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Merlindale in Peeblesshire. MAP 12

MAP 12
Merlindale Valley, with river Tweed confluence with River Posal, here Merlin Caledonia met his triple way death.

The Black Dwarf, David Ritchie is the man holding the measuring rod with his right hand, is left hand is Pointing the Way. 

The Black Dwarf was made famous in one of Sir Walter Scott novels, Scott would have known about the History of the Hobbit like Dwarf as his Father worked in Merlindale Stobo valley as a farm Manager. Scott spent part of his childhood in the Grail romance Valley of  Merlin Caledonia, the Wizard connected to King Arthur and the round table.  David's statue is found in the small estate called Hall of Yards  Kirkton Manor Valley near Peebles.

 Hall of yards with Woodhouse Hill in background, over the other side of the mountain is the Valley of Merlindale, or Stobo.

Kirkton Manor is a 10 road miles dead end valley, amongst  a few locals it has a verbal tradition of being called the "Golden Valley."  Olympic year 2012 was to see the Manor Valley live up to it's name when Scott Brash of Castlehill farm  won a Equestrian Gold  for team G.B. In  honour of the Triumph, Golden colour paint was applied to the Post Office letter Boxs in the valley to mark Scott's Golden 2012 Dream comeing True.

In the Golden Valley Castlehill farm neighbours Woodhouse Farm where David Ritchie lived in one of the farm cottages, around the 1790's he rose early and walked twice daily over the high Woodhouse Hill.

 David Ritchie's cottage with his idicative D.R. initials, a deflowered rose bush stem leafs gives us a better view of the year  1802.

David's job was in the slate quarry found at Altarstone Farm in Merlindale Stobo Valley adjacent to Manor Valley. David had no length of shank leg, his feet where renown to be exceptionally large, he found it impossible to find shoes to fit, and used sackcloth instead, his walk  was a laboured shuffle, deep heather had to be avoided. David was well scholared and had a number of classic books in his collection, Sir Walter Scott and the Chamber Brothers amongst others, recognised his Divine role as the improbable Crooked keeper character  of the Golden Bow Leg, mundane daily life blinds our rich historical past, the testy yet humble David had reason to be irritable, he was a Garden tender to the House of the Beloved, and did not suffer fools lingering out of time gladly.

 Lord of the Rings writer J. R. R. Tollkien,  being a  book worm compulsive studier would have discovered the connection with the Dwarf, his location and  hidden tale, of the  Ce Golden  Genesis Ring.  Ritchie had other benefactors whom had picked up the blind tale of measure, that included fellow word smith Experts the Chamber Brothers of Dictionary  fame, they provided the finance towards David's statue found at Hall of Yards.  A number of people claim David has appeared in there dreams, to reveal some of his secrets, which may help answer a number of reciprocal advantageous insights that have aided the journey person's path, some of these blind dream faith story's may themselves lead to  Global awareness Outcomes. 

Black Dwarf  overseer of The Goat Kid Elshie.  The name Elshie is a annagram of Eshiel(s) which lies next to Horseburgh Castle here is the Gateway to Middle Earth Temple, the Kid-son Cross marks the area of cross-over birth right portal.

 Tollkien was inspired by the German mythology story of Nibelung, they where a supernatural race, and guardians of a Great accursed Golden Treasure the King of the race was also called Nibelung. the treasure is guarded by the dwarf Alberich  and later taken by the hero of the poem,  Siegfried whom obtained the treasure by slaying the Dragon that guards it,  this in turn awaken Brynhild whom himself  is eventually killed; Sigurd is the Norse counterpart Siegfried, Wagner's version in his "Ring Cycle operas  name is Sigmund his name means "Victorious hand or Protector"  the long haul road to  Victory  has the underlay struggle between the two brothers Jacob and Esau, Jacob's  hairy underhand deception has surreptitously been Camouflaged through the circle of time by a set of mind altaring methods of concealment that has the basic indefinable Characters playing out a diversity of roles that  essentially have the same One story origin.

.   The Eshiel valley near Peebles, remains of a Roman camp are found, when the Romans withdrew from Britain, the German Saxons filled the void, reaching as far as the Eshiel Scottish Borders area,  this region in turn was overcome by the Norse Vikings, tempted by the forbidden fruit  knowledge secret of God's Garden of Eden.   Prohibition commands where attached to the area known as Xp  Cross of Ea.

Wikopedia states A hob is a type of small mythological Household spirit found in the  North of England, but especially so,  on the  Anglo-Scottish Border Regions  according to traditional folklore.  They could live inside the house or outdoors. They are said to work in farmyards and thus could be helpful, however if offended they could become nuisances. The usual way to dispose of a hob was to give them a set of new clothing, the receiving of which would make the creature leave forever. It could however be impossible to get rid of the worst hobs.

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