Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Longinus Rib Seal

Longinus pierces the side of Christ. From a fresco by Fra Angelico.
(c. 1440), Dominican monastery of San Marco, Florence.

Jesus is seen with his Rib being pierced on the Cross by Longinus the Roman  Soldier.

In the picture Longinus is the only one out of the Six that does not have a Halo.
Wearing Gold he is one of the Romans whom where paid to lie, the word Sold-ier  reflects the deception on the Cross as told by Matthew 28 11-15

The Sold-iers Are Bribed to Lie.
As they where on their way, some of the Guard came into the City and reported to the chief priests everything that had happened. After the priests had assembled with the elders and agreed on a plan,  

his disciples came during the night and stole Him while we where asleep.
If this reaches the Governor's Ears, we will deal with Him and keep you out of trouble."
So they took the Money and did as they Instructed.
And the (bribed lie) story has been spread among the Jewish people to this Day.

"Britain is in Economic War"   P. M. David Cameron gives it to us in straight as he fears  the future of debt ridden Britain as told on  18/11/2012.

Money makes the World go Round, when the Money Stops Revelations 18:11 may have some answers.

"The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over HER, because no one buys their cargoes any more,"   the Great Bible Bribe will be exposed those foot Sold-iers will not get paid there Bribe money, misbelieve delusion will turn to resentive feelings as the blood spill of Jesus awake our Rib of God where the seal of  Man's rib  Birth's us to the Truth.

Angelico keeps man's Cross Over reproduction hidden theme scandal firmly in the lens of the observer, the number Six is derived from Sex. 

"The common usage of the word "Sex " comes from the Latin 'secare', which  means 'to divide'. "

The Long Suggestive Pole of Long-in-us, with Blood spill is a clever slant on our Death, rebirth, reincarnation cycle, the Long one in us,  on the rib relates to God's Male-Female now natural reproduction sex act.

The top of the fresco takes the form of a bow-arc representing time, Long-in-us is the Golden pot of Gold for some at the End of the Rainbow.   Gaelic interpretation is worth explaniation for the Seal at the End of the arc, seal meaning One time .......Another Time, the Cross Over in the four gospels gives us insight to events of the closeure.

Jesus and his Wife will be reunited.

 The Trio of Three wise Marys Mirror the opposite side of the Arch which brought the 3 wise Men to the Birth of Christianity.

Long-in-us Spear has a number of names out with the Sexual identification that include the Destiny Spear and the Pike.
Pike we can associate a long stick with sharp point used as a weapon for foot sold-iers.  A Pike is also a long thin fish and Pi-ke relates to Pi, the arch of the circle and Ce the seal, there is no k in gaelic, it in turn is swapped with C to hide it's true intent.  At the End of our Journey in Pi-ctland the Pike Toll is where we pay our Tax for the use of the Lord's Highway, we are All the Lord's Pikey Gypsys, just our skin coat takes the form of many colours along the time arc               

Angelico has the Dark robed man kneeling at the cross, he has got  his hands clasped in prayer type fashion, his head is shaved in a round tonsure top, to signify the circle of time and the 1000 year measure, by forced balding of the head in such a manor it represents the male gesture of sexual predatory towards the burning bush is extinguished, this monk slave has had to sacrifice his desires of the flesh, and is the first person to welcome the cross over time, after the exstended SABBATH.

Angelico in his design included at the foot of the cross and surrounding area has cleverly enclosed tucks that gives us the impression that the ground all around the cross has one massive sheet.
Blood at the base of the Cross on the blanket leads us  Deuteronomy 22:13-

Violations of Proper Sexual Conduct.
"If a man marries a woman, has sexual relations with her, and comes to hate her, and accueses her of shameful conduct, and gives her a bad name, saying, "I married this Woman and was intimate with her, but I did not find any evidence of her virginity,"
the young woman's Father and Mother WILL TAKE THE EVIDENCE of her Virginity and bring it to the City elders at the Gate.
The young woman's father will say to the elders, "I give my Daughter to this Man as a Wife, but he hates her. He has accused her of Shemful conduct, saying, "I did not find any evidence of your Daughter's Virginity, but HERE is the evidence of my Daughter's virginity."
They Will Spread out the CLOTH before the City Elders.
Then the Elders of that City will take the man and punish Him.
They will also fine Him !oo silver Shekels and give them to the young woman's Father, because that Man gave an Israelite Virgin a Bad NAME!

The FULL NINE Measure relates to the Term of Pregancy, in turn the 9 yards of Cloth is the ancient Full Measure, that relates to our Full time that Bring's on the Day of Judgemeant, the 100 number is the Common number to complete the Circle of Time and also used to count a Country's initial Money Unit.


Angelico Blood Stain on the Cloth, signals the proof of our stolen Husband and Wife, the Raiders of the Lost Arc have served enough punishmeant on the Man.   As our Leaders Wage "Economic War" over the last borrowed Penny, the Time of Ignorance has now elapsed.

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