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Dollar Glen Castle Campbell

Castle Gloom = End of Dollar



The "cento" was contracted to two circles separated by a horizontal line from which the symbol "%" is derived. In mathematics a per-cent-age is a way of expressing a number, especially a ratio  as a fraction  of 100. The word is derived from the Latin per centum  meaning “by the hundred”. It is often denoted using the percent sign,  =“%”,  or the abbreviation “pct.” from here we can trace the word Picts, when we use the Pie circle to represent Zero % time, the Dollar name was taken by the U.S. founders from the town, at the heart of Scotland in Clackmannanshire.

 During the middle ages the dominant Campbell Clan set up a recruit and training ground for Scottish and later British troops, at Castle Gloom at Dollar in Cent-ral Scotland. 

The concept circle of time is measured by the angle through which earth turns on its axis.

Keen to preserve God's day with destiny the U.S. adopted the cent and dollar money currency system.  Working for the Act of the Union, (Scotland and England 1707) Field Marshal John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll,  after the battle and victory of Sheriffmuir, was awarded the title  Earl  of Greenwich  in 1715, later in 1719 he became the Duke of Greenwich fighting under the Red coates of the Union.

The  2nd Duke of Argyll was in essence Prime Minister's Walpole's  British army commander, he could sway his opinion in many aspects of executive policy-making,  his brother Archibald Campbell, was the visionary Money Man, whom understood whom paid the Army could buy security of a nation, he set about to establish The Royal Bank of Scotland, in direct opposition to The Bank of Scotland whom in the past backed Jacobite Stuart campaigns. As the union expanded there aggressive realm abroad,  including  America, the Royal Bank of Scotland was to prosper with International trade, Archibald Campbell was later to become the 3rd Duke of Argyll after his brother's death.

Near Castle Doom, Dollar in the
Clackmannan Hills,  in the past silver was mined in this area, to produce coins for money, which gives raise the name of the town Stirling, it lies adjacent to the Clackmannan Hills, in some old maps of Scotland the name  Stirling was usurped by Sterling, the big wigs at the time considered this to be  the appropriate  name adopted for British Money of standard value after the marriage of the British Union.

Argyros  is the Greek name for silver. Argyria is a skin pigmentation  condition  caused by improper exposure to chemical forms of the element silver,  silver dust, or silver compounds. The most dramatic symptom of argyria is that the skin becomes blue or bluish-grey colored, period miners and silver metal forgers would suffer from this toxin poison. The name argent means silver-white from here design slection of the two flags  of Arg-entina and Scotland's Saint Andrews Cross with white and blue respectably are allied to the  Arg Silver 100  shekels genealogy.

Local businesses have cashed in to the Dollar name orgins, this retail outlet is found in the neighbouring town of Dollar, named Tillicoultry,  we are the seduced slaves to money, till is the safe place where we keep our money, in Old English till is the name given to a fixed point the limit, in German till equates to ziel End Goal, at the back of the town is the Ochil Hills where disuesd Silver mines are found.
Da Vinci in one of the main Messages with in the Last Supper painting has a large silver plate in front of the Lord Jesus, attracting our attention to it's Significance, the plate is empty, which suggests the bread is fully consumed. If we consider the name bread, it is frequently used as a slang term for money, the very fact there is no money-bread, will be a time for great concern, as it alludes to the finish of the silver circle -cen'testimo, time for our own testimony!

In the picture the furious Peter makes a gesture of silence towards the throat of the shamefaced Pregnant Magdalene, the same hand movement meaning conveys the act of decapitation the Lady with the Alabaster Jar jug-ular vein is in serious danger off being severed.   We turn to the name Herodias whom herself was caught up in Sexual scandal,  di means twice and "as "gives reason for the Hero's head not to be on the Plate. Further inspection of the last supper our focus turns to the standing figure on the right, this Heart felt earnest body gesticulation and eyes of Rachel before the Guards take her boy is a Grandmother's plea to altar the scriptures, Mother Mary reminds Jesus of the Ram sacrifice replacemeant of Isaac.

The sacrificial knife of Abraham behind the back of Judas  is seen pointing at Andrew, the knife of the hand signals 9 o'clock in Christian time line this conveys to the reawakening renaissance, Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland, his symbol is the Cross Over, with Blue background Da Vinci reminds us of the blood body mixture of Jesus and his Wife with Blue and  Red both colours are used accordingly to represent Blood, when mixed together we get Purple the End of the Rainbow arc.

Revelations 17:4
The Woman and the Scarlet Beast.
The woman was dressed in purple and Scarlet, adorned with Gold, precious stones and pearls.
She had a Gold Cup in her Hand filled with everything vile and with the impurities of her Prostitution.

Michelangelo's Temptation, has Eve caught  in a  awkward humiliating pose, passing on fruit-seed to the birthright keeper on theTree of Life, at the other End of the Arc of time, the ginger headed flying lady dressed in Revelations Scarlet, points her measuring stick at the Neck of the Naked Adult Male, he is caught in the act of Lust-Love, his facial expression is clearly aggrieved at being reburked, and trys to palm off the Lord's Judgmeant evaluater, the Man's mind is still on lower body neck interests. The Naked Lady on the right aware of her circumstances trys to gather her Hair, and hide the alluring Temptation bait which mirrors aspects of the Alabaster Jar ritual.

Three may be Four Golden rings are wrapped around the Tree of Life, the trunk represents Middle Earth and the Wood of the Ce Time seal.

Scottish Artist John Duncan captures two Ladys that are adjoined to each other, the mystic Duncan has manifested two different ladys with grail theme symbols and morphed them into one body, this messenger on the White Horse has a glittering array of guises to choose from to keep us guessing, the Golden Serpent and Golden Hair-Hier crown related theme is caught in Duncan's own Temptation riddle,  " The Golden Cup  She held in her hand, full of abominations, she gave filthy indications of her Fornication".

Adulthood church implied consent to unite  the fellowship  intercourse of Communion, here is the golden cup  held  by the Red hair head and Golden Aura Crown  Scarlet robed sinned Lady,  she is bringing the Light to the Dark Land, allowing her beloved Husband "To drink the Cup the Father has given Me?"  The White dressed lady with Blue scarf has the Golden seal ring at the top of her Rib cage, the blue and white relate to Saint Andrew and Scotland, the crossover land that the Lord has "Set up Road Markers for Ourselfs" for us to follow the path that leads us to the,
  Land of  " Repentance and Restoration"  that equates to Pentland 55:5.

The Serpent head lady carries red berry Rowan Tree,  the rowan is known as the Mountain Ash, the Ash tree is the Tree of Life also kent as, the World Tree.    In Viking mythology Yggdrasil grew on an Island surrounded by the ocean.   Autum 2012 sign of the Times with background  row-dow drum call beat echoes in our ears proclaim Britain's  Ash trees are of Great Danger of Death due to a fungus, the rowan tree is also akin to the Rose Family with Pi-nate leaves.

The Golden head serpent Lady holds the staff all roads lead to the Island of Staffa, a few miles North-East of the Holy land of Iona the "Cradle of the Christian Church".

The  small Island of Staffa, named after a pole.  The above pictures show pea water key hole cave of Fingal,  one of the distinguishable marks found on Staffa the picture on the left shows the faint outline of Iona.  In the Bible, after the crossover third day,  the Cave-Tomb is where Mary Magdalene came to refind her husband, the Cave door was allready Open, he had allready, arose, the name Fingal means White man of Light, the distaff is the stick that holds the wool in the spinning yarnwinder, the distaff  side also means the female part-line branch of a family or descent, the Clans of Mackinnon, Maclean, Macdonald, MacDougall, McDiarmids and  Campbells amongst others have family Kin roots from this Argyll West coast area.

In his Conclusions of the Book The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain, alternate Jesus and Mary Magdalene theory writer Comyns Beaumont, states.........

With the claim to the identification of Iona as thr True Birthplace of the Delian Apollo and all this port-ends, as well as its relation, including Staffa and Mull, to the Underworld cult of Osiris, Horus, and the Judgment Hall of Amenti.

In legend, the Halls of Amenti  became known as the abode of the underworld.  In Egyptian belief Duat was the Earth's surface underworld.  Egyptians bought into the notion that our existence was divided into three parts: the Earth, the Sky and Duat.  Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull  in Scotland is the ancestral home of the Clan Maclean, which includes kin of American Pie Singer Song writer Don Maclean, his famous mind bender hit is often confused with the film American Pie, which takes us on a light hearted insight to Sexual caper pranks of U.S. teenagers, out with adolescent male prize conquest American Pi, is the duration circle of measured time, it also a slang name for the Female Sexual Organs. American Apple Pie takes on a new understanding when we consider the Apple is the fruit of first sinners in Genesis  Garden of Eden.

Milestone marker lies next to Vincent Van Gogh's  Mull-berry tree. Gogh's displosion of a burning bush with a white water wave emission  ties in the Scriptures of Matthew 14:22-36

  Further more Portuguese Meanings of Duart (Male) means Prosperous guardian which is also the Portuguese form of Edward, the Wealthy guardian.  Mull is directly linked to the Kidson Cross Hill overlooking the village of Eddleston on the roseline of Middle Earth.  Eddleston  own name is derived also from Edward  significantly, it is  here  some  consider the Kidson Cross marks the area portal of Jacob's Destiny Dream of the sky well Hall of the Gods,  where the soul passes after death for Judgment. 

.The Feather Serpent mantel-mantle keeper was Quetzalcoatl, the auspicis bird seer, whom is linked to Bird cult of Easter Island's Rapa Nui the prehistoric umbilical cord location of Heaven and Earth, and to Egyptian Wedjat the keeper of childbirth, and later Eye of Horus, come the time come the Hour of Man. 

A cushion of Royal Purple was given  by Solomon's Mother to acclaim her Son's Destiny throne rights during and after his Marriage cermony.

Before John the Baptist Head was axed and landed on a silver plate his grievance was aired against Herod and his affair with Herodias.
Matthew 14:3-4
John the Baptist Beheaded
For Herod arrested the Baptist John, chained him, and put him in prison on account of Herodias, his brother Philip's wife, since John had been telling him,
 "It's not Lawful for you to have her!"

Deuteronomy 22:13-

Violations of Proper Sexual Conduct.

When the day arrives and we meet our elders at the Sheep and Goat Gate. There will also be a fine to him of 100 silver shekels the full Account of the Circle Measure.

"If a man marries a woman, has sexual relations with her, and comes to hate her, and accueses her of shameful conduct, and gives her a bad name, saying, "I married this Woman and was intimate with her, but I did not find any evidence of her virginity,"
the young woman's Father and Mother WILL TAKE THE EVIDENCE of her Virginity and bring it to the City elders at the Gate.
The young woman's father will say to the elders, "I give my Daughter to this Man as a Wife, but he hates her. He has accused her of Shaemful conduct, saying, "I did not find any evidence of your Daughter's Virginity, but HERE is the evidence of my Daughter's virginity."
They Will Spread out the CLOTH before the City Elders.
Then the Elders of that City will take the man and punish Him.
They will also fine Him 100 silver Shekels and give them to the young woman's Father, because that Man gave an Israelite Virgin a Bad NAME!

The 3rd Duke of Argyll would have freaked at the ominous prospct, of going cap in hand, that the hapless Fred the Shred had to endure for his watch as boss of RBoS, signalling the end of the bread-money as told by Daniel's  "Writing on the Wall".

"Mocked by the Military"

Then the Governor's (Matthew hints at God's end of times Judgmeant) soldiers, (missionarys paid for money, sold-in the past to sell) took Jesus into (God's) head-quarters (Delta time) and gathered the whole company around Him. Completion of the circle of Time.

  Matthew goes further, while wearing the scarlet robe, which he was stripped and subjected to bouts of torture by the Roman military, taken from the latin word mille, a thousand, adding the crown of thorns relates to the circle of time with Sin evaluation completed,
When cutting the red robe into 4 parts the gospel authors demonstrate the importance of  the name Delta  which is the 4th letter of the greek alphabet, it is also the symbol that denotes  "Change of" in maths, implied with the sacred  triangle image, from here we can calculate MPH  (miles per hour) which is the speed and distance travelled over the delta time period, 100% = 21 December 2012. the full Mile in metric distance is 1609 meteres, 609 in English Gematria equals Jesus, furthermore the french word milieu, means middle, which the Duke of Argyll and his ancestors the Milesians, where tennants of the divine, whom kept the sacred hall space towards the Day of return,  confirmation is found in the  Hebrew word for delta, which is daleth, which means tent-door. The Duke of Argyll family name is campbell, the camp definition is taken from the temporary lodgings often as not a tent, and the Bell is the instument that notifys  the people to gather for a funeral, if we return to the Castle Gloom in Dollar, further evidence of time limit is decipherable when we find that doilleir in Scottish Gaelic  relates to black, darkness and a general sense of ignorance!!!

We have been Warned!!!

   The Royal Observatory was first used at Greenwich in 1676, from here Old knowledge was supported with new calculation of time, the Duke of Argyll and his forefathers held the keys to world time, Greenwich itself was used as a decoy to hide the real time line of the Rose, which in compass terms is rounded up to true North.

The face of the 3rd Duke of Argyll founder of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Glasgow,s prominent High Street of Argyll in named after this resourceful Duke.

Supporter of the heir0hair to the throne, (as told by Matthew 26:13) the annuler ringlets curls represent generally a year's growth in Wood-Woden is the Chief God of the Anglo Saxon people, Hoddom in the Scottish borders was considered by them to be his rest, Saint Mungo the patron Saint of Glasgow, helped  establish a Christian shrine in Hoddom, two of Glasgow's main symbols are the ring and bell, the symbols of the funerary call.

180 degree Pi Arc with Silver Man & Woman found in Clack-Manna-shire, the same Scottish shire where Dollar Glen is located, the road sign at back says "NOW OPEN."

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