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Message in a Bottle.

Shamanic priestess  in white walks down to the Ebbed tide, on Ayrshire Troon's Sandy beach, the soft rolling Hills of Mull of Kin-tyre are seen  in the distance.

The South East tip region of Kintyre a few miles up coast from Campbeltown is where the ruins of Saddell Abbey is found, a  hushed private secret, held in the covered pockets of trust by a few, was where the very young, game Messengeress Joan of Arc came to be trained. How befitting Joan's early spiritual campaign mission started at Saddell. The Horse, plays a major role at the End of the Arc found in Revelations, this humble messenger girl was considered by some to be worthly to tie the straps on the equine Horse Saddell, the animal whoms name means equal, named after the equinox  and the flying white horse pegasus, the yearly time date passes through the White and Black side heavenly circle around the 21st of March and 23rd of September, the saddle shape is the Arc message of Joan.

 The fleur-de-lys  stylized lilly was Joan's predominant symbol. The Lilly is one of two  name orgins given to the female name Lisa, the secound definition of the message flower is Devoted to God. 
The fleur-de-lys is the principal  coat of arms emblem of the City of Florence.

The  sea wet Glass Bottle was picked up on the edge of the tide, near the area where the White Priestess is standing,  a few moments earlier.

The  Priestess  came from the East coast to celebrate the Indigenous Earth Grandmothers Holy Water West coast inauguration on 24th of July 2012 the date marks the end of the 7 day cusp of Cancer eclipse with the house of Leo, drums and sacred enchantmeants where preformed in the Holy circle, blessings of water was cermoniously smeared on the heads of the people by a select group of Grandmothers, some of the circle had brought there own sacred water and wished to be baptised with their own H-2- 0.

"Et in Arcadia Ego" Ancient Map of Scotland that conceives the notion of Mull of Kintyre  and Argyll as being the disguised home of Arcadia-Argadia.
Argyll Scotland was considered to be the new Arcadia in Roman maps post crucifixion, the Calydonian Boar hunt was, "game on" for the new recycled Argonauts, the word Arg-o-naut, can be broken down to Arg, which means silver, o the circle and naut again confirms the Ouroboros head-tail consumed complete,  the Duke of Argylls adopt the Boar as there main emblem.

  Dunadd is the Seat of the Kings of  Dal Riata on the map it  lies at the top of the Mull of Kintyre near Kilmartin, it is the neck of the Argyll peninsula. The name peninsula is made up of two latin names, peni meaning penis and sula is latin for furrow, Samson's riddle in the Bible informs us in Judges 14:18 that  If you hadn't plowed with my young cow, (wife) you wouldn't know my riddle. In old scot's  Kil has a number of meanings that include "riverbed" or "water channel" both names render to womb & map colligation reference.  Martin or sometimes John Martin was the oldest Son of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.   The Stone of Destiny was used at Dunadd Fort for Coronation purposes before it was moved to Scone.

The right hand corner in the map has the word Pivs, which means Pi, one Pi radian equals 180 degrees. The letter V= five or pent, which gives us the E-den the den of V and S equals Sum our total measure calculation at the End. small s is the symbol used for the arc length. The word Pivs can be found on Titus Great  triumphant Arch in Rome, where a Man and Woman stand as the cornerstones on each side of the arc bases.  A favoured name by Popes is Pius, it in turn is a deviant name of Pivs, the 180 degree Arch.

Titus Arch in Rome.

Il Porcellino (Italian "piglet") is the local Florentine  nickname for the bronze fountain of a Boar found in Leonardo Da Vinci's home City. The fountain figure was sculpted and cast by Baroque master Pietro Tacca (1577 –1640) shortly before 1634 The original, which was found in Rome and removed to Florence in the mid-16th century by the Medici.  The Boar was associated from the time of its rediscovery with the Calydonian Boar of Greek Myth.   (Source  Wikopedia)

Sus is the Latin name for the Pig family Jesus
himself was considered to be the Earth Pig
the Roman name Sui is difinable  from sus the meaning of
Sui in Latin is Himself, Herself.
Sui generis means the Only one of it's kind.
Jesus was the spaceman, Son of the Lord.
Sue Juris in Roman Law is having Full Legal
rights of a "Freeman".

Below the lands of Argadia is the Island of Arana modern day Arran.  In gaelic Aran means Bread, John 6: 35  tellus "I am the bread of Life", Jesus told them. "No one who comes to Me will ever be hungry, and no one who believes in Me will ever be thirsty again.  John 6:48-51  I am the bread of Life. Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven so that anyone may eat of it and not die. I am the living Bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread he will live for ever. The bread that I will give for the life of the world is MY FLESH."

Grandmother's on Troon beach with a sample of Duke of Argyll -Campbell tartan cloth, the Green and Blue colours are inclosed in Black window squares, the Green and Blue colours combined relate to the colour cyan, the 180 degree Pi arch Rainbow's pinnicle that has the colour value of 606 the light Rainbow zenith.

Pi 180 degree Arch found in Clack-Manna-shire  Central Scotland, the sign at the back says, "Now Open".

 In Heraldry the White Boar was used as a symbol of Jesus a number of Royal Blood Kings including  the English King Richard III of England 1452—1485, reigned from 1483 used the White Boar, megatherium wild beast image to muster his divine credence the white boar was used as a marketing spin symbol by chief whips loyal to Richard to summon and assemble his military forces. Richard III was the last King of the House of York
and the last of the Plantagenet Dynasty, which included King Edward I.

 Eboracum,  was the Latin name for York, meaning “place of the yew trees” Ebor is the abbreviation of Eboracum, Ebor was used as a pun corruption for Boar.  The word York itself is made of the letter Y the symbol for two into one and Ork is the abbreviation of Orkney.

Wikopedia  explains.........."The element  Orc or modern Ork is usually interpreted as a Pictish  tribal name meaning Young Pig or Young Boar."    "The Old Irish name for the Orkney Islands was Insi Orc, meaning the Island of the pigs"

New York in the U.S. is regarded as "The Big Apple" this core seed  connection  goes back to  when the Romans first discovered the Orkney Islands they named the Islands after Pomona the goddess of the apple,  the principal town of Orkney is Kirkwall, kirk means circle, the latin word pomoerium is the open space around a town, within and without the walls, therefore we are held with in the apple shape prison Circle-Kirk-Wall.    Orkney  sits  North to Norh-East above the mainland of Britain,  Orkney-Pomona Islands where regarded as  the abode of our heavenly "Father's Sole". 

  Being on the Roseline meridian the Orkney Apple Islands with Stone Temple housed the

 "Fruit of the tree of Knowledge in the middle of the Garden."
The Eboracum White Boar can be linked to the sacred Argyll  Island of Iona in Old Irish Gaelic Iona is the derived  word for the Yew Tree.

The Tarot card of the two of swords, the High Priestess sits on the Stone of Destiny, behind her is destinctive Holy Isle of Iona, the two of swords represent the Male and Female energy coming together this card is about partnership and balance. After the choppy waters of fish pisces time pass over the line the two lost rocks of Zion come together, the smooth surface of  the mid tint colour of Gray is the Destiny Promise of God after Xp third day here the Priestess souls feet symbolise 2=1 Balance and Harmony Destiny has been delivered.   This lady has been hoodwinked our eyes have been blinded to the Temple abode,  the crossover of eclipse time will lead us to seal point on the Priestess Rib Circle. Wearing white the colour of High stainless  morals and  the Wedding. Canna island lies a few miles due North of Iona.

The name War of the Roses sheds More light  when King Richard III fell 
 at the defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field the decisive battle that  brought a End to the double meaning facade of the War of the Roses and is considered by some to be  the end of the Middle Ages in England. This cross roads  in time led us towards Britain's current Royal family's road to power,  the Cross Over in Christian compass time comparison.  The arc degree of the Compass rose needle pointed to the New dawn day of the West.
Less than 10 years after the Death of Richard III 

  The ring a ring of Rose of the Westpoint compass  read  the 3rd of August 1492  this was the first day  the self proclaimed "Great Admiral of the Ocean  set foot on Western Soil.  God's Dove messenger Christopher Columbust was,  'The  Eastern sent star man who discovered the Americas.' 

Wind rose of an old nautical chart, by Portuguese cartographer Pedro Reinel  (1504) Joan of Arc's Fleur-de-ley symbol alines with Pi North, and the Pole star Sirius.
  This seal timed expedition   by Columbus and his Triumphant crewe with Trio of ships, laid the corner stone of Western Christian  Birth foundations. This new arc degree arrival heralded  forth  the Great Renaissance that bridged the Atlantic Ark-Arc with Americas and Europe, the focus node of transition centered in Italy's Florence, the City of Rome's niggling neighbour. Jesus New Commandment of Love was put to the H2O  Test.

Jesus  Betrayal. John 18-10-11 relates to the time when the High Priest's Slave Malchus whom's name means Kingdom is the deaf cut off ear of Peter's own Church creation, the ear is the home of the drum, the womb is our 9 month enclosed vat with the heart beat music drumming in our ears.
At that , Jesus said to Peter, " Sheathe your sword! ( John makes us fully aware of the Garden  of E-den's Kidron valley wicked serpent moment to Sheathe your sword means to Hide the Penis alternatley it can mean Sexual intercoarse.)

Am I not allowed to Drink the (manna grail) Cup the Father has given Me?

Under the secret Eaves of the circle of time Archaeologists searching under a Leicester City car park in September 2012 claim to have unearthed  the Lost grave of King Richard III this profound discovery has led to a new Interest in the White Boar venerated ruler.

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