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MAP 14 55:5 Degree Latitude

MAP 14  Pentland Hills lie on the 55:5 Degree Line of Latitude, the mass yellow pins in the center of Map mark ancient Hill top forts. The area of Peeblesshire alone can account for over 50, the immediate  neighbourhoods that lie next to Peeblesshire-Tweeddale borders bring the total to over 100 which include a number built by the Roman Military. These forts had no running water, the logistical task to service the forts must have been the job from Hell even by today's easy living standards, no houses are built near such elevated storm lashed outlooks,  to service a hilltop dwelling fortress would have been a job for the purest of Heart and soul.  

   So many questions arise whom in there right minds would wish to defend such a thankless task, and why go to the bother at All.  What ever the reasons only scant information on the history  of the forts  today is accessible, this in turn only kindles yet more speculation.  Some answers may be found with the local British tribe in the area called Gadeni,  they where the middle earth Garden-jardiniere keepers, whom's elders practiced druidism, drawn to the Earth energy grid here a vortex was open to visionary masters of both sexes whom communicated with snakes and dragons, major features in British folklore,  the farm wormiston in between Peebles and Eddleston in the Heart of the Gadeni lands,   hints of the wormwood  Ce time seal, toxic information that sets of alarm bells  of  the troubles near the End days  is found in John's revelations.

By digging and building in such a massive scale sent a defence message of intent to the Gadeni enemys, we have to view the fact the Gadeni where expecting subsequential trouble,  there would be no walk-over, a  fight to the Death, to protect their birthright heritage was on offer. The memory of past deeds are  held with in  Peeblesshire stones, time sealed secrets could only be obtained in windows of History, this  access of information out of  kilter time was written into scrambled scriptural texts, any body eating from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE  could jeopardous the security of a  nation, the Garden tribe or watered down remnants of the 55:5 people rendered to, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and English  Armys.  

 Voiceless outlines on top of commanding hills, hold  the memorys of the horrific sanguinary bloodshed that went with this Holy dynastic right,  something or somebody or more likley both  had to be protected what ever the price.

Peeblesshire has no written History before the arrival of the bas cult Normans.

Leonardo Da Vinci's "Lost" in time painting of the Battle of Anghiari. Ang means Angel-messenger and Hiari itself  equates to Free Will the power to choose Good or Evil. The four Horses of Apocalypse are seen in dramatic Cross Over combat, the word Horse is made up of the letter H, in Gaelic it corresponds to the "point" orses is a anagram of Roses, the ring a ring circle of Roses  brings time to the era.  Horseburgh Ford in central Peeblesshire is the gateway towards the Ram, matured Lamb of God,  the imminent  Ba Ba Blacksheep message of a trio of wool bags spins the yarnwinder wheel to the Black and White Barony disputed lands of Ea, the passive Ram is  seen held in chains by the Apocalypse Horserider on the left of picture. The two central Horses are interlocked, their gaze is transfixed at the two men underneath the Horses, in a aggressive battery these men seem to be fighting over a small pool of water.

 Da Vinci provokes a Esau v Jacob belligerent assault, the curly headed one, has his hair pulled in a aggrieved agonized fashion.

Our attention turns to the Exaggerated  representation of  a star fish on the shoulder of the Gallant on the left.  Da Vinci wishes us to focus on the hidden intelligence of this misplaced symbol,  something of excessive magnitude has entered his mind, for him to extend the scale of the military badge. The pent star has been donned by the Elite Generals since George Washington the first President of the U.S. serving from 1789 to 1797.  Ley Lines and Pent stars, with tri colours where the foundation symbols of the New World, borrowed from the Old.





The Judgment of God (1:18–32)

The Shoulder of the French Guard displays the Epaulette, it is the curtain embodiment of E-5-Pent  letter of Paul which accounts to the day of reckoning &.............

The Judgment of God (Romans 1:18–32)

Genital  is A person's external organs of reproduction.

Roman 1:18 The Guilt of the Gentile World.

Wikopedia explains the intention of the Epaulette............... Paul now begins into the main thrust of his letter. He begins by suggesting that humans have taken up ungodliness and wickedness for which there will be consequential wrath from God.  People have taken God's invisible image and made him into an idol. ( relates to Sexual connivance.) Paul draws heavily here from the Wisdom of Solomon.  He condemns unnatural sexual behavior and warns that such behavior will result in a depraved body and mind1:26-27 and says that people who do such things (including murder and wickedness 1:29 ) are worthy of death. 1:32 Paul stands firmly against the idol worship system which was common in Rome.  He also goes on to say that a righteousness from God has made itself known apart from the law, to which the law and prophets testify, and this righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus to all who believe. Romans 3:21-22

The single man in the left corner holds the shield-screen, over himself he is the protector of the Holy Ram, the shield-escutcheon represents the family coat of arms, this sign relates directly to
Mogen David  the Yiddish pronunciation of the Hebrew Magen David, which literally means "shield of David", but is used metaphorically in English to refer to the six-pointed Star of David.

David Means Beloved, the 20/20 Hindsight message of Jesus and his Wife.

The Horserider on the right of picture, Da Vinci has included a small shield on the riders rump, the master leads us to the "Target" a small buck-ler or round shield, the name Target in the english language has a number of other representations that serve the Target meaning, that include butt, shooting score, sight on a levelling staff, or the Mark to shoot at for practice or competitions, our ancestors considered the Target name collectively had conjured sexual conquest to its meaning. In the Battle of Anghiari painting the symbol master has the incumbent Joc-key's Lance in obvious detectable intention by over laying the lance on the "Target" Da Vinci confirms the coherent naked body symbolism, by including the Hair of the Horse's Mane fashioned to Look like a lady;s at the prime of her seduction age, and delving the erect lance into the hair mass abyss.

Measuremeant and Judgmeant day sexual desires is the disguised theme of Jousting, in the renaissance period Jousting was the calender event of the year that was held on November 17 Accession day,  this date in the year calculates how much we have to pay on taxes, the date is set by the hevenly Zodiac sign Libra which is the seventh sign, and is in the constellation between the Virgin and the Scorpion, the gallent knights would often fight for the hand in marriage of the Virgin, the Libra scales is  the balance Judgmeant day sign. Libra () letter symbol takes the form of the Omega womb with enlarged line below it, time to gauge and dispatch our assessment.  The Roman pound the Hundred silver mark measure of Deuteronomy 22:19  is named after Libra,  man's libido rhythm joy stick impulse along the arc of Time, is profusely abounding with temptatious "Burning Bushes".

 Before the End the Mayan feathered coated  Altar over seer Quetzalcoatl promised he would return.   In the Egyptian book of dead the feather is the measure currency instrument on the Libra scales. Esau the authentic birth right holder fell out of God's favour and  Malachi 1:3  states God  "Gave his inheritance to the desert Jackals."   Anubis took up Esau's mantle coat, Quetzalcoatl the Feather Serpent Coat wearer returned to stop the Human sacrifice at the Altar, to help redeem himself of past regressional hunting mistakes, Jesus in turn chose John the Baptist the Birthright holder to wash away his own sins, reaffirming Quetzalcoatl's role  to End the Human Altar sacrifice.

Fire is the Devil's only friend
And, as I watched him on the stage my hands were clenched in fists of rage
No angel born in Hell could break that satan's spell
And, as the flames climbed high into the night to light the sacrificial rite, I saw...
Satan laughing with delight the day the music died

He was singing, bye bye Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
Them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing...
This'll be the day that I die
      This'll be the day that I die.  

Don Maclean's American Pi.

Jousting  is a martial game or hastilude between two horsemen and using lances, the Kidder's temper mark fusion  leads us to 55:5 land of Penal the home of Man's recording clock.

  By surrendering his Red Mantle cloak  to the fire of Passion Jesus was the dispossessed turn-coat, his Mother's wish was answered. A turncoat is a person who shifts allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another, betraying or deserting an original cause by switching to the opposing side   the Cross over Swords guard the Entrance of Jesus beloved, the double arc M  letter signal's  the bow gate field of  the Lovers.
The type of sword used by the soldiers resemble the saber, a arc curved cavalry cutting sword, the latin word atune to cavalry is cavaliere servente, a gallant gentleman who waits with fantastic devotion upon a Married Woman, from here Da Vinci leads us to the 2000 year Sabbath-rest Xp arc journey as foretold in Matthew 28.
Resurrection Morning.
After the Sabbath,  as the first day of the week was dawning Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to view the Tomb.

The single Arc bridge of the two key cornerstones of the man and woman, as portrayed in the Roman Arch of Titus the female is etched on the East side and a Male on the West side.

Constructed in c.82 AD by  Roman Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother  Titus to commemorate Titus' victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The Arch of Titus has provided the general model for many of the Triumphal Arches erected since the 16th century,  considered the most famous  is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris France.

High Noon-Pi-12'o clock marks the passage of time. Time for the Triumphat return of the Lamb, riding on the Donkey, by passing over the cross-over  crucifixion death ordeal of Jesus the 4  apostles  Matthew,  Mark, Luke and John   acknowledge a new rendezvous time line where the love passion is renewed.  The Arc de Triomphe is the symbol that  reunites the Lamb and his loveing Wife, opening up the tomb door prison for us to view and share the  planned reunion on the Tri- third day, ooh la la.


The year after the Xp window of 2001 the painful memory of Magdalene's  tearful enslaved legacy was shown to old and renewed generations, the gross abomination  that  courted the stain of Magdalene's Loveing character was piously brought home with the heart-rending film. The Magdalene Sisters, based on real accounts of distressed inmates,

"The young Irish women struggle to maintain their  spirits while they endure dehumanizing abuse.........In a place that defied belief their only Hope was each other."

  The film  was written and directed by Peter Mullan,  in the story he captures the underline emphasise of  humiliation of the mature naked female bodys, the on looking audience are made to share the remorseful  shamed guilt.     Wikopedia writes............. Magdalene Sisters is about 4 teenage girls who were sent to  Magdalene Asylums  (also known as 'Magdalene Laundries'), homes for women who were labelled as "fallen" by their families or society. The homes were maintained by individual religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

Peter Mullan has remarked that the film was initially made because victims of Magdalene Asylums had received no closure in the form of recognition, compensation, or apology, and many remained lifelong devout Catholics.   Former Magdalene inmate Mary-Jo McDonagh told Mullan that the reality of the Magdalene Asylums was much worse than depicted in the film.
Though set in Ireland  it was shot entirely on location in the Dumfries and Galloway area, South-West Scotland;

The Hairy One whom holds the doorway to the birthright,  penetration into the world of the Temple can be found in the Land of pent-five the  Devil Tarot Card. Appropriatly the evil D wet  delta  mouth equals the number XV = 15  the sum of 5+5+5 = 15.  The 5 pent star is a ancient Pagan symbol which relates to Temptation and Demons.  The scrape goat in the Bible himself chose the Birthright Temple, Love is The Superior Way.    1 Corninthians 13

The Devil Tarot card is a poking modification of the  Knight Templers Baphomet, the five finger hand is held up like a Judge at the Bar,  the free love time comes to a End, it was good when it lasted,  the Goat head eyes penetrate our soul, the torture of fire with in, now turns full circle,  the effective fire baton melts the fatality failings of the naked skin, the Devil has Inch like marks illustrated all around his naked body outline, we the Adam and Eves at the End of the journey will be measured by the ruler, it is the Code of the Bar. 
The chains around  our necks  reminds us to think vainly of the penetral past, the penetral is the most holy place in the sacred Temple, the chain links represent past lifes,  the links themselfs, in turn are welded to the circle of life on the  door handle, there no chance of a quick sleeky exit, 
the Devil clasps his trident hooves firmly on the single doorway.
Tradition of the Keys to the Door of life are given to us on our 21st Birthday.
Number 21 keys to Heaven  Job 28:21.
The Bat wings dominate the sky they are set out to forcefully inform us of our Lord's controlling position, whom holds absolute authority, the bat is also a heavy stick for striking balls.

 The English word Bat orgins come from  B the number 2 letter adding the number one leter A, followed with the third of the trinty letters T which stands for the cross, 2 into 1 =T time. 
 The Bat wing message brings us to a inevitable conclusion, as foretold in the Bible by many the Third Day brings forth both Light and Dark Black Days the Crossover  Xp yields mankind's  pending Judgemeant.  

The mighty symbol of reproductive rites is duplicated in stone. Washington's own deliberation skyline impact brings home  Magdalene's penal repercussions of her own dirty laundry, stained by man's high authority Christian church since 1969  the Wash-ington Tower measures 555 feet plus I am informed by a platonic third party the all important,  fraction of a Inch.

The Summer of 69 was a hit by Canadian singer Bryan Adams.
"According to Adams, who came up with the title, the number 69 is used in reference to sex, and not the year 1969."

The  Five sided Pentagon  design  was the choice shape to harbour the headquarters World's most powerful Defence.  November 2012 was to see security breached not in Military combat, but in a embarrassing sexual scandal, that rocked the U.S. nation. Director of the C.I.A. David Petraeus, fell on his sword when the affair was exposed to world media. David recognized his Love emotion frailtys and submitted his resignation on  November 9, 2012.

This date  coincided with the yearly transit cross-over time line of the  tri star Agol, the ancient Egyptians considered the ominous Agol as the herald of Doom.

 The Agol or A-goul star is  connected to grave yards, skeletons and ghosts,  some people consider gouls  to be the disembodied spirit of the dead.  The rampaging Goths whoms own name stems from Agol, had a reputation  for passionate blood thirsty spill.  The Barbarian Goths  favoured colour is black, with minor reflections of white, there arrival would signal death.

  Through the ages the vamped  up story of Goths has expanded  to include vampires  and vampire bats that come out in the dark of night and feed on blood, again we can trace the Vamp word tale to a sexually attractive Christian faithed Lady who seduces a man,  as a direct result, a dark agenda to cover the crack meal covenant ensued, this cauldron spell over Gouri the high white one, meant the relentless insanity of conveyance bloodshed. Murder with out regret of killing innocents, in Bible laws also has a Price, in this topsyturvy confused place they call the world a Garden.

Black Gothic style Glasgow Cathedral the Burial site of Saint Mungo, a powerful Leyline marks his tomb. Roslin Chapel based there design on the above classic.stone temptation. Mungo holds the Land right deed to the Cross of Ea.

  Gothic arcitecture style reflects the pseudogothic sham  dark-side secrets,  provocative high pointed arches awake the imagination, clustered needle colums insinuate many temptations,  the working tradesmen that go all the way back to King David  the beloved  father of  the Temple builder left a mark for all to see in the future  the "cornerstone ones" as seen on Titus arch message will  never be lost, Love is infinite. God's Law of metamorphosis Lovers that refind each other after Xp Cross-Over time is God's treasured  Ark of the Covenat 606 delivered promise.  

Has the Great white Head Eagle now landed? If only I listened to that inner voice of wisdom whispering in my Ear.  Embattled Petra-eusa Stew boiled over Tells a Head and Tail, pent stars  & leys tri colour message.             (Wikopedia Picture)

 David Petraeus  was a high flying decorated Commander, whom over seen missions in Iraq and  Afghanistan. Circles with in circles reveal a 5 pent story that goes back to the start of the Bible chapter text found in Genesis. Goule   The name Petraeus means Growing with Rocks 

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