the altar as part of a fertility rite. 

Christmas Day on the yearly calender is set aside for Christ and it's partner Boxing day which is the stealth  day set aside for his beloved partner Magdalene,  today we associate the hanging of mistletoe above our heads at Xmas time, it is a handed down tradtion where it is acceptable to enter a mutual inspired kiss to the one we have emotional sensitivities towards and wish to touch, taste and smell in a passionate filled kiss,  a try before you buy, if you like, this pagan festival would be a social gathering in front of a large bonfire.

Shirley Toulson in 'The Celtic Year' explains ' Druids made their temples in oak groves,
where the trees supported the sacred mistletoe, and where the oak apples could be ground
into a flour that appears to have been used in a ritual meal'.

The seed of the Mighty Oak the Acorn to the Druids resembled the head of a penis the sacred grove was a disinformaton decoy, to keep the truth alive, every time we use the English word Ea-T the crossover ritual meal message is heard by Ear's that wish to listen. 

The White  Circuit Ring of Monza  is the z-a a-z  Monza Omega -Alpha with in the blue zodiac circle of the heavens.  
 The English nursery rhyme helps us deliberate Gogh,s Water spattered  Burning Bush with the Crossover, and the link with Mull and Wine, whe Jesus breathed his last, he mumbled "I am thirsty" a stick with a sponge of sweet vinegar Mulberry type wine was administered to the lord.  A stick with a sponge can also have a double innuendo meaning, the Island of Mull on the West Coast of Scotland has neigbouring Islands that include, Iona, Staffa, Gometra "God-man's island and Ulva-Vulva, we have been dulled and stupefyied of this time period pondering riddle, around the pulverising Millstone grinding tool, that beats about the bush. The Jesus and Mary Magdalene stained glass window is found on Dervaig Church on the Island of Mull.

Here we go round the mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush.
Here we go round the mulberry bush
So early in the morning.
 (English period nursery rhyme)

The z-a  date brings us  towards  revelations  Golden Crown, the Monza crown has the tower representation  meaning of Magdalene's name skilfully arranged in it's design, along with  Golden wedding ring and Golden Crossover destiny symbolic of the trio Golden Day return, where  the King and Queen in Cross-over  time are finally unshackled and  united in a Grand celebrated marriage.  The city of Monza's patron is John the Baptist.

Around the same era as  Saint Columbus, Saint Mungo came to Baptise Merlin in upper Tweed, Merlin Caledonia was a Wizard whom was Kin of the Gadeni-Garden keeper tribe whom where Guardians of the Ea cross in Eddleston Valley.  Later Mungo the Baptiser was given the See Decree rights of the Cross of Ea by the Bishop of Glasgow.
Da Vinci's Exposed right shoulder  epaulement Messenger, with Almond shaped eyes and  42 degree pyramid Angle hair style forehead, 42 degree Fahrenheit equates to 5.55 degree Celsius the land of five-pent, the finger points to the cross-over, the  epicurean  ringlets  hair takes on the look of the Bar's Judges DD.   The gesture arm portrays  the day of the dark sythe, 2 fingers point to the seal of the rib, twice under God's command in a Pentland X over is where a Man Shelters-Hides a Woman.

Gennesaret ("a garden of riches") The Ea-T Crossover, rune symbol with the Burning Bush Saint Andrew's Cross and Golden Almond, symbol of the Church of Scotland.

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